Ek Ghar Banaunga 8th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 8th July 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 8th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akash taking Prabhunath’s blessings. Monica Didi tells him how will he take Poonam. akash says I can arrange a car in a minute, but I want to take Poonam on my bike. Poonam is sad. She hugs Vandana and cries. Kiran hugs her and cries as well. Poonam sits on his bike and they leave from Prabhunath’s house. Poonam looks at her house and cries. Prabhunath and Vandana look at her as she leaves. A sad music plays in the background.

The bank officials come to Prabhunath’s house, everyone are shocked seeing them. They says your daughter’s marriage is done, let me do our work, you can take your belongings and then we will seal your house.

Shashikant is making plans for picnic, the guests laugh. Shashikant asks for Akash. Akash’s mum tries to make

an excuse that we will postpone the engagement today. Everyone are shocked. She says we will look for another mahurat. Tara’s family says how can this happen suddenly. She says our pandit said this. Tara’s mum says we will ask our pandit and calls him.

She talks to her pandit and asks about the mahurat for today. She says our pandit is saying today is a good day for engagement. There is no rahukaal. They asks Akash’s mum to call their pandit. Shashikant asks her what happened. Dadi comes home with jai. Akash’s mum asks them what happened. Dadi tells them everything. Kanno says what did this happen. Dadi says the guests should not know about this. Shashikant goes to them to find out whats going on. Shashikant asks for Akash. Akash comes with Poonam. Everyone look at them stunned. Akash tells them that he is sorry but the situation was like I could not call you and inform you. I took this decision without asking you. This is Poonam, Prabhunath’s daughter and I have married her. Shashikant says what is this nonsense. Dadi says come here, I will tell you everything. Dadi says when I went there, the marriage was over. Chandru says Dadi and jai came there. I wanted to tell you that they saw you, but I could not tell you. Dadi says we cannot change what happened. Dadi says Shashikant to be patient.

Shashikant shouts on Akash. He says Akash has ruined their family’s name. Tara’s family is shocked. Shashikant says I knew you should not work for Prabhunath, as he was not a good man. Akash says I agree that I did not tell you, but the situation was not good. Shashikant says Prabhunath did this with a purpose. Poonam gets to hear wrong words for her father by Shashikant. Akash says Prabhunath is a noble man, Shashikant says you don’t know about him. They have trapped you. Prathna and Tara comes there and sees everything. Shashikant says I don’t accept this marriage and also Poonam as my bahu. So take this girl away from here. Akash says Poonam is my wife. Tara’s father shouts and says stop this drama. Akash comes to know about his and Tara’s relation. Akash says what are you saying, I don’t know about it.

Poonam hears all this. Dadi says he did not know about this. That is why we went to Lucknow to tell him about the proposal. He says maybe Prabhunath offered you much money, so you made Poonam your bahu. Tara’s father says all of you are doing a drama.

Shashikant says I can understand what you are going through, I’m caught in this relation by cheat. Tara cries. Her dad says no one can play with my daughter’s life. Dadi says we understand your pain, trust us we did not knot about this. We found out in Lucknow. Tara’s dad says I will do what I wish. Tara’s dad says lets marry Tara and Akash now itself. He pulls Akash and ties the knot. He says this marriage will happen now. Akash is shocked. The pandit starts the mantras. Akash says enough, what happened to you. I told that I did not know about this proposal. Tara says you are lying, Akash says you are mistaken and I m sorry. I came to know now. Akash says Tara you are a girl and you can understand that I married Poonam, she is my wife. Akash pacifies Tara’s dad. Akash says I believe in my marriage and she is my wife. If you love your daughter, think that Poonam is also someone’s daughter.

Shashikant taunts Poonam. Akash’s mum is angry and goes to Poonam.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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