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The Episode starts with Dev asking Rajnath to break Kangana’s engagement with Karan and he will give back the chairman post back. Rajnath says our state is not so bad to deal with you, get out of here. Dev says its better to deal with me than begging to strangers. Sakshi says she will get her daughter married where she wants. Dev says Mrs. Sakshi Goenka. Rajnath shouts Dev, mind your manners. Dev says he can’t respect the, if they are playing with Kangana’s life. Sakshi says that’s fine with us and leaves. Dev asks Rajnath to think about his offer. Rajnath leaves.

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Dayal and Divya come to the place. Divya says

Durga did not come. Dayal says she went to bring Kangana. Dayal says Karan with be inside with Tarun and Rishi, if Durga does not come on time, we will go ahead. Shaurya sees the breaking news of Dev’s victory in Goenka office as chairman. He calls Dev by some staff man phone. Dev signs the file and gives to Bhattarcharya. He gets a call from Shaurya. Shaurya says he is from media and asks his statement on Goenka industries state. Dev says he will have a press conference soon. Shaurya laughs and says you are acting like a big businessman, you used to be after a driver’s daughter, and now have a personal secretary too, did you think this. Dev says I did not think this, Sakshi. Rajnath and Shaurya will have this state, that they will call me as journalist, very sad.

Shaurya says he called to say congrats, but fine, hell with you. He ends the call and calls Mukherjee. He says your 24 hours are ending. Mukherjee says 15 mins are there, and I m coming with a good news. Shaurya thinks he will show Dev what he can do, just sit back, relax and enjoy. Karan is with Tarun and Rishi. They don’t believe that Karan has seen Divya’s ghost. Karan asks them to trust him. He says about Divya’s scary video. Rishi says its not a joke, I think our past is catching up, whatever the court result, but Divya was the only witness. They recall how Shaurya and his friends have scared Divya. He says we have to pay for our mistake. Tarun says I would have shot you here if I was like Shaurya. He says he will leave.

Karan asks Rishi does he feel their past is catching up with them. Rishi says we did not bet with Shaurya on Nitya, but on our fate. Dayal and Divya see Tarun and Rishi leaving from the farmhouse. Divya goes inside and Dayal makes the watchman busy by faking that his car broke down and he needs help. Divya gets inside the gate. Karan shuts the door and switches off the lights thinking to sleep. Divya pulls off his blanket and he opens his eyes to see. The TV starts and he gets scared thinking about Divya. The TV gets off and Karan prays to Lord saying some mantras. Divya walks to him in her white dress and Karan is shocked seeing her. He covers himself in the blanket. Divya says I have come to talk you to my world. Karan asks her to go and forgive him.

Divya says even I begged you like this, and even folded hands, and Payal too, but no one had pity. She says now its your turn, be ready to die. She brings a white cloth. Karan says why are you after me, even Shaurya, Rishi and Tarun were there, it was Shaurya’s idea, he was main culprit, go to him. He falls on her feet and apologizes. She says everyone will get punished. He admits that he is culprit of Payal and her. Kangana stands far and is shocked seeing this. Kangana cries and Durga holds her.

Divya disappears and Karan asks the servant to save him from that girl Divya Babjee. The servant says he does not understand. Karan asks him to sit with him and not leave him alone. He holds his feet being scared and says he does not want to die. Kangana says I will kill Karan. Durga and Dayal take her out. Kangana says he is a rapist, he cheated me, such a cheap man. She cries. Durga pacifies her. Kangana says I doubted you and scolded a lot, and you saved my future and life.

She says why did you do this. Durga says I did not hate you ever as you are like my younger sister. Kangana says you were so concerned and what did I give you. Durga says its for good, if you did not hate me, I could not show you this truth. The FB shows Durga asking Kangana to come along with her. Kangana asks her to leave her alone. Durga provoked her about Karan and made her think about a girl for whom Karan ran from the café. Kangana asks why is she saying this. Durga tells about Karan and the girl at the farmhouse tonight. Kangana says she will prove her wrong. Durga shakes hand saying it’s a deal, if she is wrong, she will leave their house.

Dayal asks Kangana not to cry. Kangana says I was so foolish, it was not my mistake, I believed what my family and Karan told me, I did not trust Nitya and Payal, even when they shouted and cried. She says she is a bad girl and hugs Durga. Durga thinks she did not feel bad of Kangana’s words as she knew her family made her blind and was making her future at stake, but she had to save her from Karan. She thinks now Kangana is safe and smiles.

Kangana says Durga that we should call police and tell everything. Durga says we don’t have any proof, meet Karan and find out about his mum by any way. Kangana asks but why.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. beautiful thrilling episode.. and im sure that now all episode r gonna b same.. and what is more interesting is still many more chapters of history to be opened.. only sad thing is now even the spoilers say that the serial is gonna end!

  2. The ep was really awesome and disappointed about the end of show as I luv to watch this show. I am gonna miss this show

  3. Superb serial…

  4. Whats the new twist with karan’s mom?

  5. Serial is gonna end next mnth…. will miss… it was so thrilling one… why cant dey end saath nibhaana saathiya… yeh rishta kya kehlatha hai and all..

    1. I too agree with u…fed up by sath nibhana sathiya and all.. Ths show is different from all others..and each and every epi is interstng

      1. wow… this is called a SERIAL…. time pe aya … time pe gaya…. plss ETH walon.. give sum akal to ekta ji also… badi meherbani hogi….. i think she s planning 2 tek yhm nd kkb toooooo long

  6. wao…..durga supr..

  7. uhhh!!! whats the secret behind disliking comments??

  8. Those series ll nt end bcz ppl lyk bechari mahaan bahu and strict saas sagas…dnt knw y indian ppl lyk such craps..may b only aunties watch TVs now a days

  9. now ill read updates of everest too.. that also sounds to b interesting

  10. i miss the serial very much. weekend spoiler is superb because shaurya and his friends will be in jail. finally they are finishing the serial without the happy family sequence of dev and durga. love u dev.

  11. thanx amena 4 d update

  12. seriously this is an awesome show

  13. This is the best serial ever made in India so far

  14. Supb show…I dnt wnt to miss ds show at any cost…plz continue ds show….
    Boring serials run across 2 years…dn y ds Supr show for only few months?

  15. Show us some Vatsal Sheths and Bhuvesh Maans shirtless fight scenes…they both would damn hot aaaahhhh… 🙂

  16. Awesome episode……durga rocks.

  17. This serial is awesome. I want it to continue for much long time. I m gonna defintely miss Ek hasina thi

  18. Very upset to hear tht it’s goin to end by Nxt month, really mis u dev.

  19. Wow, now THIS is what I call a serial! Awesome work guys. Much much better than the pathetic likes of Saathiya, Yeh Rishta and even the annoying Diya Aur Baati. I love Yeh Hai Mohabbatein though. The rest of the serials are pure nonsense. This one is moving at incredible speed and that’s just how it should be. Fantastic acting from the majority of the cast, especially Durga, Sakshi and Mr Dev.

  20. Nce episode

  21. The serial is ending sad but it had to end cause the bad have to be punished and after that there is no story. Its good they r closing unlike other stupid serials which go on and on without any story . My congrats to the makers they kept the viewers glued and now by punishing the evil all will be so happy i want the entire goenka family except kangana in jail shaurya first cause sakshi will suffer then sakshi then rajnath .

  22. No end for EHT next month…. dnt worry.. new pgm will Telecast only on Sundays…. 🙂

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