Ek Haseena Thi (Beauty and The Beast) Part 3


Hey Guys it’s me again and I’m so so so sorry for a very very late update….I couldn’t update before but hopefully I’ll be regular form now on and i promise to update in another 2 days time..So Plz forgive me and enjoy this update.
Man: That was her.
Sanskaar: Eh Baghwan.Eh, Baghwan.Bachao hume
Man: Do u want a beer?
Sanskaar: Haan aur uss ke saath Mujhe tumhare mauth ka invitation bhi de de. (Yeh and along with that you might as well give me an invite to your death.)
Now shut up and tell me what the hell u were doing at that crime scene.
Man: Woh ladki mussibaat mein thi (That woman was in trouble.)
Sanskaar: Mussibaat, Kaisi mussibaat,Tumne tho…(what kind of trouble)

Man: Nahi maine usse kuch nahi kiya (No I didn’t do anything to her).
Sanskaar: Well congrats coz now we have her at our door SHOWS THE ARTICLE.
Man: Well I didn’t know it was going to be her case.Did I?
Sanskaar: Her case? Have u been watching her all this time?
The man avoids eye contact.
Sanskaar: Lucky (in a low voice) Every rule has now been broken.
Nahi hi kisi se milna,Nahi ek building mein jaa na. (Not meeting anyone,not entering a building..never mind a 5 star hotel,,,which is now part of a murder case..and thanks to that she showed up at our door.
Lakshya: I know that and as for the rules,,I made them so I get to break them.
Sanky it has been years,I feel like a criminal.
Sanky: What prison has a tv and a Sanky?

And if it’s so hard for you why did u stop helping with the antidote?
Lakshya: Because I’m human too,,I’m not an animal that can be caged up or continuously tested on.That’s why.
Sanky backs off.
Lakshya: Yehi meri zindagi hai.(This is the only life I have).
Sanky: Fine.But if Ragini Khanna comes back and asks questions which alert “them” ur not really dead then woh jhoot sach mein badal jayega. (then that lie will turn into the truth) and not just for u but me too.
Silence occupies them……………..
Back at the Crime Branch.
Ragini: Aaryan plz tell me that u have something.
Aaryan: I have a short strappy dress in the evidence bag…What size r u?
Ragini: Funny guy.
Aaryan: Ok so the head wounds are too superficial to have killed her. But she has signs of low oxygenation.
Ragini: So she might have been suffocated.
Aaryan: Nope,, But she does have a rash possibly..Ragini Interrupts.
Ragini: A poisoning.
Aaryan looks at her and smiles.
Aaryan: But here’s the weird part.
Ragini: Can it get any weirder than this?
Aaryan: Bruised stonam cracked ribs..As in what u get from CPR.
Ragini: So after the killer left someone tried to save her? Then why did they leave..
Aaryan: If I’m not mistaken that’s your job. But to help u I found a hair.
Ragini: DNA…That’s just made my job a whole lot easier..Turns To Leave.
Aaryan: Aak raat kya kar rahi ho (What r u doing tonight?) I’ve got tickets to the Tum Bin 2 premiere.
Ragini: Why? R u not taking ur air hostess?
Aaryan: No we’re history..she got a transfer to Singapore.
Ragini: By u or the airlines.
Aaryan: I may have something to do with it,,I mean we had been together for 4 months.
Phone rings.
Ragini: Suspects husbands being interrogated.
Aaryan: Always the husband. That’s why I say 4 months is long enough.
Ragini: Yeh but in this case our prime suspect is a dead guy.
Swara: Recognise this man (Shows a picture of Lakshya).
Sidharth: NO.
Swara: So you claim to be at your studio all night.
Ragini: Sorry for asking but have u got any proof of that?
Sidharth: You can ask security.
Oh and proof that I was committed.
(Takes out pictures and a star mark is shown on his wrist.)

Swara: Were u at a night club?
Sid: No (looks at his wrist) I..wa..ss at a fundraiser. Stopped by on the way to my
Swara: Was she with u?
Sid: No she went to work. She just got promoted from intern.
Ragini: The photos confirm he was committed.
Did her new sudden internship gain her any enemies?
Sid: (Gulps)…You’d have to ask her assistant Kavita.
The scene shifts to a cafe.
Kavita is nervously emptying her bag.
SwaRagini exchange looks.
Swara: Do u have a bed in there?

Kavita: I should do,,it’s a full-time job.
I mean it was.
Ragini: Was anyone jealous of Kavya?
Kavita: Maybe the beauty editor.
Swara: I’m sorry who?
Kavita: Aditi Chopra. Uss ko laga ki woh naukri us ko jani chaiye thi (She thought that she should have gotten the job.)
Suddenly Aaryan pops up.
Aaryan: Rags. Dna’s here. Mein tumhse do minute baat kar sakta hoin (Can i talk to you for a minute?)
Scene shifts to the office.
Ragini: So who is it Lakshya Taneja.
Aaryan: It’s corrupt.
Ragini: Sh*t.
Goes to open the file.
Aaryan: Tumhare maa ka case tha na.
(There was ur mom’s case.)
Ragini: Tum mujhe dara rahe ho (You’re scaring me).
Aaryan: No i just wanted you to be prepared..
Gives the file.
Aaryan: The analyser could be dirty.
Ragini: Cross-Species DNA.
Scene shifts to Ragini’s house.
She checks the cctv footage and sees Sanskaar’s car.
Scene shifts to Sanskaar’s Place.
Her phone rings.
Swara: I looked at Sanskaar’s whereabouts that night and 2 of his students confirmed he was teaching.
Ragini: Yh i’m here.

Swara:I don’t see u.
Ragini: No i mean at the creepy ghost house. Thought to check it out.
Swara: Why? There’s nothing to check out.
Ragini: I’ll call u later.
Swara: Hello

Ragini: Mr Maheshwari,,Detective Khanna… I’ve got a warrant. Sanskaar…
She hears a sound above her.
Ragini: Mr Maheshwari…
App uphar hai (Are u up there?)
Climbing up the stairs
Ragini: Mr Maheshwari? Mr Maheshwari. I know you’re up here. I can hear u.
Voice: He’s teaching class.
Ragini: (Pulls out her gun) I need you to step out where I can see you.
Mein doobara nahi poonchougi (I am not going to ask again).
He steps out of the shadows.
Ragini: Your Lakshya Taneja. You look pretty good for a dead guy.
Lakshya: I didn’t kill her.
Ragini: Meine kab bola ke tumne usse mara? (When did i say you killed her).
Lakshya: There’s nothing wrong in being careful.
Ragini: But your prints showing up at a crime scene makes me think otherwise.
Lakshya: I was out and I saw her so I tried to help her…Just like and decent human being would. But I didn’t think shaarafaat dikhane mein, mein hi phass jaounga. (I didn’t think showing decency would land me in trouble).
Ragini: So u followed her into the hotel?
Lakshya: (Louder)I tried to save her.
Ragini: u gave her CPR.
Lakshya: She’d been poisoned.
Ragini: How do u know that.
Her phone vibrates.
Lakshya: Ur phone.

Ragini: Hey did docs come back on the webster case.
Aaryan: Our telepathy is working. Positive lethal doses of nicotine.
Ragini: (Silent)
Aaryan: Rags I just gave u cause of death.
Ragini: Hmm. That’s great I gotta go.
Aaryan: See u at the cinema at 9 then.
Ragini: Yeh sounds good.

Ragini: How’d u know she was poisoned if u didn’t kill her?
Lakshya: I could sense it.
Ragini: What u can sense poison.
Lakshya: Look I did not hurt her ok.
Ragini: But u were a witness. Look I need ur help. (Approaches closer) It was DNA from an old murder case. Did u see anything?
Lakshya: (Looks towards the old article.)
Ragini: (sees it). Why do u have that? I need.. to know why.. u.. have that?
Lakshya: I…
Swara: Ragini.
Lakshya: No-one can know i’m here.
Ragini: Why. Tum marne ke natak kyu kar rahe ho? ( Why r u acting to be dead?)
Lakshya: Ragini,,Pls. U know I didn’t hurt her.
Swara: Police…
Lakshya: Pls.

Ragini: Yeh saab katham nahi hua ( This isn’t over yet).
Swara: Police.
Ragini: (Heading towards the stairs) Hey..u were right nothings here.
Swara: WTH were u doing.
Ragini: Chalo.. (C’mon)
Ragini: (Phone) I need to speak to Agent Mehra. He got transfered,,,When?
Swara: Abhi wants an update.
Ragini: Bas ek second ( Just one second).
Swara: Hurry,
Ragini: Ok then who can I speak to about a case he covered 9 years ago?
Swara: After injecting nicotine u can die in seconds,,,footage shows a longer period of time which means it must have been injected through her skin. Giving a 2-4 working period.
Abhi:Where was she during that period of time?
Swara: She had no appointments and certainly wasn’t working.
Abhi: Great..Great so we are nowhere. Can’t wait for the boss to find out.
Ragini stares at Lakshya’s photo.
Abhi: Rags,,Rags,,
Ragini: Yeh.
Abhi: Where does that doc fit in?
Ragini: He doesn’t…
Abhi: But u issued a search.
Ragini: Zhinda yah nahi…yeh ek pehchaan ka case nahi hai..(Alive or not…this isn’t an identity case.) We need to find the source of the poison.
Kavya was a fashion editor,,,a weapon to kill her wouldn’t be a window cleaner.
Abhi: Then what would u use???
Kavya’s work office.
Tanya: Do u seriously believe Kavya was killed with something in the beauty closet?
Ragini: we don’t know yet but we’re trying to figure it out..And since u’re the beauty editor.
Tanya: (To Collegue) That’s a hair product not a body lotion.
Swara: Do all samples come from this beauty closet.
Tanya: If they’re nice to me.
Ragini: So u sign them out..
Tanya: And log it…Do u know how expensive this is?
Swara: Kavya Singhania being promoted over you,,Doesn’t sound to nice..
Tanya: Huffs…Ok we r done here. (Walks away)
Swara: (Follows her) Miss Pandey…
Ragini takes the log sheet.
Tanya: I don’t mean to be rude…but i’m late for a meeting.
Swara: (To Rags) This is Tanya’s office.
Tanya: The editor’s office.
Ragini: So you got that promotion after all…
Tanya: Not exactly how I thought I would but that doesn’t mean I killed her.
Now if u excuse me I have an meeting to attend.(Leaves).
As soon as she leaves Swara and Rags search through Kavya’s old things.
Ragini: Pregnancy test…
Swara: And there’s one missing.
Ragini: Two.

Swara: So what Kavya was pregnant?
Ragini: Autopsy wouldn’t catch it if it was early enough.
Swara: Husband didn’t seem like he knew.
Ragini: Maybe it wans’t his.
Swara: So she had an affair and her husband found out.
Ragini’s phone rings.
Ragini: Khanna.
Caller: Hi u called about a contaminated DNA sample linked to the murder case of Janki Khanna?
Ragini: Yeh I did,,,I was hoping we could talk about it..
Night time at a train station…
Man: Detective Khanna…
Ragini: Agent Dhawan…
Dhawan: Did u bring it.

Ragini: Yes,,,the analysis looks corrupt but numbers are identical.
She notices people standing up around her.
Dhawan opens a knife and swipes at Rags but she dodges. She punches him and knocks him on the gorund. Someone grabs her from behind and starts to choke her. She frees herself and shoves him into Dhawan who was approaching her with a knife. And he gets stabbed. She points her gun at Dhawan and he knocks it out of her hands and it goes flying onto the edge of the platform. They fight and she knocks him unconcious. Another girl appeares and the both run towards the gun. They fight and Ragini gets thrown onto the tracks. The gun gets pointed at her and her vision blurs…
She hears a roar and notices that Dhawan and that girl are being slammed into a wall and are getting beaten..They get thrown onto the tracks.
She sees someone kick the gun to her ad run into the tunnel.
She follows him…She shouts I Know You’re Here..Come Out…She goes into a flashback to what happened the night her mom died..
A train approaches…

She gets pushed into the wall and is covered by someone…She sees his face.
Ragini: You’re him….

How did u like it and whodo u think it was,,and what is the mystery,,xx

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