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The Episode starts with Durga hearing Shaurya telling about Dev trying to ppen the rape case. Sakshi slaps him and asks does this reason make him get the right to murder him. She says I think we should tell this to CBI. Durga cries. Shaurya says no, you can’t tell this to CBI, they will arrest me, you are doing this to give me lecture. Sakshi shows him CBI officers posted outside the house and will arrest him. Shaurya says no way, you both can’t do this with me. Shaurya says dad I m your only son. Rajnath scolds him and says if you can do this, I can do this. I regret that you are my son, you deserve to go to jail. Shaurya says mum, how can dad say this.

He asks how can you live without me. Sakshi says its true that I can’t live without you. She takes out a gun. She gives him the gun

and asks Shaurya to shoot her before going to jail. She says shoot both of us, you will get same punishment, as we can’t see you going to jail. Shaurya says what are you saying. Rajnath says there won’t be Goenka name after we die. Rajnath says when you spend all life in jail, then you will know your mistake. Sakshi says this time I will not help you. Shaurya imagines getting beaten up. She says just kill and free us. Shaurya says no, please forgive me mum, save me. She asks why, to hire an assassin and kill Dev. Shaurya promises he won’t even think to kill Dev again.

He says please don’t make me get arrested. I promise. She asks him to be away from Durga. She says agree to this or get ready to go to jail. Rajnath says don’t look at me, I took your side last time, this time you have shut all ways, you have only option, make your choice. Shaurya promises he will be away from Durga. Sakshi says fine, then I will save you from going jail. Durga calls Akash and asks him to take that device, as Sakshi can do anything. Akash says don’t worry, I will do that. Its morning, Durya prays and Dayal comes to her. He says I m very happy for you.

Durga says Sakshi has failed me by taking Shaurya on her side. She says Shaurya is agreeing to Sakshi now and went back. She tells him that Shaurya planned to kill Dev, even after knowing this, they will save their son, the past is repeating again. Dayal says forget everything now and move ahead. She says no, I m living for an aim, I will get back in Shaurya’s life and into that house. She says she will get engaged to Shaurya now. Dayal is shocked.

Dayal asks Durga to be happy, just let it go. She says I will become their bahu. She says now I will use my planning to be a part of their family, then she has to accept me. She says you are my strength, will you support me in this. He looks at her. Rajnath asks Sakshi why is she worried now. Sakshi says the problem is not solved, we have to convince CBI and stop them from reaching Shaurya. She says Durga should be stopped. We have to convince Suchitra that Dev is still in danger and she should go back to US with him, and we have to cancel this cancer project. He laughs and says are you out of your mind.

Rajnath asks her to think about his reputation. She says if you lose your son then what will you do of this empire. She asks him to call Dayal. Dayal comes there with Durga. They are shocked seeing them. Dayal says sorry to come without informing, it was so soon. Sakshi asks what are you talking about. Shaurya comes and greets them. He says I have some work. Dayal stops him and says we came to share something, it would be nice if you are part of it, come sit.

Dayal says I came to share a good news, my lovely daughter Durga is getting engaged. Sakshi and Rajnath looks at Shaurya. Shaurya looks unaffected. Sakshi says that is wonderful news, congrats Durga. Dayal says thanks. Rajnath says really good news. Dayal says he is Dr. Neil Bhattacharya, my ex student, he is a practicing neuro surgeon. Shaurya says congrats, when is it. Dayal says tomorrow and then Durga will move to US and will marry there till year end. Sakshi says that’s lovely, you are really lucky Durga to settle in US, this city does not have anything from you. Durga smiles. Dayal says we did not get time to print formal invites and asks them to come. Rajnath says we will surely come.

Dayal says Durga will not be part of cancer project, I will take all her responsibilities. Sakshi is happy and thinks it’s a sign of new danger, all this is engagement drama.

Dev meets Payal and asks about Nitya. Payal turns to Durga and points to her. Dayal and Durga get tensed and Dev is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  9. I think that after pointing Durga payal will say Durga knows about Nitya as Durga told payal earlier that Nitya will come after Payal;s recovery!!!!!!!!!!!!

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