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The Episode starts with Mathur coming to Dev and saying he is his enemy too. He says I told Dev not to fight with anyone. He says see your death is standing infront of you. He asks Raghav, the prisoner to do anything. He asks Raghav to deal with Dev alone, as he is very powerful. Raghav asks his goons to back off. Mathur looks on. Raghav and Dev start fighting and Dev defends himself well. Raghav beats him and the jailer looks on. Raghav gets the knife out and says he will kill him now. Mathur stops him. He says you don’t take advantage like this, tell me who has sent you to kill Dev, I know you gave you money. His goons catch Mathur. Mathur asks again. Raghav leaves Dev and walks to Mathur in anger. He says you should not interfere in my matters, you will die before Dev now.

He stabs

Mathur and Dev holds the knife by his hand and it bleeds. Mathur sees Dev breaking the knife. The jailer comes and signs Raghav to come. Dev and Mathur look at each other. Its night, Dev bandages his wounds. Mathur comes and ties the cloth. Dev says thanks, we have settled scores. Mathur says you want to punish Shaurya, Rajnath and Sakshi, and Rajnath wants to kill you, why. Dev says we are not friends. Mathur asks again. Dev says Rajnath wants to kill me, as I m hurdle for Rajnath and Shaurya. He says I m against my family, to prove Shaurya and his friends have raped Payal. My family has covered his crime by using power.

He says I will not leave anyone. Mathur says then you should punish me too, I did all the works for them for 17 years, good and bad both, and I gave my 17 years to Goenka empire. Dev says everything does not have price, you helped them in ruining an innocent family, so you are here, they will also get ruined, once I get free, I will not leave them, I will get them punished by getting evidence. Mathur says from where will you get evidence, I have erased everything by my hands. Dev says victory can’t be got by erasing proof, as truth does not need proof, every human gets punished for his deeds.

Mathur says fine, if you want to know the truth, I will tell you everything, how, why and when it all happened, there is someone behind this, Shaurya Goenka, he wanted girls and show off to his friends, its his hobby, like a hunter shows the animal as trophy. He says Shaurya has bet to get Nitya on his bed in one week. Dev says Shaurya did this because of his bet, it was game for him. Mathur says yes, it was small game for him, he convinced Nitya and she was not his type, and then you went to US, else Shaurya would have not gone near Nitya.

He says that night she knew Shaurya’s truth, slapped him and went. It was a big thing for him, as a girl has ruined his respect infront of everyone. He says Shaurya decided to teach her a lesson, and poor Payal has to bear it. Dev gets angry. He says I was in US being unaware of this, and seeing my future with Nitya. Mathur is shocked and says you love Nitya? Dev says I always loved Nitya and will always marry her. The constable tells them not to be together, as its jailer’s orders, if he knows, I will lose my job. Mathur says I will come. He says it means Rajnath came to know this, don’t worry, wait for my signal tomorrow, we will start story where we stopped today. He leaves.

Its morning, Suchitra talks to her staff and says Dev and Durga’s office will be new and I don’t want anything from Rajnath. Durga hears her and smiles. She says she is very happy seeing her new strength, else someone would be crying. Suchitra says yes, but life teaches new things and experiences, after Arnav died, I was very depressed, but seeing Dev, I felt I have to smile and live my life. She says Dev has asked me many times why do I always support my family, I always scolded him, but after he came back from US, I have felt there is no love in this family, maybe it was never there, and it was cleared in last week, so I will live my life as I want for you and my son, I m not worried, as you are there for my son.

She says if you both can be strong, how can I lag behind. Durga says yes, you are very strong, you are my inspiration, I m going to meet Dev to get his signs, I will tell him you are not taking good care. Suchitra says I promise I will take care, I know you will free him from jail in one or two days. Durga says yes and leaves. Suchitra smiles. Durga is glad seeing her smiling. Rajnath scolds the jailer. He tells Sakshi that Dev and Mathur have become brothers in jail. She says what, they united. He says yes, we tried to kill him, and he is saved. She says till when, if they are together, it means we should do something now.

She says Mathur has all info about rape case, Dev will get his answers. Rajnath says you think Dev does not know it, he knows everything. He says if he gets free, he will try to takeover the company. She says Durga is going to take Dev’s signs on NOU. He says if she meets him, she will know Dev was attacked ad she will doubt us, how to stop her. Durga comes there and they look at her. He stops Durga and asks whats this, won’t she greet them now, do you think I m not worried for Suchitra and Dev. Durga says don’t worry, I spoke to aunty and she said when Dev is coming out, she will take care of her health.

Sakshi smiles and says ofcourse, its relaxing news for Suchita, I just hope Dev’s bail appeal should not get cancelled. Rajnath says I know court will take right decision. Durga says I m be happy when Raima gets conscious and she gives statement in Dev’s favor, she will prove him innocent, you are like her sister and might be feeling bad, as such pure relations are not made these days, I will go now to take Dev’s sign on legal docs.

Dev says Mathur, if you say this infront of judge and world, can you repeat it. Mathur says if you help me to get free from jail, maybe I can repeat this. Dev thinks.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. this is really good.. one day they make us desperate about whats going on and the next day there is always a positive step!! just too interesting

  3. dis is one among few serial where they dont drag the silly part, it has been awsome from d start

  4. Only 4 or 5 days left Durga. Hurry up and Free Dev from jail. You have to win the challenge given by Saksi

  5. dev will help mathur and will make him free. but mathur will not help him back

  6. Love u dev….. I am also from jammu

  7. The best show ever in star pluspoonam

  8. anjalikarayil

    i think durga should do the surgery again to become nitya so they can win the game and we can give a happy ending to the story by making dev and nitya unite and they have many children

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