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The Episode starts with Sakshi coming to know about Akram Khan claiming Rahmat Khan’s death certificate after 10 years of his death and the man shows the application. She thinks it means Akram is alive. She asks can she take the file. He says no, I will make a copy and give you. She says that will be fine. She thinks why is Akram contacting me now. She thinks is this Durga‘s game, she has done good research, she knew about Raima before me and can know about Akram too. Rajnath asks Kangana what is Karan’s message. She says no, my designer friend. He says I m your father, I understood its Karan’s message, I told you to stay away. She asks if I meet him, what will happen, he is Shaurya’s best friend, whats the problem. He says something can be explained easily, whatever we do will be for

your good.

She says I think you will never understand me, let it be. She leaves. Rajnath thinks I have to control Karan’s matter, how to tell Kangana that he is also a rapist like Shaurya, I have to talk to Vasu. Dev asks Suchitra did she feel bad the way he spoke to Rajnath. She says no, I want to apologize as I did not support you, I stopped you from finding the truth, thinking you are going against family and our family will break, but I realized I was wrong. Dev says I will bring out the truth. He says I met Naveen Mathur in jail. He tells her everything and what Rajnath did to harm him in jail, and how he was attacked. Mathur has saved him and told everything about Payal’s rape case. Suchitra is shocked and cries.

She says I can’t believe so many lives have ruined because of a bet, Rajnath could have stopped it, but he fell so low. She says I m afraid for you. Dev says no need to be afraid, I have my parents’ blessings, dad used to fight for truth. He says I also want to bring out the truth. She hugs him and cries. She says I want to meet Payal. He says she will feel good too, once Durga comes, we will go together. Karan sees Kangana’s pic and she comes to meet him in the café. He asks why is she upset. She says you changed, I don’t know how you changed, I love you so I will give you another chance.

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Karan thinks I told dad I will handle Kangana. He thanks her and says I promise, I will never disappoint you. He asks why is she worried. She says family is tensed, don’t know whats going on. She says Raima was attacked, Dev was blamed, and then Durga freed Dev. She says I hate Durga as she refused to marry Shaurya, she saved Dev and showed she can do anything for our family, I m confused. Karan says I also can’t understand Durga, its good she did not marry Shaurya, stay away from her.

Durga, Dev and Suchitra come to meet Payal. Payal says she is annoyed. Durga asks why. She apologizes to her. Dev asks are you annoyed with me too. Payal says yes. Dev says sorry. The doctor says Payal is almost normal, we showed videos which Dev gave and she did good progress. Durga says that’s amazing, I m angry on myself, I m sorry, I did not come to meet her last week. Dev says because of me. Durga stops Dev from saying. Suchitra notices Durga’s behavior. Suchitra meets Payal. She cries and hugs her.

She says sorry, I did not come before to meet you. Payal says no one is alive now, I m alone. Suchitra says no, I m here with you. Dev thinks everything is not over, we will end it together, you, me and your Nitya Di, I will find Nitya. He thinks he will find link between Nitya and Durga, he has to decode the accident, Nitya is not dead, she is alive, and truth will be infront of me soon. The doctor says he wants to discuss details with her and Dayal. Durga asks is everything fine. He says yes, its final stage, you can take her home. Durga says its good news, I will talk to with Baba soon. She says lets go home Dev. Dev says you go home with Maa, I have some work.

Durga says no, we will come together. Dev says no, I will come soon. Durga thinks she knows Dev, she is sure its about Payal’s case. Dev comes to meet Mathur in jail. Mathur says I was sure that you will come. He says you won, Goenkas has used all power to put you behind bars, but you have got freed. He says I m thinking, Goenkas lost power without me. Dev says Durga is strong, and she has freed me. Mathur says yes, she is very sharp, she challenges Sakshi straight away. She is just great, she has made Sakshi lose in her own game. Dev says yes, I came to take your help. Mathur says help again, fine, ask me. Dev says he wants to know about Nitya, and her accident.

He asks whats the truth about it. Mathur says even Sakshi asked me the same question, she met me in jail. Dev is shocked and says why did she want to know this. Mathur says I don’t know, I did not tell the truth, I will tell you. Dev asks what. Mathur says I have sent my goons to kill her, but she met with an accident. Dev gets angry. Mathur says I m helping you, calm down, I was Goenkas servant that time, but today I m with you, and truth.

Dev says fine, tell me. Mathur says I have not told this truth to Sakshi, I told her that my goons have killed Nitya. He says I called my goons to confirm, and they said they did not dispose the body. He says they felt she died in accident, we don’t know she was alive or dead. He says I was afraid that Sakshi can do anything knowing this. He says the accident was fatal, and won’t give him false hope. Dev asks the place, time and day. Mathur tells him details. He says all the best and is taken back to the cell. The jailer sees Dev leaving and calls Rajnath. He says Dev came here to meet Mathur. Rajnath asks what did they talk. The jailer says I did not hear them. Rajnath says idiot and ends the call in anger. He thinks why did Dev meet Mathur, it can be dangerous, Mathur was with me all these years and knows a lot about us.

Rajnath tells Dev that he will not divide Goenka empire. Dev says he will head the company now. Rajnath gets angry.

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  21. william brown

    Dev comes to know about Sakshi’s findings about Nitya. He gets the accident details from Mathur and checks with the hospital about Nitya. He gets her death certificate and breaks down, thinking she is really dead. He thinks of Durga’s words who has made Nitya alive in his eyes and goes to police station to see accident case file. He gets the car number who has hit Nitya and thinks to go to the root of the accident. Dev is close to know that Dayal was the person who has accidentally hit Nitya, and soon he will be knowing the fact that Dayal has given his daughter Durga’s face to Nitya. Will Dev find out Durga and Nitya’s truth, after realizing their similarities and special bond with Payal

    1. william It’s from spoilers don’t waste u r time by typing same

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    Hey sid I have posted it myself its not for u and no need to tell me what’s wrong??I m posting myself its my right u better stay lut of it rascl

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    I just wanted to ask from u all”Will Dev find out Durga and Nitya’s truth, after realizing their similarities and special bond with Payal

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