Ek haseena thi – shivika (Part-2)


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Part 2

Anika : so mr. Shivaay singh oberoi now see what i do

Shivaay : No Anika you cant do this

Anika : i will do whole. World have to know your real face

media announce shivaay marry daughter of vikram shekhawat and famous degianer Anika shekhawat but he announce tia kapoor his wife because the donot kniw Anika sirname wow this is reality of rich pepole and we come to know information that shivaay singh oberoi compney do a deal with kapoors 1500 crore he make fall in love anika and announce tia wife how chepa they are

Shivaay get a call

Shivaay : our compney is in big loss
Tej : because of you shivaay your stupidity destroy our buisness your bad karma affect on our buisness

Shivaay : not because of me becausr of Anika

Dadi: donot u dare to say anything againest Anika ypu can do anything with annyone but she cant do this

Anika : mr. Oberoi mr. Oberoi

Shivaay come out of dream and held Anika hand and take her inside

Shivaay ; wow Anikaaa and what you did with me uska badla mai kaise lu

Anika : kya kiya hai maine pichle kuch dino se mai dekh rahi hu aap bewajah mujhe blame kar rahe atleast tell me what i did then i give explanation

Shivaay : Anika mai vo bol bhe nahi sakta jo tum kar sakti ho

Anika : Kya kiya hai maine tell me what i did i donot know why the hell are you blaming me i want to know

Shivaay : you want to know so hear you sleep with daksh for 15 Lakhs

Anika is in shock she cant say Anything she donot know what he is saying

Shivaay : you know what that day i come to perpose you for marrige but what i saw i want to kill you but i cant do this ( okk gyez in my story shivaay come to perpose Anika when he see her daksh bedshet and daksh change cloths so donot confuse )) i never believe in love but i start to love but as always my mind won not my heart

Anika : the kisne kaha msi daksh ke sath thi. Us raat

Shivaay : daksh ne
Anika : and you believe h and not me you are saying you come to perpose me but you donot trust your love me you know me you offer me money jus bend on your but i donot do it and you think i did this much cheap act for money

Shivaay : agar daksh mujhse kehta to mai yakeen nahi karta but isaw you in daksh bedroom he challenge me he sleep with you and i challenge him Anika never sleep with you but you sleep with him o thought you are my love you never done such chep act but you done

Anika : That night i am with soumya in daksh room and 15 lakhs dadi give daksh to give it to me i took loan from dadi and she give money to daksh aand he give me

Shivaay is in shock he realise what he done he have flashback he torture anika he sell anika house he force Anika to marry him he use sahil he sit in shock and cant move and he is very shocking state Anika sit with him and hug him and cry

Shivaaay also hug her and cry his heart out they hug each other and cry like mad

Omru come and see them and happy to see them together


Shivaay annouce anika is his real wife and Anika parents entry and Chutki

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  1. I am very angry yaar acche scenes hamesha sapne kyu hote hai

    1. Rithik

      I tryley tell you i donot want Anika also do lika shivaay do with herbso i thought to make this his dream and shivaay isnt doing like this with Anika because she is not his status he is doing because od daksh mu so i thought we do this

  2. Sat_9492

    Awsm episode??????…. Waiting for next episode….

  3. good storyline ..post soon

  4. Diyaa

    Interesting turn of events!

  5. awesome update.

  6. Jayashree

    Superb…waiting for next part 🙂

  7. Akansha

    Hey its nyc

  8. Salo

    It’s amazing

  9. Lalitha

    Nice update

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