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The Episode starts with Durga coming to Dayal and telling him that I m the reason for Dev’s condition. I heard Raima and Sakshi talking, Shaurya hates Dev as he wants to keep him away from me, Dev was getting RTI files to know the truth, to support Payal, then what was the emails that he will never support me, but his family. Dayal says stop blaming yourself, did you say Shaurya is involved in this. She says don’t know, Dev is in this state because of me. She prays to Maa Durga for Dev and says I wanted to punish him for cheating me, but not like this. She says I will never forgive myself. Dayal says Dev was your best friend, now its enough, he will be fine. Shaurya can’t do this, if he did, then truth will come out, so just relax.

Shaurya prays to Lord and asks Suchitra not to cry. He

says Dev will be fine, come. CBI officers come there and meet Rajnath. Shaurya asks who are they. They say we are from CBI and show their Id cards. Shaurya gets tensed and says I told I will help them, but how did they come. Rajnath says Basu sent them. They question Shaurya about the extortion calls. Durga looks on. Shaurya says I did not take that call seriously and even my dad got such call. They ask him to answer to the point. They ask does he have any doubt on anyone, is there any enemy. They say you were the target.

Shaurya says no, I don’t have any enemy, Dev is my brother, everything is good in our family, who will attack Dev, I don’t understand. Sakshi says we all want to get the culprit. She says we are very disturbed, take the statement later. They ask them not to delay much. Rajnath says ofcourse, I understand. They leave. Sakshi looks at Shaurya. Shaurya gets Karan’s call and says maybe he is worried seeing Dev’s news on tv. Durga comes to pray for Dev and says I did big mistake in understanding Dev, he is my best friend, I should have trusted him, and I doubted him.

She says I want to take revenge from Goenka family, but save Dev, its not his mistake. Karan asks Shaurya whats this, we were meeting for party, but is Dev alive. Shaurya says yes, I m in hospital, Karan says how can he be alive being shot with three bullets. Shaurya says I will talk later, as CBI is after me. Karan gets tensed and says I will leave this city. Shaurya says if you run, everyone will doubt you, just pray for Dev’s death. Shaurya turns and sees Sakshi. Shaurya tries to fool her in his words.

She says I can’t believe you sat on your knees to pray for Dev, you are not emotional and I know your relationship with Dev. Shaurya says I m not insensitive, he is my brother and I felt bad seeing him. She says my instincts are not wrong. He says you are wrong. Durga comes and says you are right Sakshi. Sakshi asks about what. Durga says about Dev, as you were talking about Dev. She says Shaurya prayed for him, and now Dev is out of danger. Shaurya is shocked and says wow, that’s great news, Lord heard my prayers. Sakshi says yes, that’s wonderful. Durga thinks what was Sakshi thinking, is she doubting Shaurya.
Suchitra tells Dayal she wants to meet Dev. Dayal says no, he is not conscious, he is fine now, please wait for some time. She thanks him. Dayal says Dev is lucky boy, the one who shot the bullets may be professional, as the aim was at heart, one bullet was hit on shoulder, maybe he turned, and one near the heart. Shaurya says just two bullets? Sakshi and everyone look at him. Shaurya says thank God, only two, else he would have died. Shaurya thinks what about third shot. Dayal says yes, third bullet would have killed him going across the heart, but a locket saved him. Durga thinks my given locket saved Dev.

Shaurya thinks he spent 40 lakhs money to kill him, and 40rs locket saved him. Rajnath says we will find the culprit. Dayal says yes, you all can go home now, as only one family member can stay here. Suchitra says I will stay here. Sakshi says no, you go home and rest, I will be here. Rajnath says yes, but Sakshi you should also come, Akash is here, he will tell us. Durga says get security for Dev first, if anyone attacks him again. Rajnath says don’t worry, we got Z security, the guards will come. Shaurya thinks now he can’t attack Dev. I m doing this for Durga and she fails my plans.

Sakshi looks at Durga and Dayal watches her. Sakshi asks are you not going, your dad said just one person can be here. Durga says yes, I m waiting for my dad. Akash says I will update you about here. Sakshi leaves with everyone. Durga goes to see Dev. Dayal comes to her and shows the locket, which has saved Dev’s life. She cries and takes the locket in her hand. He says it means you saved his life, the bullet hit his chest and would have been across his heart, if this locket was not there, you wanted to know whose pic is in this locket, see it. She opens the locket and sees its Nitya’s pic in it. She thinks of her words to keep his girlfriend’s pic in it. She thinks of Gautam’s words and how Dev was looking for the locket at accident spot. Dayal says I told you Dev is a good guy, try to understand him, see him with Nitya’s eyes.

Dev asks who brought me here. The nurse says your friend Durga. He asks for his locket. Durga gives him and says this locket is your life savior. Dev smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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