Ek Ghar Banaunga 8th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 8th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 8th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pooja and her mum shedding crocodile tears and fooling the whole family. They do a lot of drama and try to show that Pooja loves jai a lot and she can eve die to save him. Pooja’s mum asks everyone to accept Pooja and forgive her. Everyone looks on. Poonam says I can understand your pain, but how can we do this with Kanno, she is the bahu of this house and jai’s legal wife, its he right on jai. Pooja’s mum argues with everyone and scolds jai. She says Pooja will be with me and we will go to police to file a case against jai.

Mangla stops them and says don’t hurry up like this, what you are saying, we will think about it. Shashikant says yes, we understand, but we can’t make Kanno leave this house, we will think about some way, we need time. She

says fine, take your time, but I want positive reply from you till then we both will stay here. Everyone are shocked. Akash gets angry. Kanno cries and leaves. Pooja and her mum have a talk and are happy that they won by their drama. Pooja hugs her and says I was afraid, you came on right time, they would have taken me to doctor and they would have came to know the truth. She says I would have landed in jail. She says Poonam is very sharp, she supports me, but if she goes against me then what.

Pooja’s mum says we did this with so many people, no one can harm us. Pooja says lets leave from here. Her mum says no way, do as I say. She says jai is your true lover, he is like a golden egg giver, we have seven eight months, we will take money from him. Pooja says from where will we bring the baby. Her mum says I will make you this house’s bahu. She says I will also stay here and have fruits in this house. She says when the time comes for the baby, we will take money and jewellery and run away, they won’t get us.

Pooja says fine, what will you do now. Her mum says leave it on me, just see. Kanno cries in her room. Poonam comes to her and pacifies her. She says I won’t let anything wrong happen with you. Kanno says what will you do now, Mangla is accepting her. She says Mangla will agree to her as she wants to save jai. Poonam says no, I won’t leave to support you, everyone will support you. She says there should be injustice with anyone, I will talk to everyone, you hold yourself. She says don’t lose hope, don’t get weak else you will fail. Shashikant is upset with whatever happened.

He says my name is spoiling because of jai, our respect is gone. Poonam comes and says calm down. Akash says how, this is because of you, you brought her home, see what happened. Shashikant says no, its because of jai. He scolds jai. jai blames Kanno for everything. Poonam also confronts jai. Mangla says listen to me, past is past, forget it, we have to decide what we have to do. I think we should send Kanno back to her mum’s house and separate her from jai and accept Pooja. Everyone are shocked. Mangla says Kanno knows jai does not like her. She says we all also don’t like her. Shashikant scolds her and says are you not ashamed to say this, you are a woman, she is your bahu, did you not think what will we say everyone.

He says Kanno will not bear this, she is not the one to be quiet. Mangla says don’t worry about her, she is a greedy woman, money matters to her, I will pay her a hefty amount and send her back. Poonam says how can we think to do this with Kanno, she is jai’s wife and has a right on him. Mangla scolds Poonam. Poonam says I m supporting the truth, its not Kanno’s mistake, its jai’s mistake. Mangla says there is no other way, Pooja can send jai to jail. Poonam says even Kanno can do this being his legal wife. Shashikant scolds jai. jai says I love Pooja. Shashikant slaps jai.

Akash argues with Poonam for her wrong decision. He says only you are responsible for all this. He says you are complicating the problem, why don’t you tell the truth to everyone. Poonam is upset and
argues with him. Akash says now its about my family, I can’t see them sad, you are thinking you are right, you care only about yourself. He says you won’t listen to me. He says do what you want, but remember I m going to Kanpur for work, I hope till I m back, you solve this problem. He leaves. Poonam cries. Mangla talks to jai and jai says I will marry Pooja and leave Kanno. Mangla says even I want this. She says Pooja has your child, but we can’t kick out Kanno like this. She gives him some ideas and says we have to make Kanno go by her wish, we have to talk to her with love. Kanno hears this and is shocked.

Kanno tells Poonam that she is pregnant. Poonam is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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