Ek Hasina Thi 21st November 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Shaurya impressed with Mukherjee. He says Sanjukta said about martial arts people who have attacked him and he enquired about them. He asks him not to tell anyone and do the work. Mukherjee says he will do Goenka work always. Shaurya says he will give him money. Mukherjee thinks Sakshi is after Akram and Rajnath after Sakshi, and Shaurya after these men, all Goenkas are ATM machines.

Rajnath talks to some friend and tells about Basu becoming family now. Sakshi comes to him and asks how dare he arrange Kangana’s marriage with a rapist and give news to press without asking her. Rajnath tells her Kangana loves Karan. Sakshi says she did not tell me. Rajnath asks, did she get friendly with Kangana. Sakshi says don’t fool me, I know you very well. She says you have

given this in media to get board of investor in your favor. Rajnath calls her right and says he does not have option. She says my daughter’s marriage with rapist. Rajnath says he has no choice and he is Goenka. He says world greets rising sun, if Dev wins vote of confidence he will get power. He says he will prove Shaurya has raped Payal and send all of us to jail. She says this matter should not reach marriage. Rajnath says he is doing this to get some time by this engagement, he is not Kangana’s enemy but her father. She says she does not use her children in any situation and angrily leaves out.

Durga brings Divya to scare Karan and asks her to fill fear in Karan. Kangana waits at café. Karan gets congratulation call from his friend Tarun. Karan tells him he is doing this engagement for his dad’s elections. He tells about no reaction from Shaurya. Tarun asks him not to be scared and have a drink. Karan says he can’t manage at bar and asks him to come at farmhouse. He schedules meeting. Karan gets Divya’s ghost MMS and throws the tab. The driver says we have reached. Karan says, this is not possible and it is mind game. Karan gets Kangana’s call and tells he is coming.

He comes inside the café and joins Kangana. The conversation starts between them. Durga wishes good luck to Divya. Karan sees Divya’s ghost again which looks scary. Kangana asks are you okay. Karan hides his face and says go from here. Divya changes place. Karan tells Kangana about girl there. Kangana says she hates him for checking out other girls. She asks is he mad and there is no girl behind them. Karan asks where did she go. Kangana asks him to relax. Karan goes to washroom. He says dead people don’t come back and gets shell shocked seeing Divya holding white cloth for him. She asks him to come and laughs scaring him. Karan runs out and falls. Kangana asks who is the girl. Karan runs and says she came back and she will not leave me. He asks driver to start car and drive fast. Kangana asks who came back.. what was he saying?

Divya tells Durga how Karan was afraid. Durga says they have to end this game tonight. She tells about board meeting and she will convince Suchitra. Shaurya is angry on knowing about Karan and Kangana by Sakshi. Sakshi asks is he that stupid to see his sister getting married to a rapist. He says he will not leave Karan and kill him. He asks how did this matter come to this point as someone will bless them from their family. He blames her for saying yes. Sakshi says it is his dad’s decision to get power more than Dev at office. Shaurya asks you mean it is just a plan then it is not bad. He says it means the relation will not reach marriage. He says he will call Karan to congratulate.

Rajnath comes home in Sakshi’s absence and looks for tape in their room. She does not get it and answers her call. He says he is reaching office in some time. Durga hears him lying. She thinks what was he finding that he is covering up. She decides to find out what is going on between the two.

The board of directors do voting and Goenkas wait for result. The new chairman is announced.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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