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The Episode starts with Shekhar looking at Durga’s house for some proof. He thinks its not here where I can get any help. The puja arrangements are done and pandit asks Suchitra to call Dev. She says I will call him. He says give this to him, ask him to wear this after bath. Durga thinks this is right chance to see Dev’s locket and says Suchitra aunty, I will give him. Suchitra says no I will give. Durga sats let me help, please. She goes to Dev’s room. Sakshi looks on smiling. She comes to see Dev and finds his locket on the table. She thinks about Gautam’s words.

Dev comes after having a bath and asks you here in my room, checking my things. She says yes, my aim is to keep an eye on you, and today I came to find anything special. He asks did you get. She says no bad time. Dev says

good sense of humor. She says we will get late for puja, wear this and come for puja, everyone is waiting. He says yes and wears the locket. She looks at him. They go in the living room. Shekhar sees the cupboard moving as he keeps the books. He hears something and goes to see something fell by air.

Shaurya comes running for the puja. Rajnath asks him to remove the shoes. Shaurya greets Dayal and asks where is Durga. Durga comes down with Dev. Sakshi tells Rajnath why did they come when Shaurya came, I hope he does not get upset. Rajnath sees him calm and asks is he our Shaurya. Shaurya acts sweet. Shekhar is still finding some proof against Durga at her home. The puja starts. Sakshi asks why is Shaurya happy today. Shaurya says everything will be fine with Dev now, so I m very happy. He thinks Dev has few days now, I have to behave well so that no one doubts me.

Shekhar gets a photo album. Rajnath flirts with Raima behind Sakshi’s back and she turns. She looks at Rajnath and he is shocked. He smiles showing he was teasing her. Shekhar sees the album that Durga has a birth mark. Its Dayal’s photo album of Durga’s childhood. He says thanks Dayal, for this, now you have to gift some company shares to me. He takes some pics and says Sakshi will give me money and respect now. He messages her that he got the proof and he is coming now. Sakshi and Raima get the message and smile looking at each other.

The puja is over. Shaurya gives money to the pandit. The pandit sees Durga’s hand and says she will get a good proposal soon, congrats. Dayal thanks him and says I m relieved now. Shaurya thinks I will make you believe I m the best man for you, without marriage and before it. Shekhar comes there and meets Sakshi. Dayal and Durga are shocked seeing him. Shaurya says he is the American joker who came in Raima’s party, why is he here. Shekhar talks to Sakshi and she slaps him hard to do some acting. She says how dare you. Shaurya says what happened, what did he say, misbehaving with my mum.

Rajnath scolds Shekhar and says what is he saying. Sakshi says how can he tell this about Durga. Dayal asks what is he saying about Durga. Sakshi says I m so sorry, Shekhar is saying this is not your daughter Durga. Everyone is shocked. Shekhar says her face is of Durga, but she is not real Durga Thakur, she is an imposter. Dayal laughs. Rajnath says what nonsense is this. Dayal says have you lost it. Shekhar says I don’t know if you notice, since I met her, I know she is different, and if she says she is Durga, then sorry, she is not Durga. Dayal says you are telling me? Shaurya gets angry and goes to beat Shekhar. Dev stops him.

Dev says I don’t know who is this Shekhar, but it will be good you concentrate on your life, just get lose from here. Shekhar says you have to know who is this girl and believe me, I have proof for this. Shaurya says I will break his bones. Durga stops him and asks Shekhar to show the proof. Rajnath asks Shekhar to leave. Sakshi says Rajnath is right Durga. Just ignore him. She calls the security. Shekhar says give me five mins then I will leave. He shows the pics and Shaurya beats him. The pics fall and everyone look at it. They see Dayal and Durga’s childhood pics.

Dayal says its her childhood pic. Shekhar says yes, she had a birth mark on her right foot. He asks Durga to prove it she is Durga by showing the birth mark to everyone. Shaurya fumes. Dayal says how did you get these pics, you are a thief, you stole this pics from my home, call police, else I will call police. Shekhar says I m helping you all in proving she is fake. He says Durga her game is over. Durga gets tensed.

Durga sits to show her birth mark. Sakshi thinks she is over now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I can’t w8 4 Monday

  2. I don’t think so SAKSHI GOENKA durga will prove it wrong I am DAME SURE about it 😀 btw epi ws great 😀

  3. Even i can’t wait for Monday….this show is getting interesting day by day…

  4. I like both durga and dev 2gethr
    i can wait till mondy its superb

  5. meeeee toooooooooooooooo i cant wait 4 monday sooooo intrstng n i dnt thnk so sakshi will prove durga wrong coz durga iz so brave n intelligent n smart she will make other plan n prove sakshi goenka wrong…………………………………….

  6. I like dis show i thinl they cant prove them she is fake durga……so i like it

  7. Waiting for Monday

  8. The episode was cool….I just hope Durga gets to know that Dev is innocent n that his love for her is true…

    1. Totally agree with u.

  9. oh..this serial was awsome…w8 4 tmrw…

  10. i luv this serial

  11. I think Monday is last day for Shekar 😛

    1. Ya. think so.

  12. I hate shekar.
    Sorry Mrs Goenka.
    You just can’t dhuruga wrong.
    She is more than you think nd image.
    Just can’t wait for Monday.
    This show is getting interest day by day.
    You all ROCKS ek haseena thi team ♡
    Just love you alllllllll

  13. I love it…….

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