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The Episode starts with Dev going to Karan’s farmhouse and save Shaurya. Akash calls Durga and says there is something fishy, its hurry in threatening calls. Durga says yes, its not a real gang, its something else. She asks can Shaurya do this. Akash says why will he do this. Why will he take money from his father. She says its confusing, Shaurya’s life is in danger and Dev went to save him. Shaurya laughs seeing Dev come and says I fooled you, and you are coming to save me. Shaurya asks Elena to target Dev now. Dayal says strange about this threatening calls.

He says whats the meaning to do this. She says he was with me when he got the call and the caller threatened him that he will kill Shaurya and Dev went to save him. Shaurya and his friends make the tree fall. Shaurya says Dev’s

car will come from there and will come to clear this way and then Elena will shoot him from there and he will die. Rishi thinks Shaurya’s plan can backfire and he wants to go. Rajnath calls Karan and asks about Shaurya. Elena talks and Karan says she was my girlfriend. Karan says Shaurya left from here. Rajnath says fine and tells this to Sakshi. Karan says I did not do this before, we are planning a blo*dy murder.

Shaurya says why did Dev not come till now. They hide and wait for Dev. Rishi says maybe he knows this plan and went back. Dev calls Shaurya. Shaurya says he is worried for me, he will come here. Elena says be quiet, a car is coming. Shaurya says that’s him. Dev stops seeing the tree lying infront of him. He gets out of the car and walks to the tree. Elena aims at him. Akash tells Durga that Shaurya has left from farmhouse and he is coming home, maybe Dev did not reach there. She says then why id Dev going there, maybe he does not know, I will call him. Dayal says are you tensed for your old friend.

Durga says no, I don’t have any emotional connection with him. She says who is this new enemy and whats this game plan. Dev turns and tries to clear the tree. Shaurya asks Elena to fire. Suchitra worries for Dev and calls Dev. His phone is in car and does not receive it. Durga also can’t connect. Elena shoots at Dev while he goes to take the phone. He gets shot at his back and Shaurya says he is alive, shoot him again. Elena shoots at his chest two more bullets and he falls. Elena says the work is done. Shaurya says congrats, Lord give peace to Dev’s peace and give some space in hell.

Karan says third shoot would have killed Dev. Elena says we will not meet again. Shaurya gives her air tickets and says its in three house. Elena leaves on her bike. Karan says we can’t forget Elena and jokes. Shaurya acts and goes to Dev. Shaurya lies beside Dev and smiles talking ti him. He takes a selfie with him and leaves with his gang. Durga says whats happening, Dev is not taking the call. Suchitra calls Durga and says Dev is not taking my call and did not come home. Durga says when he dropped me home, he got a threatening call about Shaurya. Suchitra is shocked and tells everyone.

Rajnath and Sakshi are shocked too. Sakshi says but Shaurya is coming home, whats happening. Suchitra says I m not getting a good feeling. Durga tells Dayal Dev is not answering phone calls. She says Shaurya is coming home, did Dev talk to him. She says I think…….. Dayal says its their personal matters. She says I feel something wrong is happening, can we go to Karan’s farmhouse, I feel someone is trapping him, but who. Dayal says you are still connected to Dev and worry for him.

Durga thinks dad is right, why am I thinking about him. She thinks about Dev and Nitya. She worries for him and says is this any intuition, I can’t wait here. Sakshi says I can’t wait anymore, I will call Mukherjee. They are shocked to see Shaurya come home. Sakshi hugs him and says thank God, you are safe. He thinks how Shaurya dropped his friends on the way. He smiles and thinks dad I m feeling good today worrying for me. Sakshi says can you explain me why your phone is off. He says battery ended. Suchitra asks about Dev. Shaurya says no, I did not talk to him, why was he coming to take me, am I a kid. Rajnath scolds him.

Dayal and Durga see Dev’s car and stop. She then sees Dev lying on the ground and runs to him shouting Dev. She sees him shot and bleeding. Dayal and Durga are shocked.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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