Ek Ghar Banaunga 9th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 9th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 9th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Prathna meeting everyone and crying as its her Vidaai. Akash hugs her and requests Sudhir to take good care of Prathna. Mangla cries and says we can’t believe that Prathna is leaving us. She blesses her. Prathna meets Mangla and Shashikant and everyone cries. Shashikant gets emotional and says you will find us when you miss us. Prathna says I want to tell something to you all. She says all this happiness is because of Poonam. Prathna hugs Poonam and says I have to spend much time with Poonam and is close to her, so I know that she is a nice girl and a good bahu. Kanno gets angry. She praises Poonam. She says I want you all to love Poonam.

Prathna says Poonam has gifted me a life partner. Prathna tells Poonam that Akash is a nice guy and he loves you

a lot. She says I will pray that you both are always happy. Kanno cries and says I will miss you Prathna. She hugs Prathna. jai asks Prathna to smile and hugs her. Mama dances to make Prathna smile. Prathna’s vidaai is shown and a song Chali mai to Chali… plays in the background.

Everyone cry seeing Prathna leave with Sudhir. Prathna hugs everyone and cries. Shashikant asks Mangla to take care as Prathna had to leave one day. Dadi and everyone pray to the Lord and everyone misses Prathna. Poonam thinks of something and goes in the hall. She stops everyone and says I want to tell something. Dadi asks what. Poonam says something important. She says I was leaving this house in six months, but now Prathna got married and I have few days left to complete my six months, so I feel I should go from this house. Akash and everyone are shocked. Dadi says what are you saying, Poonam says let me complete. She says I know no one likes me here. Kanno smiles.

She says I don’t think anyone is wrong. Akash says Poonam… She says let me say. She says you all were annoyed and I m fine with it, I knew it that you all won’t accept me with ease. She says I did not want to stay here without your permission. But my brother says he will call my parents abroad in six months so I promised you all that I will leave the house in six months. She asys you all had to suffer because of me. I could not become a member in this house, so I can understand why Kanno does not wanted mt to have that saree. Because it had Kanno’s right. She tells Mangla about the day when she got the responsibility of the house, but I felt I took someone’s right. She talks to Shashikant and says I understood why you were annoyed with me.

She says because of me this house was in tension. She says when Gawtham married Prathna, you all wanted me to leave, I would have gone but I could not leave Prathna like that. She says that happened because of me and I needed to correct it. She says now Prathna is happy, so I want to leave now. Dadi says no and cries. Dadi says you won’t go anywhere. Kanno says let her go if she wants. Akash looks at Kanno. Dadi says everything is fine now, you stay here. Poonam says no Dadi, its because of me that Akash is going far from his family which is not good. She says I did not come here to snatch Akash from you all.

She says try to understand me, I don’t have any complains but this will be the best for this family that I leave from this house. Poonam looks at Akash, he cries and she says you did a lot for me for which I can’t thank you. She says you are my true friend. She says you never let me feel alone in this house. She says you always supported me. She says I could have not done anything without you. She says I know Akash felt bad when I took the decision of leaving from here and even today you are hurt. She says I know you never want me to go from here. Akash says you go Poonam. Everyone are shocked.

Poonam is leaving the house and Mangla stops her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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