Ek Hasina Thi 18th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with Dev confronting Dayal Thakur. Dayal asks what is the matter. Dev says you have killed Nitya by your car accident. Dayal is shocked. Dev says there is no place to lie now. He says he has seen Nitya’s death certificate and FIR report having car number by which Nitya was hit. He says I found out it was rented on your name. Dayal says what was the need to do all this. Dev says I will question you and you will answer. He asks is this true that he has killed Nitya. Karan workouts in gym and is surprised seeing Rajnath.

Rajnath says many time unexpected things happen. He says he has come to meet him. Karan worries. Rajnath says Kangana told me about her and your relationship. He says she is my daughter and I love her, if you are playing with her I will not bear this.

He asks does he really love her and what are his intentions. Karan thinks of his dad’s words and says I m very serious about her. Rajnath says I knew this, what do you think about marriage, and engagement in two weeks. Karan says election time and dad is busy. Rajnath says I will talk to Basu. He thinks I know you are not so serious and I will control Basu and you. Dayal tells Dev its true that Nitya’s accident was done by his car. He says Nitya did not die that night as she is alive. He reminds him about the deal. Dev says about bringing her to me on her birthday. I always knew she is alive and now I know that she is infront of me and she was always with me day and night.

He says I know you did not kill Nitya but gave her a new life, love and courage. He thanks him for saving Nitya and saving him also. He touches Dayal’s feet and hugs him. Dayal feels Dev is right but he still can’t say yes. Dev says no need to say yes, your silence has said everything to me, thank you so much uncle.

Dayal holds him and smiles. Dev says thanks for bringing my Nitya in my life. He leaves for home. Dayal prays to Maa and she has shown light to Dev. He says I will accept this decision as he has done Kanyadaan and he has to inform Durga. He calls Durga and can’t tell her anything thinking if he tells her, she can react wrong. He leaves everything on Maa Durga. Durga worries and calls him asking is he fine. Dayal lies saying it was speed dial. He says I m taking Payal to rehab centre and will talk later. He prays to Maa to manage everything.

Dev drives home and cries saying it looks like dram, he could not identify Nitya being so foolish. He says now I know you are Nitya, He thinks about Durga and Nitya’s connection. He reaches home thinking what will he tell her. Durga tells Divya that she will tell her plan and they should start working. Dev comes to her and she mistakenly gets on him. She says sorry I did not know when you came. Dev thinks she was always infront of him. He says I m thinking about you. She asks what. He says you covered the truth and hidden it. She asks what truth. He says that Durga is my Nitya. She is shocked and cries. He says I was finding my friend who was always infront of me. Durga says she is not his Nitya. Dev calls it enough and says he has all proof that she is Nitya. He says every person told me you are dead and my heart said you are alive. She says all of them said right, Nitya is dead, I m her shadow. She breaks down saying she is broken so stay away.

She says I can’t make your life uncolored like mine. Dev says don’t make me away from you and holds her hand. He says I don’t have any aim to life, I love you Durga.

Shaurya stands on his feet and leaves the support laughing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Can any tell me how Dev came 2 know that Durga is Nitya? Please……………

    1. I mean anyone

    2. From what I can tell, Dev inferred it from the previous incidents and finally the big one at the end. He always kept wondering how Durga knew so many details and he also wondered how Durga acts just like Nitya many times. Then when he found out about the accident and he kind of knew that Dayal would not kill somebody and since Dayal told him that Nitya is still alive, Dev concluded that Durga is Nitya.

  2. but i didnt understand…did dayal reveal the truth or what??

    1. I think Dayal revealed it because Dev has come 2 know that Durga is Nitya

  3. BTW I’m 1st

  4. @pari
    that dev is so stupid..all evidences were infrontbof his eyes but he could never link them…i should thank god dayal told him otherwise the show would have nevr moved on…
    and now we will have romance everyday or what??

    1. dayal hasnt told anything dev found everything by himself and then went to dayal for confirming! how can u say dev is stupid??

    2. Hi! Anaella

    3. Actually you are the stupid one here. Dayal did not reveal the truth to Dev. Dev just came to the conclusion on his own. It is totally plausible for Dev to not find the truth for a long time because it is not everyday face transplants happen. You are the idiot here for not thinking straight and realizing that. It is easy for us looking at the whole drama to say these things.

  5. superb episode!! hope everything goes the same way!

  6. by December 7th new prgm is going to telecast at 8 pm in starplus…

    ek hasina thi will end? ?????? 🙁

    1. Are you serious? It’s one of my favorite serial. I would be very sad if it ends.

    2. 7th dec is less than a month! this will end that soon?? thats really 🙁

    3. It might not
      maybe the telecast time might change

  7. On 7 december its sunday… So the show is on

  8. New show is starting on sunday and not for monday 2 saturday so dont be disappointed.

  9. Ek hasina thi is going off air and it will be replaced by masterchef

  10. why it is ending such a nice serial. It shud continue for some more time

  11. nice serial always end quickly.. cuz there is no dragging of story.. but really hope this one lasts a bit longer

  12. lol 7th dec is sunday daily soap operas on star plus are from mon to sat

  13. but i heard thr will be season 2..
    @adeeti..the guy simply came to question about the car accident then he got to know the truth
    @pari n all..hii im anaelle

    1. its okay.. i was trying to say that dayal didnt tell anything to dev cuz durga had asked him not to reveal her truth to dev also

  14. New prog will be telecasted every sunday @8. So the show is on… Enjoy!

  15. today’s episode very good.this show going interesting and no lagging .

  16. Supb episode….
    I dnt wnt to quit ds show…

  17. Praveen tripathi

    This show wil be replced by ‘tu mera hera’

  18. Epi is awsome but precap is worrying…


  20. thanx hasan

  21. I dont understand one thing.. if fir has car number, then y didnt police didnt find the person who made accident which killed a person.. this is very logic less

    1. cuz this isnt cid! lol

    2. dayal might have managed to show nitya died like goenkas

  22. Damn! Just when they got together, the villain is back 🙁

  23. i am waiting for december to end this show…..
    its enough now i cant tolerate.

    1. u r right u watch saas bahu serials. then i am sure u cannt tolerate such a wonderful serial eht

  24. FINALLY! Been waiting for this day for so long!

  25. Gud durga…gonna miss this serial a lot…m grt fan of this serial concept..more n more directors shud come forward and shud take risk making this kind of serial instead of daily saas bahu soaps..especially I loved Simone Singh performance… Simone u rocked the show…

  26. Shourya may do something wrong wid sanjukta by dat her mom will go against goinkas

  27. Since Dev and Durga will be united then Shourya will not succeed with his evil thinking. He may try his luck on Sanjukta? But far will he succeed.

  28. as dev and durga r together now shaurya might not b able to do anything to durga..

  29. i lv ths epi bt 1 thk i dnt understand tht hw cn dev cm 2 knw tht durga is nitya. i jst hate todays preview.

  30. In one of the previous episode even Sakshi referred Nitya’s death certificate but she didn’t find this car no! But how come Dev found it????

    1. because akash told sakshi that he found nityas death certificate.sakshi didnt verify it.

  31. Wondering why they don’t end instead of EHT… It’s been ages I have read or seen that serial…

    1. ofcourse all r boring except this.the remaining serials horrible like diya bati hum and all.

  32. this is the best serial in tv history.no dragging.no drama .best acting best story.rocking

  33. yes it is going to end. becaise their contract with starplus is expiring in december and the show has finite episodes.

  34. i will.first dev came to know about nityas accident place by madhur.he went to hospital in that place. he asked about for nityas file .he saw her death certificate and car details. he enquired whose car was it.he was told it was hired by dayal tagur.thats how he concludes durga is nitya as he recalls the resemblence between nitya and durga like her sign her caring towords payal etcc and dayal deal about nitya will come on her birthday.

  35. EHT is a unique serial nd so interesting,how this can be end so early,star plus is so stupid

  36. Its a very intreating show please dont end it

  37. I like it very interesting

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