Ek Ghar Banaunga 9th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 9th May 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 9th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chandru asking Akash to end up the conversation and we should leave now. Akash says I wanted to drink tea. Poonam says I will make now. Akash says sometime else and he leaves. Poonam says Prabhunath says Akash makes some excuse and comes home to meet him. Prabhunath says no matter, he is good boy. She says he is over smart and talks a lot. Prabhunath says people who speak a lot are good from heart. He says he does hardwork and he is taking the sole responsibility of his work on his shoulders. Poonam says its not good to come home without asking. He says Sitapur is a small place, and their people respects feelings. He says you are pin pointing him for no reason.

People are doing Puja and Akash sees it and says Poonam is mine and we are going to marry. Few guys

see Akash and says Sitapur is revolving here a lot. There is something fishy. Suman goes to meet Poonam, and sees Akash leaving from her house. She smiles seeing him. Akash sees the guys talking in his bike’s mirror, and stops his bike. He goes towards them. They think he is coming to them. He goes to the mandir. The guys are relaxed and joke on Akash. Akash comes and talks to them, they go away. Akash leaves on his bike.

Suman talks to Poonam and asks why Akash is coming home so many times. Poonam says he comes to meet her dad. Suman says no, he is coming to meet you, like he came once to return a pen. She says he needs some excuses to come and meet you. Poonam says he does not talk to me when he comes here, its not like you are thinking. As you now, I m going to marry Gawtham Sir. Suman says sorry and says ok its as you say.

Gawtham asks Sanjeev for his dad, he says he might have gone to take water. Gawtham is tensed and runs. Few women are fighting for water and Gawtham’s father is standing there too. He fights with someone. Gawtham comes and asks him to end the fight. Gawtham’s mother says that Gawtham does his bit to get water for them and they don’t let them take water. He spits in the tank water. Gawtham takes his dad along with him. Gawtham shouts on them bringing them home, and asks what were you people doing, fighting like animals. His mother says he was doing right. His brother asks for a hot roti. Gawtham says you are asking as if you are taking collector’s training. Gawtham scolds his brother too. He asks him to study or do some work. He says he has to do business, not studies. They have an argument. Gawtham apologises to them, and says sorry. His mother says she will make rotis. Gawtham stands there and thinks he should talk to them about Poonam.

Gawtham says them that I wanted to discuss an important thing with you, and says about Poonam and her proposal for marriage. They get shocked. Poonam gets Gawtham’s call. He said I have told my family about the proposal, and both the families will talk to each other. She asks him to tell her dad about this. He says ok. Poonam goes to her parents room to tell them about Gawtham’s call and hears their conversation.

Prabhunath is tensed seeing Vandana worried about Deepak. Prabhunath says first lets marry off Poonam, then we will find a way about Deepak too. Vandana asks about finances, Prabhunath says we will give furniture etc, without it how can we give her away. Prabhunath tells her to trust their Lord, and everything will be fine. He tells we are getting an educate man like Gawtham, is it anything less. Vandana says she is worried about Deepak, with whom will he share his worries. Poonam stands and hears this.

Poonam comes back to her room, and says her parents are busy. Gawtham says ok I will talk to them tomorrow. Gawtham says I wanted to talk to you. Poonam says even I have to talk to you. He asks her not to say Sir to him. Poonam says ok. Gawtham says our families are different. They are not educated. But they are good from heart. She says I understand, and they are also like her parents. Gawtham says thanks to her.
He says now you say what you want to talk. She says what will the families discuss. She asks him will you take anhything from us. Gawtham says no, don’t worry about it. I m an educated man, and on my own. I gave so many things to my elder sister and I m against demands. Poonam says you are very good, and thanks. Gawtham smiles and disconnects the call. Suman gets happy that they are not taking dowry. Poonam says I want to tell this to my parents.

Prabhunath and Vandana are evaluating gold and finances for Poonam. Poonam comes there and hears them talking to sell off the jewellery and send the money to Deepak. Prabhunath says No, I can’t do this, and with this money, he can’t start the business. Poonam says he can do it, she spoke to Gawtham, and he told her that he has spoke to his parents and he will marry me without any dowry. Prabhunath gets very happy. Vandana asks why did you ask him this. Poonam says he told by himself. Prabhunath praises Gawtham. Poonam asks her dad to break the FD and give some money to Deepak. They have a family hug happily.

Prathna tells Akash to talk to Poonam and tell her that he loves her. Akash comes to Poonam, and she asks what do you want to talk.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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