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The Episode starts with Durga and Dayal coming to meet Payal. The doctor is doing her treatment by playing a game. Payal is keen to get mangoes by throwing stones. He asks her to write that any word that comes to her mind and makes her do mind exercises. Durga smiles seeing her progress. He writes Home, Respect and Love. Payal goes to write and she writes Safe Maa Baba Nitya. Durga says I m proud of you. Dayal says good job doctor. Durga says my Payal wrote good answers. She says we all will go mango garden. Doctor says Payal is improving and sometimes she has quick performance. She will be fine soon and come out of her past.

Dayal says yes, now introduce pics of her family. Durga asks Payal to play a game with her and sees pics in her phone. She sees Dev’s pic and thinks Dev loves Nitya.

She says I will show you a pic, tell me what you have to say seeing the pic. She shows Dev’s pic to her. Payal says sunshine. The FB shows Dev naming her sunshine. Durga smiles. Shaurya talks to his friends and says Durga’s anger was justified, as what happened at my home was insane, I will meet her later and tell that I m always with her.

He says Dev has to go, so I have to make a call now. Shaurya calls Rajnath and changes his voice to threaten him, as an extortion call. He says whom should I kill first, give me Rs 10 crores soon. Rajnath says did a mad dog bite you, do you know whom are you talking to. End the call. Shaurya says I m giving two days time, else I will kill any Goenka. Sakshi comes and asks what happened. Rajnath says I m fed up of your taunts and your son, you will be irritated by such extortion call.

Sakshi says extortion call? Even Shaurya got one. He says what? She says I told Akash. He says if you told me that day, this call would have been traced till now. She call Shaurya to see is he fine. Shaurya says sorry, I m busy. Durga and Dayal come home. Dayal says no news from Goenka, but we will get call till night. Durga says yes, I want to keep Sakshi away from my past. He asks what are you thinking. She says sunshine, Dev kept this name for Payal. He says and she remembers. He says it means Dev is not wrong, Payal’s heart is clean as a kid and for her Dev is a good person, and you are not seeing good in him.

He says which Dev is real, old Dev who was your best friend or this Dev, who is a liar according to you. She says don’t know. He asks her to find out. They come in and see Dev. Dayal smiles. Durga asks him why did he come, to insult her more. Dayal says if Durga gets annoyed, no one can make her up, so don’t mind. Dev says its justified, so I came here to apologize, we respect you a lot. Dayal says be away from Shekhar. Dayal gets a call and leaves.

Dev apologizes to Durga on his family’s behalf. He says trust me, we all also felt bad at home, I have a request, forgive all of us. You have a special place in our house, we can’t break our relation because of a stupid man, this project is not a business venture, but a social work. She says fine Dev, I accept your apology, but as I liked your direct way, I respect this that you came here and cleared everything. He says I never plan, and when I do, I fail. He says I m glad you gave a chance to our friendship, thanks. He leaves. Rajnath calls Mukherjee and asks him to get all details in 24 hours.

Suchitra says if he kills any family member. Rajnath says no, don’t worry, Mukherjee will find out soon. Akash comes and Rajnath tells him about the extortion call. Akash says its internet number and can’t be traced. Akash says but I will try and leaves. Sakshi says I m calling Shaurya and he is not answering, I m really worried. Shaurya says even mum is in tension, even though she is very strong. Karan says Rajnath will not be quiet. He would be tracing this call. Shaurya says I know this, I used this voice changing app and this call will trace to Rishi. Rishi panics. Shaurya laughs and says joking, I made internet call, its impossible to trace it. Rishi says I have to go.

Shaurya says first meet the contract killer, the assassin. A girl from foreign riding a bike is shown. Shaurya praises her. She is Elena and comes to meet Shaurya and his friends. They smile seeing her.

Shaurya calls Dev to make the extortion call asking him to save Shaurya. Dev panics and Shaurya laughs. He tells Elena her target is coming. Dev drives to save Shaurya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi…!!!! I am new here…..I don’t have any friends here would anyone likes to be friends of mine???????
    Dev is such a nice person why can’t durga realise it…..

    1. Hi! I would love to be ur frnd.
      I love dev so much.shorya not that much.
      I think durga dos overacting

  2. Sure Lokeshwari 😀 Nice to meet u I would like to be ur frnd btw epi ws gr8 hope durga realise dev’s love fr her 😀

  3. hi lokeshwari !!! Totally agree with u and i think we will see some light moments between dev and durgaa in upcomming episode

  4. Elena, will she be able to kill Dev ???if yes Durga. Might tell Dev about her truth

    1. Hope so !!

  5. Hi guys I just wanna say something. This opera is more or less similar to star world Revenge. Our sakshi tried to cope up with Victoria Grason and durga as Emily thorne. They r Grasons and here they are Goenkas. Thats it. but I respect our ek hassina thi as it s our Indian opera. Sorry if I’m wrong

    1. I totally agree. i said that as soon as this show came out. they just changed a few incidents but the rest of the plot is the same. Glad someone else noticed

  6. Vanakkam Lokeshwari!!! It is a pleasure to be your friend….

    1. Namasthe neha….!!!!! So I think u r a tamilian…..and myself I am from Andhra…….thank u for being my friend…..Nandri……..ennaku romba santhoshama irrikingranga………..

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    1. it is our pleasure to get such a cute freind 🙂

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      1. Hurt chesi unte sorry.. entha ayina nee views neeku untay.. but criticize cheyyakudadu kada..

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    1. Hi Zara

  9. b*t*h… U ppl r such bastards…. As if i am new… Idiots.. All filmy and indian

  10. hi everyone
    i luvd todays episode… Actually its been only a few days since i started seeing this serial….. I luv dev

    pls dont abuse others on this site…. I was told my many ppl yesterday that we r not supposed to abuse…

    We r all proud to be indians… At least i am…. Pls dont do that… Pls be the lokeshwari who told me that she d luv to have me as a frnd… Pls dont hurt others feelings….. Pleading u…

    Love jasmeet

  11. Hi I too am new here..cann I be a friend of u guys? Love EHT.. EHT ROCKSS.. 🙂

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  12. Lokeshwari, what happened? Who upset you? Why are you swearing?

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