Ek Hasina Thi 25th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Kangana saying she won’t go back home, as Shaurya did wrong and my parents supported him. She says Payal has gone through so much, we should call police, I will give statement to get them punished. Durga says yes, but not now, we don’t have evidence, we can’t take risk. She says we have to make Shaurya admit it that he raped Payal. Kangana asks what she has to go. Durga says Karan thinks you trust him, he does not know you heard his confession, meet him as his fiancée, casually ask him about his mum. Kangana asks why, whenever I asked him, he did not tell me, he explained that she does not stay with him. She asks what does she has to do with this. Durga says she was appointed as counselor in Payal’s case.

The lady also blamed Payal to be guilty. The court

has then sent Payal to mental asylum. Durga says Payal was given wrong medicines and shock treatments. Durga looks at Dayal and thinks Mrs. Basu has no benefit with giving this statement, then why did she do this. The FB shows Durga and Dayal talking to trap Basu using his wife. Durga apologizes to Kangana and asks her to help her in this justice fight. Kangana says yes, I will help you. Durga says thanks, and don’t say this to anyone. She asks will she meet Payal. Kangana says no, I can’t meet her eyes, what will I tell her. She says she will meet later. Durga says fine, lets go home now. Dayal asks them to be relaxed and no one should doubt them. Durga and Kangana come home.

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Sakshi comes and they hide. Sakshi gets call and says Akram Khan. Durga thinks why is Akash calling her. Rajnath laughs and talks to Sakshi as Akram. Sakshi says she will save Shaurya and is ready to give him the tape, but on one condition. He asks what. She says you have to keep the truth safe, I will meet you. Durga informs Dayal about the tape, and says it has to be imp. She says she knows Akash will not blackmail Sakshi, and she has to know who is doing this. Dayal says I will find out. Dev asks Durga what was she talking. Dev says lets go and talk to Kangana, and explain her not to marry. Durga says this engagement won’t happen now.

Dev is glad and asks how did she agree. He asks did she convince her, what did she say. Durga says is this not enough to know. Dev says fine and asks her can he help her. Durga says she will fight alone, and Nitya does not need her help. She asks him to leave her alone. Dev thinks no, he will help her and he knows what he has to do now. Mukherjee comes to meet Shaurya. Shaurya calls someone and says about Dev becoming Goenka industries chairman now. Suchitra blesses Dev on his first job at office as chairman. Dev smiles. Shaurya asks the same to do as he says. Mukherjee says he understood also. Shaurya says great and gives him a lollipop as gift. He says do my work, as I don’t like incomplete things. Shaurya whistles.

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Basu comes to Goenka house. Rajnath welcomes him. Dev says he came to congratulate me for becoming chairman, so I invited him for breakfast. Durga looks on. Basu says he came to talk to Dev and gives flowers saying congrats. Dev thanks him and asks him to sit. Sakshi thinks why did Dev invite him when he was against Basu and Karan. Basu asks about Kangana as he got gifts for her. Kangana comes and thinks of Karan’s words. Durga signs her. Sakshi thinks whats happening, Kangana used to hate Durga and now talking to her in signs. Durga smiles.

Durga tells an editor to do as she says. The editor calls Basu and he gets angry. He says he has to call Anuradha for a day and asks Karan to take car to her home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wat shaurya shoots dayal..????very fast ..thanks

    1. shaurya called hotel manger inform to book a room on dev name. Dev accidental reach there because of mukherjee . dev drinks welcome drink and becomes unconscious shaurya shows dev beds with girls to remove him from chairman ship

  2. nice episode

  3. 1st

    aww i heard that dayal will be killed and that EHT will end soon


    1. Are you sure Dayal will be killed? Or, will he just be shot and saved? What is your source of info for dayal getting killed? I saw articles on dayal getting shot, but, not killed.

  4. yeah EHT is ending on 14th december
    so sad

  5. Good drama alwys endz soon

  6. sravana bhargavi

    Omg is it true that dayal will be killed i dont belive this i dont want to end this serial soon

  7. No end for EHT next month…. dnt worry.. new pgm will Telecast only on Sundays

  8. Kaushal uniyal

    I like this serial very much you can now end all serial except ek hasina thi i love this serial because this serial motivated me .I saw all the episode of this serial.

  9. Lov ds serial..pls dn kil dayal’s charactr as he gives lot of moral support 2 durga which is inspirng parents

  10. priyanka shekhaar

    i love this serial, don’t want it to end

  11. I think the tape is about raj bath killing Dev’s father. Fingers crossed.

  12. jotshna pradhan

    plz.don’t end the serial so soon it’s too good ..to watch..

  13. dayal will not be killed as durga will go with dave at the same spot and then she will reach dayal but cant see shaurya shotting. she went with dev as her car will get punchured and at same time dev will go out and will give lift to durga to dayals house

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