Ek Ghar Banaunga 8th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 8th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 8th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Poonam apologizing to Mangla for sending Akash to the haunted house. Mangla scolds her and is worried about Akash. She hugs Akash and cries. She says I would have died if anything happened to you. Akash says see I m fine, nothing happened to me, I promise this won’t happen again. Mangla says Poonam does not believe all this and thinks she is smart. She says now no one will discuss about that haunted house. Kanno says Mangla is right, why should we ruin our peace and happiness because of that house. Shashikant says before we get onto any decision, we should………. Mangla says I will cut on food and water, if anyone thinks of buying that house, let me die first then you can go ahead and buy that house. Everyone are shocked.

Poonam says please,

don’t say this for Lord’s sake. She says I don’t want to keep my parents there if it ruins our happiness, we will buy any other house even if its far, but we won’t buy that haunted house now. Shashikant says fine, I will cancel the deal with Sharma. Prabhunath and Vandana are trying to sell their house but he comes to know that Deepak and Kiran met the agent to tell him that this house is on their name too. Prabhunath says I understand your worry, I will show you the documents of my house, then you will know its only on my name, and its my right to sell the house to anyone I wish.

He asks Vandana to bring and show him the papers. Vandana brings the papers. Prabhunath says have a look on this. The man checks the documents. He says these papers are true like you, now I will leave and you will get the token amount soon. Prabhunath says this was left now, see whats Deepak doing, he is after this house, Deepak and Kiran are ruining our name, I m ashamed to call him my son.

Kanno is happy that everyone forgot about the house. Mangla sees Kanno throwing the spoiled milk in the sink and says great, same thing again. Kanno makes excuses. Mangla gives her some money to manage the house expenses. Mangla says you won’t succeed if you try again, you will need my help at every step. She taunts Kanno and leaves. Kanno is angry. Poonam says lets divide the work so that we can finish it soon. Kanno does not understand Poonam and Mangla.

Poonam sees kids fighting on the street. She comes to solve their issue. The kids say their ball went inside the haunted house. Poonam says don’t worry, I will bring the ball. The kids warn her not to go inside the house as there is a ghost. She opens the gate and goes inside. Poonam is not afraid. She looks around for the ball. She finds the ball inside. She hears some sound and turns to see. She asks who is there. She is shocked to see a flying candle. She sees blood falling from the ceiling. She is shocked and gets scared. Someone puts light on her face. She screams.

Akash asks everyone where is Poonam. Poonam comes running into the house bumping into things. She says Akash. Akash asks what happened. Poonam says there is a ghost in that house, I saw it. Mangla asks why did you go there. Everyone are shocked. Akash gives her water. Poonam says Akash you were right. Mangla says now you believe. Poonam apologizes to her for not believing all this. Akash asks why did you go there, if anything happened to you then. Poonam says I went to bring the kid’s ball. I did not know there is a ghost. She cries.

Mangla is happy and talks to Mama. Poonam tells Akash we will find another house for my parents. Akash says don’t worry about them, sleep now. Mangla and Mama have a laugh thinking Poonam’s parents will be away from them now. Its night, Akash and everyone wake up hearing Poonam’s scream. Everyone come in the hall and are worried. The power is gone. Akash says Poonam is not in the room. Poonam comes and says here I m. Everyone look at her. Akash asks what happened, are you fine. Poonam says I want to tell something. She says there is a ghost in our house too. Everyone are shocked and scared.

Everyone come in the haunted house. Poonam says lets burn this house. She smiles thinking the ghosts will run away.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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