Ek Ghar Banaunga 8th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 8th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 8th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Poonam seeing Sudhir’s parents worried. She tells Akash that they look worried. She asks Sudhir’s mum whats the matter. Akash too asks them the reason. Everyone looks on. Akash says you can tell us. Kanno thinks they will ask dowry now. Mangla tries to ask them and says you can tell us freely, we won’t have any problem. Sudhir’s dad says we don’t want dowry. Sudhir’s mum says Sudhir’s transfer is in Bangalore, so we were thinking to get the married soon. Sudhir’s dad says how will we get the marry. He says Gawtham married Prathna and it will take time to end that issue. Poonam says that was not marriage.

She says no need for divorce too. Sudhir’s dad says what if he does anything after the marriage. He says its legal issue, as we want

to keep the marriage tomorrow. Akash says don’t worry, we will call the lawyer and take his advice. Sudhir looks at Prathna. Sudhir’s mum wishes everything becomes fine. Shashikant says we will get them married tomorrow at home. Akash offers sweets to everyone. Sudhir’s mum says you are lucky to get a bahu like Poonam. She says this is happening because of Poonam. Akash smiles seeing Poonam. Kanno is angry. Sudhir and his family leave. Mangla is happy.

The lawyer and the inspector come home. The inspector says Gawtham has admitted that he has cheated Prathna. He says this is a crime, not a marriage. The lawyer says we have file many cases against Gawtham and I have done the legal issues. He says we have taken the special permission from the court and that marriage is regarded void. So Prathna can marry anyone by her wish, she does not need divorce. Everyone smiles.

Shashikant and Mangla thanks the lawyer and the inspector. The inspector says you should be proud of Poonam. Akash smiles. Mangla and Shashikant look at Poonam and smile. The inspector and the lawyer leaves. Shashikant says I will inform Kamlesh. He calls Kamlesh and informs him about the legal issue. He says there are no legal matters now, this marriage was void and Gawtham accepted his mistake, so we can keep the marriage tomorrow. Kamlesh says I will tell this good news to everyone and we will come tomorrow. Shashikant tells Dadi that they are coming tomorrow. Dadi asks him to keep the marriage simple. Mangla agrees.

Mama comes and says we won’t let the groom wear flowers this time. Everyone laughs. Akash wakes up the next morning, and smiles hugging a pillow. He thinks about Poonam. He says does Poonam also liking me, like I do. He says this is not true, she did not tell me anything. He says Poonam is a girl, its not easy to tell him her feelings but she praised me infront of me. He is happy and says what was it that day when the dupatta fell on us, her eyes were silent and as she looked down, what was her eyes saying, that she started liking me, she started loving me.
He says Poonam started loving me and laughs and falls from the bed. He gets back to the bed and smiles.

Prathna and Sudhir exchange garlands and everyone looks on and claps for them. The pandit asks them to sit. Sudhir looks at Prathna. Prathna smiles. Sangeeta says you both have to look at each other after marriage so now concentrate on the marriage. Sudhir smiles. Akash talks to Poonam and says you are a good partner. Poonam smiles. The pandit asks them to call the bahu to do the gatbandhan. Prathna says I want Akash and Poonam to do the gatbandhan. Kanno gets angry. Akash and Poonam does the gatbandhan. Poonam and Akash look at each other.

Prathna smiles seeing them. The pandit calls Mangla and Shashikant for doing kanyadaan. They come and do the kanyadaan. Everyone smiles. The pandit asks them to take the pheras. Sudhir and Prathna take the pheras and everyone throws flowers on them and some mantras start playing in the background. Mangla cries getting emotional. Sudhir puts the mangalsutra and also applies the sindoor to Prathna. The wedding is completed and everyone clap. The pandit asks the couple to take everyone’s belssings. Kanno tells jai that everyone are praising Poonam and making her the queen of the house. jai stops her and says you are more important in this house. Kanno says I m not blind, I can see everything, but one day everyone will cry because of Poonam then you all see. Poonam and Sudhir takes the Lord’s blessings.

Poonam tells everyone that I decided to go in six months, and only few days are left, so I think I should go from this house. Akash is shocked. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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