Ek Haseena Thi (Beauty and The Beast) Part 1

Hey guys, I’m back with the first episode and the votes are down below.
Plz don’t be disappointed if he’s not the actor you chose but plz give this ff a chance as i think you’ll like it.

Spring Time 2001…
Inside a club, 2 girls are shown…

Girl 1: Wow this places age limit drops to 16 and the whole of Goa shows up.
Girl 2: Well never underestimate the power of modern day kids. Word spreads fast. Our Hot New Lawyer.
(Yes she is revealed to be our Rags.)
Ragini: You want me to work ur shift don’t u?
Girl 2: Nahii.
Ragini: Haaa.
Girl 2: Shayyad (maybe).
Ragini: Go I don’t have much to do tonight anyway.
Girl 2: If I ever get arrested I know who to ask for help. Love u.
Ragini: Yaar Bhagwan!! Meri gaadi ab rukh ni thi??? ( Oh God my car had to break down now??)
Dials Phone.
Hi, mum…
Ragini: I am soo sorry that I had to call u here at this time.
Mum: Ur lucky I answered my phone or dad would have killed u right now,literally.
Ragini: No it wasn’t luck you always come running when I need you. That’s why I love you.
A car pulls up.
Mum: Honey get in the car.
Ragini: Why.
Mum: I said get in the car.
The men step out and shoot my mum right in the chest.
I run into the jungle while they shoot at me I fell down and they surrounded me.
Ragini: Plz leave me. Plz..
He lifts his gun to shoot at me but something attacks him.
It comes closer to me I can see the face it looks like a man but his eyes are yellow…
—————————————————————————————————“Everyone told me it was a wild animal a wolf a bear, that the thing I had just seen was just the result of my concussion or post dramatic stress. You know, the men who killed my mother were beasts and I believed them… Until now…
Present day.
Ragini is seen driving a police car and stops outside a cinema.
Policeman: Hey detective, What do u think you’re doing?
Ragini: Shows badge and says just give me 5 minutes.
She runs in and goes up to a man.
She kisses him.
Ragini: Sorry I’m late Karthik.
Karthik: So u didn’t get my text…
Interrupted by a girl who says: Karthik baby lets go.
Ragini: Karthik baby???
Karthik: Look it was all good at first but know I just don’t feel that spark you know..
Ragini: No, I don’t know. You know what. Security!
Flashes her badge and tells the officer that Karthik has a gun on him.
Her phone rings.
Ragini: Khanna…
—————————————————————————————————Scene shifts.
Swara: Should have kicked him. Mimics the sparks are gone. So what he was in it just for the spark?
Ragini: Swara even I didn’t feel the spark. In fact, I never felt it.
Swara: You have a blindspot for a*es. All men are a*es which is why I am on a man strike and you should go on one 2.
Ragini: So you can be my date for my dad’s wedding.
Enters a crime scene.
Swara: 102 got a call off her cell at 9:51 tonight and no recording.
Ragini: A light trauma to her head. No wallet, No ID and No Keys.
Swara: Could be a robbery-homicide.
Ragini: And leave back an Armani? You know how much this costs?
Swara: No and no robber knew it was an Armani.
Police officer: I knew.
Ragini: It’s a too public place to rob and kill someone.
Officer: And this is a 5-star hotel.
Swara: Okay can we get some 5-star service and see some CCTV footage. Is that possible? Oh great.
Ragini looks painfully at the dead women’s body.

Abhi (Their boss.) : An injured women walks into a hotel and no-one even notices. Gotta love Kolkatta. So where is our villain?
Ragini: That we don’t know but we identified the victim as Kavya Singhania, not a hotel guest.
Swara: Hey boss, Google says she is the editor of Femina magazine.
Abhi: Did she have a husband,boyfriend,fiance??
Ragini: Married to Sidharth Singhania, a fashion photographer. They were a page 11 power couple.
Abhi: So where is Mr Page.11.
Swara: Haven’t been able to track him down.
Takes an evidence bag.
Ragini: But we have been able to get prints off her zip.
Abhi: Looking at the evidence, get me the results. Walks away.
Swara: mimics.
Next day.
Crime office.
Ragini: Hey we’ve got a match and it’s not Mr Page 11.
His name’s Lakshya…Lakshya Taneja.
Abhi: What are his priors.
Swara: None. He’s military.
Ragini: He’s dead.. Lakshya Taneja MD killed in India 2001….

SO that’s the end of the first part.
How did you like it and plz leave your comments down below.
and our Varun fans don’t be diappointed as Sansku’s entry will be shown next update.

What do you guys think about our dear Namish Taneja returning as Abhimanyu?
And the split between SwaSan?

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    1. A.xx

      thank u .xx

  1. Amazing and thanks for swasan and raglak

    1. A.xx

      thank u and don’t thank me thank the other 14 who voted for RagLak.xx

  2. nice a really want good raglak track with no jabardasti Ka involvement of swasan

    1. A.xx

      don’t worry SwaSan won’t be the jabadasti involvement and glad u like it.xx

  3. Interesting plot… I haven’t seen Namish as Abhimanyu yet… looking forward to see his new look.

    Take care and keep smiling?

    1. A.xx

      thanks and I’ve seen him and I feel it is Lakshya and Abhimanyu died not lucky.xx

  4. Ragz_teju

    amazing yaar… loved it

    1. A.xx

      thanks Ragz_teju.xx

  5. Asw

    Good it is so confusing yaar

    1. A.xx

      thank u and don’t worry a lot will be revealed in the next few episodes.xx

  6. Jazzy

    superb dear and i feel he left fingerprints delibrately so that anyone can find him
    and about abhimanyu i m excited but i feel swasan split looks forced one actually there was no reason for it but zabardasti fit kar diya bcz they can’t ignore swasan

    1. A.xx

      thanks soo much and yh their split does look forced but don’t worry they will unite soon,,,gutted that it didn’t air tonight and looking forward for Abhi but I miss Nikhil (love pratap).xx

  7. Superb…!!! It’s damn interesting…!! Every time I start a detective type ff…somehow or the other…writers vanish…!!! Please do complete it…!! And what is armani??!! I am soo happy that raglak is pair…in your ff…!! I am missing them being together in serial…!!

    But the track right now is sooooooooooooo nice…!! I fell in love with it once again…!! Loved swasan arguments, their closeness…their eyelocks…!! 😀 😀
    And ragini…!! She is doing a amazing job…!! The way she is hiding her pain…and pretending happy…the way she is trying to unite swasan…is sooo awesome…!! And she is looking soo pretty in that green chudidhar in uttara sagaai…!! 😀 😀
    Laksh entering as abhimanyu is like current to me…!! Waiting for raglak faceoff…!! I hope he is only laksh…!!
    And nikil is even soo cute…!! I loved him too..!! 😉 😀 Sorry for commenting more about serial and less about your ff…!! When you asked the question about it…I became soo excited and expressing out…!! 😀 😀

    1. A.xx

      don’t worry I will comp. and Armani is a designer brand,and i miss them too .xx

    1. A.xx

      thank you soo soo much.xx

  8. Akshata

    awesome update, waiting for the next.

    1. A.xx

      thank u and hopefully I can update soon.xx

  9. Raglaksan123

    i love it as u say in india lakho mein ek ff heheheh .. i love it
    bt about abhimanyu am soo excited to know the full truth bt it must b raglak track as miss raglak soo much .. i think also in raglak ff , swasan wil b there
    BTW i watch it on arabic tv and now ragini is still the malkin of MM
    bt i know the current track on facebook (raglak pages)

    1. A.xx

      haha and you can watch a vast majority of it on youtube as they are near the time when Aadarsh turns evil and thanks for commenting.xx

  10. Sreevijayan

    Awesome update dear…

    1. A.xx

      thank u Sreevijayan.xx

  11. IQRA222

    Awesome and interesting
    Pls continue

    1. A.xx

      thanks for commenting.xx

  12. Fairy

    Oh god!!!!!wt a super doooper doooper awesome amazng fabulous mindblowng fantastic update yaaaar!!!! M feelng so sad for rags,she lost her mothr!!! N who ws dat man wid yellow eyess!??m reallly curious about him!!! Heheheheh swara’s charecter is amaznggg!!shez on man strike hahaha awesome??? waitng for varuns ntry??? rags charecter is fabulous…ahh!!!i loved it …detective n all..??? n story is sooooooooo interestng….m already in love wid it…hatts off to u dear..u r such a fantastic writer yaaar??

    Dear m soooooo xcited for rag-abhi track in SR serial!!!yehh!!!finalllly namish is back…..m soooo eagery waitng to see my raglak back!!!hope cvs wl gve us a good track dis tym!!!..

    Keeep rockng n stay blesssed sweety??????n thnx for raglak ff????????

    1. A.xx

      yh hope the track is good and not like the other serials like I think it is…
      as in it’s Lakshya and Abhi died instead.
      and as for ur comments says u who writes fab updates.xx

  13. Awesome episode and also interesting. Really missing Raglak scenes in swaragini and I hope Abhimanyu is Laksh only. I’m also waiting for Raglak face off

    1. A.xx

      thanks and there is no doubt about him not being Lakshya and same i’m waiing for them to meet gutted as it didn’t air today.xx

  14. Asra

    awesome update dear…loved it….investigation interesting dear….
    and coming abimanyu entry….am really excited to watch ragabi face off….and want to see abhi past…hope cvs give much more time and space for raglak….not like their marriage. ..i thought raglak married too fast….
    tkcr dear…

    1. A.xx

      same she forgave him to easily and as for now I think they need Nikhil back to make Abhi jel so he reveals he’s actually Lucky,,,,
      waiting for them to meet and hope it brings positive changes to the show so it can be no.1.xx

  15. Silent_writer

    Wooooow dear itssss awsmee oneee super smart swarag love itttt alot n about show exited to c abhimanyu aka laksh i think rags will take his help to unite swasan but seems interesting

    1. A.xx

      hopefully swasan unite as they are a good pair but before raglak or ragbhi unite I want a new entry ro nikhil for rags because every guy in the show so far gives importance to swara eg: lucky,sanskaar,rajat,sahil…xx

  16. Superb part.Thanks 4 Raglak

    1. A.xx

      thanks and u should say thanks to those who voted not me because i only listened to ur guys’ command.xx

    1. A.xx

      Thank u tani xx

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