Ek Haseena Thi (Beauty and The Beast) Part 4.


Hi guys,,i’m so sorry for another late update but what to do I just don’t have time..Between juggling my school and personal life and having time to comment on everyone’s ffs I just run out of time..So enough of my blabbering and on with Chapter,,Hope u like it and hope the ammount of comments go up angaing as they went down on previous post..

Ragini: You’re him.
Lakshya’s Place.
Ragini: Sooo are we going to talk about this?
Lakshya: (Cleaning her wounds) You need to keep this clean and dry.
Ragini: Avoidance one of my favourite techniques…..How about a drink,,do u drink?
Lakshya: That’s such a good idea.
Ragini: Maybe not for u.
Lakshya: Look my roomate is home.
Ragini: I promise to be quite,,but it’s just 3 people did just try to kill me if u haven’t forgotten.
Lakshya: No I haven’t as I was the one who saved ur ass.
Ragini: You killed 2 of them.
They stare at each other.
Lakshya: I think we got beer.
Ragini: Perfect.
(He breaks the eye-lock and leaves).
She looks around at all the scientific objects and notes.
Lakshya: It’s just a hobby…Here ( and gives her a bottle of beer).
Ragini: My mum used to have these things lying around as well….(Sadly) She was the one 9 years ago……What happened to you??
Lakshya avoids eye-contact.
Ragini: Did someone do this to you.
He gets a few flashes,,,
Lakshya: I should have asked questions.

FB: Scene goes back to the time when Lakshya worked at a hospital..
Man 1: Any word from ur brothers.
Lakshya: They’re still trying to get everyone out.
Present: I was too angry…Confused.
Ragini: So u enlisted.
Lakshya: Yh. As I got over there I was tapped. they told me I had a chance to be part of something great,,that I could make a difference. It was called operation Muirfield.
FB shows Lakshya sat on a chair getting injected.
Lakshya: They told us they were vitamins,,anti-biotics,,steroids that could protect us.
Ragini: What were they?
Lakshya: Yet again I should have asked questions. They changed our DNA…made us stronger,,faster,,better..They hypened our reflexes our senses.
Ragini: That’s why you could smell the poison.
Lakshya: Yeh…but something went wrong..When our adrenaline kicked in we became monsters. They couldn’t stop us and neither could we stop ourselves. So they gave orders to shut it down and kill us all.
Ragini: How did u survive.
Lakshya: Kismat.
Ragini: So all of this equipment for an anti-dote.
Lakshya: But it didn’t work.

Ragini: (Staring into his eyes) So you’ve just been hiding out here?
Lakshya: Yeh and Sanskaar is the only one who I can trust.
Ragini: You go out there and you,,you save people.
Lakshya: Chuckles.
Ragini: No,(coming closer to him),u do.
U saved me and u tried to save Kavya.
Lakshya: I guess it reminds me of who I use to be.
Ragini: A doctor..
Lakshya:…Human…(breaking the eyelock).
Ragini cups his face.
Lakshya:….You should probably leave now..
Ragini: Lakshya than night 9 years ago why were u there.
Lakshya: Meine tumhe bohot zyaada bata diya hai, jo mujhe nahi baatane chaiye tha. ( I have already told you more than I should have).
That man at the station were from Muirfield,,ok.. You are on their radar.
Ragini: Why…Lakshya does this have anything to do with my mom.
Lakshya: I don’t know anything about ur mom…I’m sorry,,, But u cannot come back here it is too dangerous for the both of us.
Ragini: No,,I just.
Lakshya: Just go.
Ragini takes her things and leaves.
Screen freezes on the guilty and frustrated face of Lakshya.

Police Department.
Swara: There u are I have been calling and calling u. Were u with a guy.
Ragini: What.
Swara: That glow.
Ragini: What glow.
Swara: The one u have right now.
Ragini: I don’t have a glow i’m just excited..I found the murder weapon.
Swara: Aaryan said he went through everything.
Ragini: Joh yaha nahi hai woh zyaada important hai ( What isn’t here is what’s more important.)
Look the sign up sheet. Kavya signed up 4 products the day before she died. Our guys only found 3. Killer probably took the 4th.
Swara: So someone put poison in Kavya’s hair dye.
Ragini: Look who’s glowing now.
Swara: Still u.

Ragini: Hey Aaryan would u be able to tell if the nicotine was absorbed throguh Kavya’s scalp.
Aaryan: I’ll check her hair folacules…Do u realise I waited for hours and hours last night.
Swara: I’m sorry what.
Aaryan: This one stood me up.
Ragini: Sh*t yar i’m soo sorry.
Aaryan: It’s ok yar the premiere was lousy anyways. After that I got called into here. My guys found these in the power couples bed.
(Holds a tube).
Swara: Ugh! bedbugs.
Aaryan: The rash I showed you was actually bites. Since these little things are blood suckers they carry around the DNA of whoevers been in those sheets. The victim wasn’t pregnant it was her Jaan that was fooling around.
Ragini: Can those mini vamps tell us who with.?.

Lady: I’m sorry we’re closed.
Swara: Actually i’m Detective Shah and this is Detective Khanna.
Ragini: We have proof that Siddharth Singhania was with a women the night his wife died..
Swara: And that woman was u.
Ragini: U were having an affair with him.
Lady: Sid told me not to say anything,,he said it would just make me look guilty especially because of the pre-nup.
Swara: What pre-nup.
Lady: If he cheats he looses everything. But I didn’t kill her I swear.

Ragini: It’s not just this women but we have bed bug DNA from 4 other women.
Abhi: Hey i’m eating here.
Ragini: Siddharth had access to the poison and he had motive the pre-nup.
Abhi: Except there was no pre-nup. I just read the reports that if he wanted out all he had to do was file for divorce… Now if u excuse me I have some FBI nonsense to deal with.

Ragini: What’s going on.
Swara: I don’t know bodies from the subway.
Ragini remembers Lakshya’s warning and leaves the building.
Ragini sees the FBI taking the bodies.
Ragini: Don’t see you guys out here any often. What’s the occasion.
Man: Just following orders detective. (Hands her the warrant.)
She reads it and a man from behind approaches her.
Man 2: But we’re going to need that back.
Ragini: Why not.. Just making sure you’re not stealing our case.
Man 2: (Approaches her)..It’s not polite to interfere in the matters of other people Miss Khanna.( He walks away).
Outside Lakshya’s Place.

Ragini starts walking around when a voice startles her. “Hey.”
Ragini: Oh My God u scared me.
Lakshya: U’re the one snooping around my place.
Ragini: Some military guys just showed up.. and,,
Lakshya: Kya?? (What)
Ragini: Hmm, they took the agents from the platform away.
Lakshya: U didn’t talk to them did u?
Ragini: No,, I asked them what they were doing and then came straight to u.
Lakshya: Well u shouldn’t have.
Ragini: I wasn’t followed I needed to warn u.
Lakshya: Well now u need to leave.
Ragini: No, listen to me..
She grabs his arm.
I lost my phone on the platform,,What if the Muirfield people have it and they know about u??
Lakshya: This is why u have to stop all contact with me.
Ragini: What about my mum.
Lakshya: I know what it’s like to loose someone u love,,but u need to move on.
Ragini: U can’t tell me to just move on.
Lakshya: So what you’ll solve her murder and get justice? Trust me it does not end well.
Ragini: We i’m gonna take my chances.
Lakshya: (Raising his voice even more) You don’t get it do u.
Ragini: (Raising her voice). No I do.. You can’t tell me everything and that’s fine. I don’t need all the answers,,But last night was the first time after my mum died that I didn’t feel crazy.
Lakshya starts breathing heavy and getting more agressive,he picks up a barrel and chucks it towards his car. Ragini moves back.
Lakshya: (In a agressive voice) U r crazy,,showing up here alone,,I could kill u in one go,,,now go.
Ragini starts to scare.
Lakshya: GO!
She runs off and Lakshya starts to regain himself.
At Police Department.
Siddharth Singhania is present with a lawyer.
Ragini: Last night I realised that I was thinking about ur wife’s case the wrong way,, sometimes things aren’t what they seem,,you can’t tell who the real monsters are.
Siddharth: I didn’t kill my wife.
Ragini: We just spoke with a woman that u r having an affair with,, and I have DNA that prove there were 4 others,, u made everyone of your women fall in love with u,, and made each and everyone of them think that the only thing standing between them and their fairytale ending was a pretend prenup… Mr Singhania I do not think u killed ur wife but u are the reason she’s dead.
He starts to feel guilty,,Ragini slides a note pad infront of him.
Ragini: I need a list of names of everyone one of those women. You owe it to Kavya.
Scene shifts to Kavya’s office.
A women is shown working.
Ragini: Hey.
Women: R u looking for Tanya. I’m her new assistant.
Swara: Actually Kavita we want to talk to u.
Ragini: Look we appreciate how helpful u’ve been but u forgot to mention one thing,, Siddharth..
Kavita: Siddharth??
Ragini: Siddharth Singhania..the one who u were having an affair with.
Swara: The missing pregnancy tests which we assumed to be Ashley’s were actually urs. Hence the Saltines being in ur bag.
Kavita: I do..n’t know what u’re talking about.
Ragini: The sign up sheet..i’m pretty sure if we asked an expert they’d say it was u who signed out Kavya’s hair dye.
Kavita: No Tanya ran that closet.
Ragini: U wanted us to think it was her so u could run off into the sunset with Siddharth.. But there was no prenup.
Kavita: That’s impossible.
Ragini: He lied just like he lied to all his women. Including the one he was with the night u killed Kavya.
There’s an silence.
Kavita: I’m not even pregnant anyomore,,,I,,I lost it.
Ragini: U tell us where the bottle is and we’ll tell the DA how remorseful u are.
Kavita looks down and Swara handcuffs her.
Police Department.
Swara: R u ok…You’ve been having secret conversations and u executed that search without me.. The guys that were executing the case at the Platform found this. (Hands her her phone). What were u doing on the F train?
Ragini: Remains silent..
Swara: Fine forget but just know i’m here for u if u ever want to talk.
Their conversation is interupted.
Aaryan: Hey Devil and Braga,, Nice work.
Swara: (Walking away) Yeh as long as I get to be Devil.
Aaryan: (To Ragini) So i’m not going to let u celebrate ur big case alone at ur dad’s engagement party.What’s the dress code.
Ragini: Aaryan U don’t have to do this.
Aaryan: Free Drinks and i’m guessing ur Step-Mother and Sister ordered good catering.
Ragini: U’re just doing this out of..
Aaryan: Charity,,yeh u single little girl.
Ragini: Did Swara tell u.
Aaryan: No Abhi did.
Ragini: How does Abhi know?
Aaryan: I don’t know but I wouldn’t ask him as he just found out the department needs to spend out on a new spectrometer…I took a look at some more old cases,,6 new samples of the same corrupted DNA.
Ragini: 6 really,
Aaryan: Yeh I guess we’ll find out when we get our new spectrometer..Maybe u weren’t so crazy after all.
Ragini: Maybe not..
Aaryan begins to walk away.
Ragini: And the dress code is..well I guess u’ll need to wait a while.
Lakshya’s Place.
Sanskaar and Lakshya are shown playing chess.
Sanskaar moves his piece and So does Lakshya.
Lakshya: Check. Lakshya senses something and looks towards the door.
Ragini is shown entering wearing a red dress.
Ragini: Hi.
Sanskaar gets startled and stands up and stumbles.
Lakshya: Hey.
Sanskaar: Hi??…Hey?? Did I miss something or..
Lakshya: Sanskaar.Do u mind?
Sanskaar puts his hands up as in surrendering and moves away.
Lakshya: Uhmm,,,U look..
Ragini: I have an engagement party to attend.
Lakshya: Right.
Ragini: Look I know u’re going to try to kick me out and I get it…I get what it’s like to hide out and push people away because u don’t feel deserving..
Lakshya: Stays silent.
Ragini: Do u know why I keep silent? Because i’m the reason that she’s dead.. If I didn’t leave my stupid vanity mirror open..(They share an eyelock.)But Lakshya I just found 6 cases of you saving people.. You’re not a monster,,I would know ha there are a lot of guys out there that are but,,U saved my life.. twice.(They break the eyelock and Ragini moves away from him).
Lakshya: Ragini wait u’re not the reason ur moms dead.They were tracking her,,I’m not sure why but,,It wasn’t ur fault.
They share an intense eyelock.
At Ragini’s house.
Pov.. Sometimes it feels like everyone’s moved on but they all miss u in their own way,,but Mom there’s not a day that goes by where I don’t think about u. Good news is that I know now that I’m not crazy. I was saved by a beast. He didn’t get there in time to save u but he’s still out there(Walks to the window) and I have a feeling that know we’re going to have to save each other.
She touches the window as she feels he’s out there..Lakshya is seen watching her from a building and smiles as she looks out and walks away.

There have been more Raglak moments since the first part and there will be many more so I hope u enjoy their conversations and enjoy my ff..
Drop ur opinions below and suggestions are welcome.xx

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