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The Episode starts with Basu asking Sakshi’s help for engagement arrangements and wishes Karan’s mum was here. Durga says yes, where is she. He says no, actually…. Durga says its ok, Sakshi will do the best arrangements. Sakshi smiles and thinks how did their equations change, what happened that she does not know, she has to find out. She thinks Durga has used Dev’s victory for her benefit, but what is her plan. Dev asks servant to make breakfast ready. Rajnath thinks Dev called Basu and he came, I know Dev, he wants Basu’s power but I won’t let this happen. Karan tells Kangana that he wants to take her on shopping to buy engagement ring. She says are you kidding me and thinks Durga told her not to react else she would have slapped him and taken him to police. Basu asks her to buy the

expensive one, and control Karan. She says yes, I m sure your son will be best husband as you. Basu says yes, he will invite them for formal dinner soon. Karan says I will call you to fix time and meet at jeweler. They leave.

Kangana thinks she will control Karan, just see what she does now. Durga calls editor and tells her plan to call Basu to take his interview. She says perfect. Karan and Basu are on the way. Karan says you wished Dev, and Rajnath would be annoyed. Basu tells about good politician, where nothing is concrete, not even relations and friendship. He gets the editor’s call for a special interview. Basu agrees. He asks when can he take photo session of him, his wife and Karan. He says he will find his schedule and tell him. Basu tells Karan that he has to call Anuradha home for one day. Karan says she won’t come to help you. Basu says take the car to her home.

Durga and Divya bring Kangana at the rehab centre. Kangana says she can’t meet Payal, how will I face her. Durga says Payal thinks good about you, you have to clear it. Kangana says she does not have courage. Durga says come with me and takes her inside. Divya meets Payal and smiles seeing her fine. She hugs her. She gifts her a laughing Buddha as she always loved to give good luck and happiness to everyone. Durga says someone came to meet you Payal and brings Kangana. Payal turns. Kangana starts leaving. Durga stops her and asks Payal to meet her. Kangana apologizes to Payal. Durga signs yes. Payal gives her hand to Kangana and holds her. Kangana hugs her and they cry. Kangana says forgive me, I did not trust you, I m so sorry. Dayal comes and greets the girls. He says Payal got her old friend, nice. He asks Divya to go back home. Divya says I will come to meet Payal when she comes home. She thqanks Durga.

Divya says she gave her chance to do something for Nitya and Payal. Durga says no need to thank, take care and hugs her. Dayal takes Divya and leaves. Payal shows Dev’s pic in paper and smiles. Karan and his dad come to meet his mum while she is teaching some kids. Anuradha asks why did they come here. Karan says just to meet her. Basu tells about Karan’s marriage. She says I read in news. She asks does Kangana know about him, if he really loved her, he would have told her. Karan says how can he tell her. She taunts Basu and says she can’t lie and can’t attend his marriage. Basu says elections are coming, you know media, behave normally and come home till his engagement. She asks why, I know why you are doing this, you have seen your benefit always.

She scolds him and says she has used her in that case and can’t forget it. She says she won’t come back in that house, and asks them to leave now. Basu says he is seeing her feathers have come out and asks her to be careful. He says come back home for few days else you know, if I get angry, I can do anything. She shows him the exit way. Dev asks Suchitra why did she call him. She says everything is fine, there can be something good. He says he was tensed, tell me what is it. Dayal comes to know by doctor that Payal is fine and out of trauma, she is reacting well, its time to send her and make her meet the world. Dayal says Durga will be happy, I will discuss with her and inform you.

Dev comes to his room and sees Durga. He thinks she is such beauty and no pride, this is my Nitya. Suchitra comes and says Durga is ready and he should get ready. He asks why. She says she booked dinner date for them. Dev says whats the need, we can have food at home. She says even she said the same, and now you. She says I ordered Durga and now you also want to get scolding. She asks them to spend time and make most of it, they deserve a dinner date. She asks if he is shy, then she will leave him there. Dev says he will go.

Dayal calls Akash and he does not take the call. Dayal calls servant as the light goes. He asks him to check the meter. The servant sees broken wires. Dayal looks for candles. Shaurya comes to him whistling on his wheelchair. Dayal turns and looks at him. Dayal says Shaurya. Shaurya greets him and smiles saying it’s a surprise. Dayal asks how did he come here. Shaurya says ask about my foot and my health, its fine, and answers him. Shaurya stands on his feet and says he came on his own. He says he has come here to do what a villain does. Dayal is shocked. Shaurya says Baba, my foot got well and stares angrily at him.

Dayal asks Shaurya to leave. Shaurya shoots at his foot. Dayal shouts Shaurya. Shaurya says Dayal Thakur, this was first bullet, five more to go.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omg! Dayal has to b dr to support durga…

  2. Shauriya is just a monster….

  3. sravana bhargavi

    Shaurya is really clever he acted such that no one will suspect him that he is the one who killed dayal gud episode

  4. Dayal! Durga won’t leave Shaurya for all this. If Dayal is injured then Durga will break.

  5. Tharki all are fool ha! Ha! Ha! Very funny

  6. Kajal me is too dhakan owl

  7. Sorry !guys for this stupid comments,actually my brother posted this rascal comment.i am really sorry

  8. I hope DURGA tears Shaurya from limb to limb and such that he won’t even be able to die but he will be a living corpse, and SAKSHI will be punished by watching her son in that state every day

  9. This is wrng….how can shaurya recover so fast….

  10. Friends agar dayal mar gaya to…

  11. Aaj na chodugi dayal ko Dam Dama Dam

  12. The update yesterday said that Dayal I’d going to be shot by Shaurya. My only hope now is that Durga gets there in time to save him cause if he dies, Durga will be shattered. I think the bigger chance is of him being saved and living but you never know with dramas. What do you guys think? Will Dayal survive or not?

    1. I think dayal will die and that will make Durga confess to Dev her real identity. They both will take revenge. Shaurya has to suffer as well as shakshi.

    2. By any chance pliz save dayal

  13. I hope dayal g ko kuch na ho. Warna durga toot jayegi….plz pic bi upld kijiye na

  14. AKASH please come back and save DAYAL.

  15. shaurya ko 2 tine use jaga laga isi liye woh theek hua durga ne mistakenly use theek kar diya i think dayal mar jaega kyunki jis jaga dev or durga ja rahe hain shaurya ne wahan kch na kch plan kia hai dev k liye

  16. Shaurya aap buray ho.Durga kaise raingy jab dayal waha nahi hai

  17. If dayal dies… oh no… Durga can’t bare that pain… pls don’t kill dayal…

    He is vgud human and supports Durga

  18. Plot is getting more exciting… After Dr. Thakur being shot

  19. Why kill dayal ??? I dont see any reason unless as it happens in most serials the actor asks for more money so he is killed or the actor wants to leave so he is killed remember tulsi she also left in a similar manner and when she wanted to return they changed the story again

  20. amena good job.fast and detail update.it is called perfect written update

  21. Guys also watch Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi

  22. oh dear writer of eht…pleas save dayal.. Don’t kill him

  23. Pliz plizzz save dayal othrwse ds story ll bcme full of villain..

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