Ek haseena thi – shivika (Part-3)


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Part 3

Anika shivaay cry hugging each other omru come and disturb theem

Om : i hope your all misunderstanding is clear now shivaay outside pam is come and she Asking for Anika

Anika : shivaay i will send her back donot worry

Shivaay : No Anika i accpect you infront of whole world
Anika : its okey shivaay
Shivaay : no i said no you are my wide and i give you all rights of shivaay singh oberoi wife

Anika : but pehla hume tia ko expose karna hoga.
Shivaay : Anika you know she isn’t married why are you behaving like child
Anika : donot you trust me
Shivaay : itrust you but
Anika : jaha trust hota hai vaha par ka koyi sawal nahi hota
Shivaay : but how we expose tia
Rudra : i habe a plan
Shivom : shut up rudra
Rudra make a puppy face

Anika : atleast ket him speak tell me rudra
Rudra : see my bhabhi is good both of you bhabhi tia accpect infront of you openly that she is married
Anika : yeah but why are you asking this to me
Rudra : because i place a camera in tia room and you go in her room and instigate her to speak trurth if she confess than our problem is solve
Om : rudra we can solve this problem in our way you go andsee outside situation
Anika : Nahi om he is saying right but how you fix camera in her room
Rudra : i already done this i have doubt on her when bhabhi tell that she is married when bhayia and bhabhi marrige happen than i know she do amything to get shivaay bahyia so i keep camera in her room and does logic sign
Anika : good rudra and we can get proof from camera

Shivaay : its really bad to fix camera in anyone room
Anika : stop it when two inteligent pepole is talking donot intruppt them .
Shivaay : inteligent and you two
Aniru together : what do you mean
Shivaay : nothing
Anika : lets go
Shivaay : but what about that reporter she is very inteligent she can doubt
Anika : donot worry she is my frend she meet me many time when she come to my store for interview she cant figure out situation if she do then she donot disclose it
Shivaay : okk

Anika go to hall and held tia hand and take her to tia room

Tia room

Tia : what type of your stupidity
Anika : you are going out to tell that you are married or not
Tia : whats your problem you want revange from shivaay so why are you worried for him
Anika : because he is my husband and you know very well i love him i am upset with him. But that doesn’t mean i leave him alone for destroy by your hand no never go and tell him
Tia : yes i am married i want only shivaay money but that day stupid my husband come and take me away from weeding but shivaay married ypu then i do my kidnaping drama but you all ruin my plan i donot leave you
Anika : ok rudra shivaay om come out

They come out
Tia : shivaay baby listen

Shivaay come toward her but go back and take camera from flower pot and go outside

Shivika together tia and her faimly go to jail

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  1. superb update. pls post next part soon.

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    Super update and exposing plan is nice. Our RuNika are intelligent ha…

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    Nice update

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    Liked anika rudra bonding
    Precap is interesting

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    How nice!! I love happy endings.

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    Fabulous episode???????……. Waiting for next episode…..

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