Ek Hasina Thi 10th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Mathur coming to talk to Dev. Dve says he will seal the deal, but has to know the secret. Mathur says he won’t believe Goenka, I don’t even trust myself. Dev asks him to trust him on humanity. Mathur holds his hand. Suchitra thanks Lord to make Durga a part of their life, and Durga did a lot to free Dev. Rajnath comes and hears her. She says bring my Dev back to me. She gives him aarti and he takes it. Rajnath acts being ashamed, and asks for Prasad. She does not give him, so he takes himself. He says Bhabhi, I don’t know how to apologize to you, I did a very big mistake, I have hurt you and Arnav a lot, he came in my dream, he was angry on me, as I did not do my duty towards Dev and did not keep promise.

Suchitra is annoyed. Rajnath says I wish Dev gets free

soon and Lord sends him back to us. He asks her to forgive him, as he is really realizing his mistake, and his brother gave him one more chance, you also give me one please. Suchitra thinks does he really wish good for him. Rajnath thinks emotional fool. He thinks the day is still far. Durga is in her room and thinks about him and Nitya, in FB, their scene is shown, a cute one, where he calls her his lucky charm and he wishes.

She gets a bouquet and reads the card by Shaurya. He flirts with her and says I wish Dev does not come back. She comes to his room yelling on him, and comes to know he is taken to the rehab centre by Sakshi. She says fine. Shaurya calls Durga and flirts again. He says he ordered the flowers for her, as she does not want Dev to get free from jail, I understand that she has to do some acting. He says once Dev gets permanent in jail, then just you and me. She says shut up, be in your limits. He says he is very far from him, have some patience.

He says I will be with you even when I m not there, so cheer up. He sees her on video chat screen and gives her a kiss. She is shocked seeing him on laptop and leaves from his room. Dev is brought out of jail. Durga answers the media and speaks in Dev’s defense. The court case starts. The defense lawyer tries to extend custody period to one month. Rajnath smiles. Bhattacharya says he can prove that Dev did not attach Raima. He calls Durga in witness box.

Durga tells about the nurse who used to take care of Raima, she shifted Raima and took place in her ward and then….. she tells everything. The defense lawyer says its good story. Durga says she has a proof, as she has a video recording, of the nurse trying to kill Raima. Dayal gives the video clip. Sakshi thinks how did Durga do video recording and is shocked.

Sakshi gets the threatening calls. She is shocked when a man calls her Sakshi Rahmat Khan/Sakshi Goenka. He laughs. She asks who is this talking.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. now feeling bored to watch the serial..
      it is deliberately stretching out. And Durga is shown as dum now Can’t we track that nurses or policeman’s phone and know who all have called her..
      And now her dresses have become odd too..
      Is this the attire to come to hospitals and court

      1. have u recently watched an episode of cid??

  1. Am sure is rajnath

  2. Good epi nd thnx amena for the fast update 🙂
    Just can’t wait for tomorrow

  3. awesome i wanna c sakhi fearful face

  4. sravana bhargavi

    Im sure it was by rajnath to get his tape back

  5. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode

  6. Pls expose the real face of sakshi fast.

  7. Its rajnath

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