Ek Ghar Banaunga 8th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 8th May 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 8th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Poonam talking to Deepak. She says she is ready to marry. Deepak says he is very happy and could not believe it. Deepak says thankyou very much. He says which I have not dome, my little sister has done it. He could not give happiness to his parents. But you have agreed to them, so you have given them happiness. She asks Deepak and Kiran to come here for her marriage. Deepak is silent. PRabhunath and Vandana hear this and are shocked.

Prabhunath comes to Poonam. She touches their feet and takes blessings. She hugs Prabhunath. She says your spects are broken and you did not tell me, its wrong. He cries. He says thankyou for saying yes for marriage. He says she has removed their burden. He says sorry too for shouting on her, She too says sorry.

Poonam gets

a call from Suman, and she says her parents that she is going to meet Suman for some work.
Poonam leaves without having food. Vandana is worried about her. Prabhunath says let her what she wants, as she will be in this home for few days.

Suman says Poonam that you have said yes. Poonam says I told yes because her parents’s happiness matter more than her own happiness. Poonam says Suman likes Rohit but marrying the guy which her parents like. Poonam says there is no difference in English medium and Hindi medium education. Suman says she is the best daughter in the world. Poonam says you too thats why we are best friends.

Akash is sitting somewhere reciting his same lines. Akash meets Monica Didi who is a flower supplier. Akash tells that from now on you will be supplying flowers to Prathna Decorators. She asks why he is giving her the contract. Akash says something well, and she feels they have trusted him. Chandru says now Akash has to come in this lane. Monica taunts Chandru. Akash says some good lines to Monica Didi.

Chandru says you are forgetting your real work to find out about Poonam. Akash says be patient Chandru.
Poonam says Suman that she has to buy spects for Prabhunath.
Monica Didi gives flowers to Akash, he tries to keep it somewhere and he and Poonam bump into each other and the flowers fall on Poonam.
He stares at her, in love, he says sorry to her. Poonam says you better be, and she leaves.
Monica Didi says Poonam is a very good girl. Akash tells yes I know everything about her. Monica says she has one brother who lives in America. Akash tries to find out more about Poonam. Akash tells against Poonam, Monica Didi says no. She says if you search a girl like Poonam, you will not get, She has good family values. Monica Didi talks in Poonam’s favour. Akash becomes happy. Monica Didi asks his friend’s name who has told wrong about Poonam to Akash. Akash sees Chandru and he turns away.

Suman asks Poonam about Akash, she tells she met him accidentally. Suman says you know a lot about him. Poonam says lets go from here. Monica Didi says she knows Poonam since childhood, and whatever your friend said you about her is absolutely wrong. She says she know Deepak too. A postman comes to Monica Didi and gives her parcel. A letter falls, which is Prabhunath’s.
He thinks Bhagwan is supporting him, as he has given him a chance to go to Poonam’s house. He keeps the letter in his pocket. He says Chandru to be here as he is going to Poonam’s house.

Akash comes to Poonam’s house. He tells he came to Monica Didi and how they are associated. He says he got their letter at the gate so he thought he will give them. Prabhunath is shocked to see the bank letter. Akash sees them tensed. Akash asks did he bring a bad letter. Prabhunath says no. Poonam enters the house, and they hide the letter from her. Akash notices this. Poonam sees him and asks you, what happened. He says nothing, as you know I came to talk to Monica Didi, so I came here to take blessings from your parents. Poonam brings new spects for Prabhunath. Prabhunath says you take care of me a lot and cries with happiness. Poonam wipes his tears. Akash sees this and feels happy. Prabhunath hugs Poonam and says thanks. Akash tells that Poonam is the best daughter, and she will always be happy because of elder’s blessings.

Vandana and Prabhunath are worried about finance. Poonam overhears this and is worried.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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