Ek haseena thi – shivika (Part-1)


Hii gyez i donot like this stupid track in ishqbaaz and i am fed up of this bad side of shivaay No i am going to write a ff on shivika and in this ff Anika is totally diffrent now the are show in serial

Part 1

Anika going for pag phere rasam in her home dadi ask shivaay to give gift to Anika

Shivaay : sure dadi

Shivaay give gift to Anika

Shivaay : open it

Anika open gift and find divorce paper Anika is shocked she want to cry she felt her world is destroyed but she compose herself

Shivaay ; i will come tommorrow to take paper from your home

Anika ; ok

Dadi is shocked tear flow in her eyes she hug Anika and Anika start to going

Dadi : stop Anika fight for your right you are not this you are strong you can fight for you You use every way but its your right you have to fight

Anika ; its never belong to me why i fight dadi jo mera kabhi tha hi nahi uske liye ladne ka kpyi fayda hi nahi

Then she start to leave but shivaay stop her i sell your house (in my ff she donot take any 30 lakhs from dadi to say her house And its belong to Anika )

Anika is furious now

Anika : i think dadi is right now i show you real Anika i am not this what you become me Shivaay singh oberoi Aaj tak tumne Mera diffrent side dekhe meri himmat meri selfrespect meri care aur mera pyar but Aaj tak aapne meri nafrat nahi dekhi Aaj tak aapne Sirf Anika ko dekha Now you see Anika singh shekhawat ohh i forget now i am Anika shekhawat shivaay singh oberoi now i am no going to give you divorce i will destroy you shivaay singh oberoi ( today you see my diffrent side my courage my selfrespect my care and my love but you donot see my hate now from today you see my hate for you you see only Anika but from today you see Anika shekhawat singh oberoi i will destroy you shivaay singh oberoi )

Shivaay :you cant do Anything you are just a moddle class stupid girl who have no linege you cant do Anything you know i am shivaay singh oberoi and noone can harm shivaay singh oberoi and you are a blo*dy middle classgirl

Anika : what you know about me you know only jus i live a middle class life you know who is my parents no you donot know so i tell you Famous industrial Mr. Vikram shekhwat is my father And Mr. Viren shekhwat is my brother and do you know who i am i am famous fashoin deginer in Australia Anika shekhawat you donot know what you did

Shivaay : you cant do Anything

Anika : you wait only for five minute amd you can see real Anika shekhawat

Anika call someone

Anika on call : hii pam from india times i Am Anika shekhawat
Pam : Hi Miss shekhawat how can i help you

Anika : i have a news for you its about shivaay singh oberoi come to oberoi mansion and you know what i am also married

Pam : miss shekhawat you didnt inform any media and where are you thease days

Anika : come to oberoi mansion you can have your all Answer

Anika cut call

Shivaay : you cant do this Anika

Anika :first i tell you i am Anika shelhawat singh oberoi and you did this marry for your faimy reputation and your stocks now i see how you manage all this


Media on tv famous industrial shivaay singh oberoi marry famous deginer and famous industrial Mr. Vikram shekhawat daughter Anika shekhawart but he announce tia kappor as his wife

Shivaay : over compney stock going low and Anika give a smrik to shivaay singh oberoi

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  1. Interesting. … pls post next part soon. I just loved it. awesome update.

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  3. Jayashree

    Wow yaar ! I just love it…plz continue nd waiting for next part 🙂

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  8. Akansha

    Osum.. Love d diff anika… Waiting to c shivvay reaction

  9. Nansshivika

    Its superb I want shivay to get complete loss in his business

  10. Yaaa….amazing..the way u took the current situation fabulous

  11. Wow ? Loved it

  12. Superb….. Waiting for next darling

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  14. it was cool..plz post next asap

  15. U know wht u dont blv me but same thought about anika richness came to my mind but with different slot i really wish writer of ishwbaaz do something like that not rvng but they definately should show anika past

    1. Rithik

      Its not revange but shivaay have to realise what Anika going through

  16. Sat_9492

    Awsm….. Please continue……?????☺☺☺☺☺

  17. Lalitha

    Nice…very interesting

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    Intriguing and amazing storyline I liked it…

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