Ek Ghar Banaunga 7th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 7th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 7th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akash telling everyone how he and Poonam made a plan against Gawtham. Poonam says we should talk to Sudhir and explain him so that he marries Prathna. Poonam says I have thought of something and they start acting infront of the family. The old scenes are shown. Everyone are shocked listening to Akash. Akash says how he has scolded Poonam infront of Gawtham. Gawtham and his family too is there and are shocked listening how they got fooled. Poonam says how she went to Gawtham and took Gawtham in her talk. Bhima is shocked knowing it was Poonam’s plan to ditch them.

Kanno says I should have known this that this was their act, Poonam is very clever. The police arrests Gawtham and his family. Gawtham looks at Akash with anger. Prathna cries while Dadi

looks on. Gawtham’s mum says I told you don’t get into this matter. She curses Poonam and does not accept their mistakes. The inspector says this proof is sufficient to arrest them. Gawtham tells Poonam that I will see you Poonam and your husband too. Poonam says yes, I hate you. Gawtham says you will hate me when I come out from jail and take revenge. Akash says don’t come again infront of her. Akash taunts him and asks him to leave. The inspector thanks and praises Poonam.

Poonam gives the credit to Akash and praises him. Akash looks at her and smiles. The inspector says you have helped the laws, thanks. They leave with Gawtham and his family. Everyone looks on. Akash and Poonam succeeded in their plan.

Mama says whats all this. What will happen now. Dadi calms down Prathna. Kanno speaks up and says don’t know is this a house or a theatre, with so many acts daily. Mangla gets angry. Kanno says what is the result after all this. Kanno says Prathna did not get a groom and his family. She taunts Prathna and calls her unlucky. Prathna breaks down. Kanno says what will happen with Prathna now, Poonam can’t see her happy and is taking revenge. Mangla scolds Kanno and asks her to stop it. Kanno says I m speaking the truth and the truth is Prathna is here being married. Everyone looks on. Kanno says do you want to keep Prathna here with you. Prathna says no. Everyone are shocked.

Prathna says whatever happened with Gawtham was right. Poonam looks at Prathna. Prathna says whatever will happen now will be good. Prathna cries and looks at Poonam, she goes to Poonam and they both cry and hug. Akash is happy seeing them and smiles. Prathna says please forgive me Poonam, I was wrong. Poonam says I knew it you will understand me. Poonam says your brother is doing all this for you. She says you don’t worry, no law thinks of your marriage as marriage as it was a cheat. She says Akash and I have given the proof to police, now your marriage will be by your happiness. She says you are not a burden in this house and you are not less by any woman in this world.

She says think of your happiness and the truth is no one is happy seeing you sad. Everyone’s happiness is by you. Dadi smiles. Sudhir comes and asks Prathna will you marry me. Sudhir comes with his family. Everyone are shocked and are happy. Poonam and Akash welcome Sudhir and his family. Akash says I can’t tell you what you did, thanks a lot. Sudhir says Poonam explained us well. The scene shows how Poonam spoke to Sudhir and his parents. She told them whats Prathna’s fault in the cheat. Poonam made Sudhir and his family agree. Sudhir says I was very hurt and angry whatever happened with me here, but Poonam calmed me down and cleared everything and made me realize my mistake.

Akash says come inside. Sudhir smiles. Shashikant is happy and greets everyone with Mangla. Kanno is puzzled seeing this happening. Sudhir says Prathna that I m sorry, even it was my fault. He says I want to tell you that I want to make you my lie partner, I liked you when we met for the first time. The scene shows their first meeting. He asks will you marry me. Prathna looks at him and smiles. She nods yes. Sudhir smiles. Everyone are happy. Prathna hugs Mangla and Shashikant. Shashikant thanks Sudhir’s family. Mangla hugs Sudhir’s mum. Kanno looks on. Mangla thanks her. Sudhir’s mum says give us our daughter Prathna. Mangla welcomes them. They have a talk. Poonam and Akash see everyone and Prathna happy and smile. Poonam says Akash, see how happy is Prathna. Akash sees Poonam smiling and the song Deewanepan ki hadh…. plays….. Akash smiles as Poonam touched his hand. Akash looks at her.

Sudhir’s and Prathna’s marriage is going on. Prathna asks Poonam and Akash to do her gatbandhan. Kanno is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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