Ek Ghar Banaunga 7th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 7th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 7th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akash and Poonam talking about multiples solutions. Poonam says Pooja is a clever girl, we need to trap her by using her greed. We have to catch he red handed. Akash says fine. I agree, but what about risks. Poonam says believe me, Jai will realize his mistake and will make a new start with Kanno. Akash is annoyed. Poonam says one day you will find my way right. Jai wakes up in morning and its so late. He comes to Pooja and apologizes to her. Pooja emotionally blackmails him and cries. He asks her to forget everything and hugs her. He says I will make food for you.

Jai thanks Poonam for taking care of Pooja. Poonam tells him that Pooja did not show herself to any doctor till now. Jai is worried. Poonam says she does not know its which month, she has to

show to doctor. Jai says you are right, I will take her to doctor today. Pooja calls someone and says she is not pregnant and how can she fool Jai. She says this drama will end, help me in this drama. She asks to come soon. Jai asks Pooja to check with the doctor as she is having his child. Pooja tries to fool him again.

He says we will go today itself and asks my mum what precautions to take. Kanno gets angry knowing this and says jai is so shameless to talk about his affair infront of his wife. She taunts Pooja and curses her. Jai taunts Kanno and says its good that you don’t have any child. Kanno cries.

Jai calls a doctor and talks to him about appointment. He gives Pooja’s name and asks Pooja to be ready in the evening. Poonam and Kanno looks on. Pooja thinks what to do now, how to stop jai from going to doctor. Pooja says what did you tell to doctor. Jai says don’t worry. Pooja says what will you say about our relation? She says its your family doctor, I don’t want you to spoil your family name, I will consult my family doctor. Poonam says no, its fine, jai will say that you are our uncle’s daughter. Jai likes the idea.

Kanno smiles. Jai says I will lie to him that we are relatives. He thanks Poonam. Poonam says I will also come with you. Pooja’s mum comes there and Pooja and everyone are shocked to see her. Her mum starts acting and says I was looking out for you, why are you here. She asks Pooja. Shashikant asks who is this lady? Whats going on here. Pooja says she is my mum.

Poonam messages Kanno. Pooja’s mum asks Pooja what is the matter, why are you staying in this house. Kanno tells her about Pooja’s bad character and that she is pregnant with Jai’s child. Pooja’s mum slaps Pooja. Kanno gets happy. Pooja’s mum scolds Pooja and ruining her family name. She says you should have thought about your ill dad, if he knows this, he will die. She cries and says you should have killed us before doing this. She says Jai is responsible for it and scolds him for using Pooja. She breaks down. Shashikant says we also regret about this, but we can’t do anything now, so we decided that till the baby is not born, Pooja will stay with us.

Pooja’s mum says I m happy you will accept the baby, but what about my daughter, who will accept her. She says after the baby is born, what will happen. She says I have an answer, Jai has to marry my daughter. Everyone are shocked. She says make my daughter your bahu. Jai has to leave his wife Kanno.

Mangla talks to Jai and says we can’t kick out Kanno like this, we have to make her go by her wish. Kanno hears this.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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