Ek Haseena Thi (Beauty and The Beast) Part 2


Hi guys do not beat me for not updating and i’m really sorry about it..
Most of you may have noticed i’ve commented a bit late on your ff’s like seriously today i was commenting on ff’s that were posted on the 11th so never mind posting and really sorry for that and ending my apology here to start the next part.. hopefull you’ll like it.xx
Scene continuse from where it left off.
Abhi: tho ek mare hue admi ke nishaan ek laash ke button pe kaise aa the hai?
( so how do a dead man’s prints end up on the button of a victim??)
Swara: well i’d say let’s talk to his family but there’s no trace of any of them.
Ragini: MD,, he was a doctor.
searches database..

here ER residents,,Apollo Gleneagles Hospital.
Abhi: 99-2000…Let’s see if u can find any collegues.
Swara: Yes boss (sarcastically)
Ragini stares at Lakshya’s photo.
Swara: Rags..Rags..Hospital let’s go..
Ragini: Grabs her jacket…Yep let’s roll.

Scenes shifts to hospital.
Nurse: Dr.Taneja,, mujhe iss ke bare mein sab kuch pata hai. (I know everything about him)
Sab idher aa the hai aur apne aap ko important aur dusree se zyaada better soch the hai,,lekin yeh aise nahi tha.( everyone comes here and thinks they are better and more important than everyone else but he wasn’t like this at all.
Usne app ne parevaar ko ek shootout mein kho diya tha. (He lost his family in a shoot out)
Ragini: So sad I know what he went through at that time.
Nurse: He was here that day waiting for them to brought in but uss ke baad hum ne usse kabhi nahi dekha. (but I never saw him after that).
Ragini: To Swara..So that’s why he enlisted.
Swara: To Nurse.. Toh tumne tab se usse nahi dekha…(So you haven’t seen him since then..)
Nurse: For detectives u don’t know a lot,,do you.
Ragini: No we know he’s supposedly dead.

Nurse: Shaayad (supposedly)
there’s an plaque in the lobby with his name on it. and starts to walk away.
Ragini: grabs her hand stopping her,,Do you remember any of his friends?
Nurse: He wasn’t exactly social. Lekin uss ka ek roomate tha. (but he did have a roomate.)

Scene shifts to the car..
Swara: reading a file..Sanskaar Kapoor,,a medical researcher.
They reach an abandoned looking warehouse.
Swara: Yeh idher reh tha hai…Aise lag raha hai ke idher ek bhoot ki atma hai..(He lives here it looks like a ghost lives here.)
Ragini: Researcher,,maybe he works from home.
Swara: Yeh or he’s a ghost like our suspect or maybe even a druggy.
Ragini: Just my type..
Swara: OOH a little Karthik rebound and maybe you can make out in that car (points to a small blue car.)
Heads in side and it’s all dark..Turns on the torch.
Ragini: I think you were right about that ghost.

Swara: Well ghost needs a new decorator.
They reach a door and knock.
Ragini: Sanskaar Kapoor,,Detective Khanna and Shah darwaza kholye (open the door).
Swara: Mr Kapoor open up..
The door opens and there was Sanskaar standing there with the tv on behind him.
Swara: Sankaar Kapoor.
Sankaar: Yes.
Swara: I’m detective Shah and this is detective Khanna.
Sanskaar: Yeh uss ticket ke liye tho nahi hai na kyunki mein abhi woh bar ne wala tha. ( This isn’t about that fine is it because I was just about to pay.
Ragini: Nahi (no) we are here to talk about Lakshya,,Lakshya Taneja.
Sanskaar: Lucky,,walks in.
What happened was really bad,,he was so young.
Ragini: So you haven’t heard from him recently.
Looking around.
Sanskaar: Kya awaaze (what like voices.)
Swara: no him.

Sanskaar: R u mad he’s dead and aren’t you a little too old to believe in ghosts??
Swara: a little miffed..His finger prints just showed up at a crime scene..
Sanskaar: Sounds like you need a new finger print guy.
Swara: Is there any reason Mr.Taneja wants people to think he’s dead maybe he was in a problem.?
A person is seen watching Ragini from above and disappears as soon as she looks up.
Sanskaar: He was in a war of course he was in a problem.
Swara: A woman was murdered in a hotel last night.
Ragini is seen looking at some stairs which lead upstairs but the top of the stairs is caged off.
Swara: Maybe you heard about it.
Ragini: Maybe we could take a look around ( while looking up the stairs.
Sanskaar: notices this and says stuttering listen I’ve got to go right now but i’m sorry for not being of any help.
Ragini: Gives a card and says tell us if something comes in your mind about him.
Sanskaar: Ofcourse.
They leave.
Ragini: Did you notice the stairs?
Swara: Too bad he only let us on the ground floor but you know if you hook up with him then maybe.bursts out laughing.
Ragini: Funny,(sarcastic) and laughs.
she looks back at the window of the top floor.

someone is seen watching her.
———————————————————Scene changes and a guy is shown in complete darkness .
Sanskaar comes up the stairs…
Sanskaar: What the hell did you do??
the Man slides out a piece of paper and shows it to him.
He looks at it and it shows a picture of Ragini in a news article where she claims she was saved by a beast.
Man:That was her…
Scene ends..

Ok Guys end of the episode and if you haven’t already guessed who the man is then i will reveal it in the next episode.
Who murdered that victim??
Will Ragini come face to face with Lakshya??
Who or what saved Ragini that night??
Plz tell me if you liked it or not because your opinions do matter and once again sorry for the late update..

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