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The Episode starts with Durga hearing Dev telling about Nitya. She thinks about Dayal’s words that Dev loves her. Suchitra comes and is happy seeing Dev fine. Akash says he is glad seeing him. The doctor comes to check Dev. He says he is alright now, everything is normal now. The CBI officials come and show their ID cards. They ask Dev to talk to them alone. Everyone leave. They ask Dev how did this happen. Sakshi thins did Dev see the shooter face, I have to find out. Durga talks to Akash and says we have to keep finding. I want a proof for my doubts. Sakshi calls Akash. Akash says there is a good news, Dev is fine. Sakshi asks him to monitor the investigation, every info should come to her first, ask him did he see the shooter face. Akash says CBI wanted to talk to him alone and I m outside.


asks him to get all developments for her. She says I want to know what are they talking. Akash tells this to Durga and says Sakshi is worried and wants all info. Durga says for the first time, Sakshi and I are thinking the same. Karan comes to talk to his dad. His PA says he is very busy. Karan thinks he is in trouble. He thinks how to end CBI investigation. Dev thinks he has to find out who is attacking this, I m sure this is connected, someone is stopping me. Durga comes to him and says you did not take our calls, and then we reached there, the way was blocked, what happened there, did you see the face f attacker.

He says CBI part 2, its good we became friends. She smiles. He says he did not see the shooter but he can now see many things clear now. She asks what. He says now we are good friends, so can I ask something. She laughs and says ok ask. He asks why did Payal change her statement in court at last moment. Karan talks to Kangana and is shocked to see Sakshi there. He says you here, I m so sorry, come, sit. Kangana calls him again and he gets tensed. He says I m so glad Dev is fine now, great news.

He gets tensed. She asks him to have water. She says take this envelop, its for you. He says Rs 5 crore cheque, why this. She says if you need money, come to me, don’t involve Shaurya in any betting game. She says I know everything about bet of getting Durga. She says we have saved you from a big rape case and we have destroyed their family, but this time Shaurya is ruining his life by betting on Durga. Karan says I don’t understand. Sakshi says you know it all. This time its about our family member, Dev is in danger. This time you all have to suffer. She says tell me about the attack on Dev.

Dev says I took the file by RTI and read it 100 times, I know everyone who testified against her, why did Payal change her statement. He says I know Payal, she can’t blame anyone like this. Durga says look at you first, stop thinking this. Dev says these wounds will fill one day, even if I died I would have not felt bad, but I m hurt thinking when Nitya and Payal needed me, I was not with them, I have to reach the truth, you can help me, in making my pain less. Sakshi says if CBI knows before me, you all will be caught, no one can save you all.

She says you think I can’t see anything. She says I know this was a setup by Shaurya and you all are in this. Karan accepts it and says Shaurya did all this plannings. Sakshi is shocked. Karan says I swear this was not my planning, Shaurya planned this, I don’t want to go jail. Sakshi slaps him and says I wish to send you all to jail. She says don’t tell this to CBI, it will be same story which Shaurya said. She leaves. Dev says you have Nitya’s diary, you know where is Payal, you know more than me, please tell me where is Payal and why did she change her statement.

Durga thinks about everyone giving their statements against Payal which broke her confidence. She thinks how Sakshi blackmailed Payal about her parents. She gives an offer to Payal, and shows her bridal dress, saying she will make her get married to Sakshi. She says I m begging you for my son.

Durga tells Dev if you wanted to get justice for Nitya and Payal, then why did you tell in email that you will support only Goenkas. She shows him the mail and he is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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