Ek Hasina Thi 19th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Hasina Thi 19th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shaurya telling Payal about how he has killed Nitya, and her parents, and then Durga came in his life after two years, and no one knows from where she came, but she came to help you and go against me. He says he wanted Durga and missed her by her mistake. She says Durga trusted Dayal and Akash and I have killed them. Payal is shocked. He says he killed Tarun and Tom, and now killed Rishi too. He says now its just you left. He whistles and shouts for help. He asks her to shout for help and she slaps him. Shaurya is shocked. Payal says how dare you touch me again, you will face what you did not imagine, you will get punished for your bad deeds. She pushes him down and beats him with a rod.

Its morning, a servant is shocked and runs saying ghost. Rajnath asks what happened.

The servant says see there and runs. Rajnath and Sakshi are shocked to see Shaurya lying on the table. They ask him to wake up fast. They put water and Shaurya wakes up. Sakshi asks what are you doing here, you were going to board New Zealand flight. Rajnath asks what are you doing in this state, if anyone sees us, our plan will be exposed, are you mad. Shaurya asks what am I doing here. Sakshi says get out of here before anyone comes. The servant comes and asks Shaurya is he alive, whats happening, many people have come and protesting. They are burning Shaurya’s life size models.

They go out and see people protesting and throwing stones. Rajnath asks guards to stop them. They come inside. Shaurya asks whats happening. Sakshi asks him to go to his room. He shouts. Rajnath gets a call and says what…. Being shocked. He says this can’t happen, its impossible. She asks what happened. Rajnath says its arrest warrant against us. Shaurya says its impossible, we can’t be arrested. Durga says its formality. Durga and Dev smile. Durga says the plan was good, bit we knew it was not Shaurya’s dead body. She shows the tattoo to Dev. She understands Sakshi planned a fake death to show the world, and then save him.

She says Shaurya followed me and did not go to airport. Sakshi and Rajnath look at Shaurya. Akash, Rishi, Payal and Kangana join everyone. Akash asks Shaurya is he shocked to see them. He says its basic to wear bullet proof jacket when we know we will be shot. Rishi says sorry buddy. Payal recalls she said she will face Shaurya. Payal says I want to do this for Nitya, put a camera here and give me mic. Durga says we know it well that Shaurya will do anything to reach Payal, we all were there at that time, to see she stays safe. Durga injects Shaurya to make him unconscious.

Rajnath claps and says don’t forget we are Goenkas, no one can touch us, and this will end soon. He says I will proof Arnav’s tape is fake. Rajnath says no one will do anything. The guard says people are coming inside, they broke the gate. Durga says oh God, I think everyone saw this news, I forgot media is very alert. Dev Durga plays the breaking news, and they see that Shaurya did not die, and he mocked his death to save himself. The video is shown how Shaurya admitted everything to Payal. Sakshi and Rajnath are shocked. Sakshi asks what did he do this. He reporter says Shaurya Goenkas has admitted his crimes, and the video got viral on internet. The people protest against Shaurya.

Sakshi thinks she played very safe, but where is Nitya, Durya is just a puppet for Nitya. Durga comes on the news and she gives the interview. She says its reality which ruined happiness of a family. She says Payal was raped and names the culprits. The reporter asks how can she tell this. Durga says Payal is my sister, and I m Nitya. Sakshi smiles. Everyone is shocked. Payal smiles and hugs Durga.

Durga says Nitya fulfilled her promise, your pride is shattered. She takes Payal and leaves with her team. The police arrests Goenkas.

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  1. NH

    Amazing story…. this is a star among other stupid idiotic and typical Indian teledramas. A big thank goes to the producers, director, all the actors and crew who gave a super teledrama experience.

    • adeeti

      if devils will again come out that wont look good.. i think no other sequel of this will able to match this level.. so the story ends 🙂

  2. schengun

    Really had gr8 fun watching this drama.. It was worth all the time and praise.. I ll miss my 8 pm daily schedule..

  3. ana

    wowww… amazing..durga u r superb.. 🙂 I vl miss dis show damn….!!!! ekta learn sumthng frm dis serial…

  4. ana

    fantabulous… durga u wr superb.. 🙂 I vl miss dis show damn….!!!! ekta learn sumthng frm dis serial…

  5. ub

    Fantastic marvellous amazing…. no words r there to express…. such an interesting and unique story….

    So many claps for u EHT crew…..

    We all miss u….

  6. beth

    i will miss durga and sakshi goenka and their intelligent plans………..
    i think rishi and payal be together……dev and durga are already together ….and
    she will overcame the surgery so it must be a happy ending……..

  7. chichi

    Even though sakshi is a villan she’s the best dressed villan I’ve seen in tv serials in recent times!! Durga used to wear some what good clothes before marriage but after marriage she looks like a lollipop wearing orange and yellow or yellow and green !! It’s sad that this show is going to end but they should’ve shown some romantic scenes between durga and dev

  8. priya

    i love this show..and amm going to miss it very much….each characters excel in their performances..i must say thumbs up for this show and the entire cast…altho shurya is a villan i must say..i love him and his acting skills,..i enjoyed watching him act…especially when he drag his sentenses or i liked his scene when he say bad boy bad boy to payal..so funny!!!i hope he would come again in another series…..its sad when you get attached to a series and it has to end..but as the saying goes, every good things comes to an end…

  9. sandy

    Hi shwetha I think story is the key person in EHT. Shaurya is such a big culprit & yet we like him & sakshi also. That reveals the success of this team. All the best wishes to the entire team of EHT both on screen & off screen. Will really miss the show & I don’t think upcoming tu mere hero is a gud substitute for the slot. Wished to see a serious one like EHT. I still remember the promos of EHT. Guys that balloon scene. Really will miss the show bt also accept the fact that it is better to stop singing when u r voice is gud.

  10. Asha

    Will anyone please tell me when will ajabde die in maharana pratap? I am very eager to know about
    it…pls reply fast……….pls…

  11. Asha

    By the way I’m gonna miss ek hasina thi very much.Its my most favourite serial…..I’ve never seen such an serial ever.

  12. vini

    Fabulous.. No words to explain abt this show.. Ever best on teleserials.. Pls dnt spoil it by takg part 2 or putting repeatedly.. Gud one hats off to the crew

  13. Megha

    I am gonna miss Ek Hasina Thi, the serial and also o the star cast…The best start cast withting best acting skills. I wish, I hope, I pray the same start cast come together for another great thriller show like Ek Hasina thi

  14. Arpit

    Everyone’s acting in this serial is just awesome especially – Shaurya Goenka ( when he takes out his lollipop and blows his whistle ) ! This is the only serial which does not drag the story and keeps everything point to point . Best serial ever watched . Expecting more serials like that !!
    Hats Off to ek hasina thi team !!

  15. gul

    Wait a minute the show ended. What I want to see more. Durga and dev and payal this can’t end like this.someone tell me will there be an episode tomorrow

  16. HippoSucks

    I started watching this after the ending of Meri Bhabhi (which this show replaced) and was immediately attached. Thrilling plot, followed by excellent execution made this show one of the most entertaining on Indian television. Unfortunately, in the past few weeks, it was sped up too much. If they had taken a month more to end it, it would have been much better spaced out. Nonetheless, it is still a great show and I am very sad to see it end. Its replacement, “Tu Mera Hero” is more of a comedy show – one which I probably won’t watch. So hopefully there will be another good show to watch at 8:00 PM.

    Once again, sad to see such a great show end. I’ll definitely be rewatching the whole show again.

  17. Gary

    Wow… What a climax?…..one of the best and happy ending too…. All the caracters were just awesome….. ETH

  18. Simu

    Was today the last episode I wanted to see wat was going to happen with durga and was she going to die I also wanted to see durga and dev love confessin

  19. MKS

    As a Pakistani citizen, I cannot begin to even say how proud I am of my fellow neighbouring country for producing such an amazing piece of work, my faith in Indian dramas has been restored and this show proves that India does, indeed have talent on a magnificent scale. A richly constructed programme with all the right elements of mystery, thrilling suspense and action. I will seroiously this show and all the tremendously talented cast, especially Sakshi, Durga and Dev. Kudos to you all, #respect

  20. firdose

    Best serial on indian television I love all d characters well played best wishes to d entire team of EHT.love u guys & I miss this show

  21. Deepsika

    Dis is d best serial … I luv d characters of EHT the as d promo was awsome ovio show is also awsom i ll miss di show…..n shaurya i luv u a lot……n durga tooooo

  22. famitha

    We lov this show…and gonna to miss uuu badly.it never bored us.hearty thanx to the director and producers for making d show a fabulous treat.this is just an example of how to make d serials for the director of saathiya.its just a complete boring serial and pls stop the saathiya serial

  23. minna

    Great show great ending though ending is happening too fast ek ke baad ek i would have loved it more if the goenkas went one by one slowly but good evil is punished at last

  24. S

    Wow, what an episode! Akash and rishi coming down the stairs. Then Payal and kangana. Sakshi was always close to figuring out Durga/nitya but it was priceless to see her reaction. She will be back.!! This is THE sakshi Goenka! She will be back with a vengeance!

    Today’s episode could easily have been a weeks worth of episodes. But hats off to writers for coming up with twists and turns till the end AND keeping viewers interested AND staying true to the characters and storyline AND topping trp charts AND doing a fine job on their way out!! Hats off. Superb writing, acting and job well done. Saddest to see it go 🙁
    No more star plus for me. It was the only one worth while to watch!

  25. Kittu

    wow…really it was a great…. in every episode this show gave as a super surprise…. really a big bang show… gonna miss it

    • Kittu

      wow…really it was a great show…. in every episode this show gave us a super surprise…. really a big bang show… gonna miss it

  26. Guest

    Everyone will remember this fantastic serial forever.
    10000000 times better than stupid “Laut Aao Trisha” of Life OK.

  27. vijayalaxmi

    it was a excellent serial….. hope to c more such on tv. I would suggest to play some serials related to court matter, police matters, and business, so that the public can get more information

  28. vijayalaxmi

    I suggest to play ek hasina thi again….. it is a great one forever. will really miss it. each and every character was perfect, upto mark. PLZ PLAY AGAIN

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