Ek Hasina Thi 22nd November 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Hasina Thi 22nd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Dev questioning Rajnath about Kangana’s marriage with Karan. Sakshi says she is their daughter. Dev says she is not worried for Kangana and he is sure they have some agenda behind this. Rajnath says, he is crossing all limits. Dev says, it is business. He says he will withdraw his name from nomination to save Kangana from this matter. He asks him to remain as chairman if he wants. Rajnath says, good excuse. Dev says this is difference between them. He says he can’t see his sister marry a rapist. Sakshi says he is not rapist but was alleged just like Shaurya. Dev says they all know rape happened. Dev requests not to ruin her life. Rajnath asks him to face him and win in board meeting.

At board meeting, people congratulate Rajnath on his daughter’s marriage proposal.

Sakshi asks them to begin the voting system. Sakshi and Suchitra put some light on Goenka empire and core values of their husbands. Suchitra says, she will support Dev. Dev says he doesn’t have experience like others but he has his father’s belief and memories. He says a success of organization us by its team. He thanks them and promises he will take company to new heights. Voting starts. Board members give their votes. Votes are counted and Dev Goenka is announced new chairman of Goenka empire. Rajnath is shell shocked.

Rajnath annoyingly asks Sakshi to come. Sakshi congratulates Dev. Durga asks Rajnath to resign from chairman post and asks lawyer Bhattacharya for papers. Dev gives papers to Rajnath for resignation. Rajnath signs on papers and blesses Dev. He cunningly hugs Dev to threaten him. Dev says it is end of evil. Dev thanks board members for voting for him. Dev takes Suchitra’s blessing. Suchitra says she is proud of him. Dev feels this dream belonged to Nitya too.

Dev thanks Durga. Durga asks for what. Dev says, it was for Nitya as it was her dream too. Durga says she will tell Nitya but he should promise he will be careful. Durga says she will go to Baba to give good news.

Sakshi angrily confronts Rajnath for using Kangana and still failing. She asks his plan when they have lost power. Rajnath says this is temporary and once Basu becomes CM then he will make Dev resign or trap in any scandal. Dev gets inside their cabin shockingly asking what is the need for this.

Durga tells Dayal about tonight plan. Dayal asks how will you bring Kangana as she hates her. Durga says she can’t believe them and say recording is fake. She says she will make Kangana a part of this plan.

Dayal brings Divya to some place. Dayal says, Durga went to bring Kangana. The guys talk about Divya’s ghost and their past catching up.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow!so fast!

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  3. i gave a like cuz i was in no mood to comment :p

  4. superb episode. i am very happy to see dev as the chairman. why can’t they change the wallpaper with shaurya and durga by dev and durga at one end and shaurya at the other end. it will be very nice to see dev and durga..

  5. Simply awesome love this as it’s differ from all the other dramas superb

    1. sabko pata hai yeh bat

  6. Wow dev …….cha gaye guru…….keep it up we jamuties r with u..

  7. Superb….!nice……!I like this one

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  8. Who are giving dislikes unnecessarily 🙁

  9. superb episode

  10. fantastic episode

  11. In yhm also som1 was simply umliking evy comment

  12. yhm has gone off track so obviously there will be dislikes

  13. Nice episode EHT rocks!!!!

  14. finally goenka industy came in devs hands

  15. Supb show …no show cn beat ds

  16. I think snowy is right

  17. heyyyyyyyyy make afast update plzzzzzzz u guys are awsome . this is one of the best serial shown by the starplus . and love to see dev and durgasssssssss romance moreeeeeeee.

  18. watttts wrong with u guysssssss make fastttt ………i am impatiently waitting make it fasttttttttttttttttt plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  19. hi guys.. does anybody out here watch raw star?? i culdnt watch todays episode so i wonder who reached through finals.. and meesa its sunday u wont get any update

  20. Lovely episoad but dev durga ko q nhi bata rha k wo janta h k wo nitya h agr aisa ho jay tu dev b durga ki help krn ga

  21. Came to know ek haseana thi is going to end on next mnth

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