Ek Ghar Banaunga 7th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 7th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 7th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akash telling Poonam that we should see another house for your parents. Shashikant says I have thought, start working on that place, dismantle and break the house then we will see. Akash says we should think again. Shashikant asks the agent to start the work. The agent leaves. Mangla is worried. Its night, Poonam argues with Akash. She says so you believe all this, you took my parents to the tantrik once and today you agreed with your mum. He says yes, I agree with her, I can’t take any chance with your parents. Poonam says I don’t believe in ghosts. Akash says everyone ran away from that haunted house.

Poonam says because they believe in ghosts. Akash says they might have seen something, there is something wrong there, I won’t let your parents

stay there, I will find another house. Poonam says that house is good. Akash thinks about their safety. Poonam says nothing will happen. Akash says what do you want. She says I want my parents to come to Sitapur soon and I don’t believe in all this. Akash says today you are wrong Poonam. They have an argument. Akash says try to understand. They hear some sound and go to check.

Everyone come out in the hall. Shashikant asks what happened. The workers come and says that house is haunted, it has a ghost, we are sorry, we can’t work there. Everyone are shocked. Shashikant says what nonsense, there is nothing like ghosts. They says we don’t want to lose our life, we are leaving the work. They leave. Kanno is scared.

Mangla asks Shashikant what will you say now, Kanno can lie and you did not regard me true. What about these workers. Shashikant says the workers can’t lie, they might have saw anything, this news will spread soon. Mangla says leave that haunted house. Why are you putting Prabhunath into a problem. Mangla asks Akash to explain Shashikant. Akash says Mangla is right, we should think again. If Jai and I had to live there, would you allow us to stay there after knowing all this. Shashikant says I think you all are right, go and sleep now, we will think tomorrow. Poonam is worried.

Everyone go to their rooms. Mangla and Kanno are happy. Poonam says how can this happen, ghosts are not for real. How can this happen with so many people, I don’t understand, but still I don’t believe there is a ghost, I m afraid that house can be lost from our hands, how to save that house. She gets an idea and asks Akash what is he doing. Akash says I m going to spend my night there. Poonam asks why. He says there is no other way. Poonam says no, you won’t go there. He says as you don’t believe anyone, I have to go there, else we will only argue, I will bring that house’s truth infront of you.

Akash and Chandru go to the haunted house to spend the night there. Chandru is scared. Akash asks him to be with him for Poonam’s sake. Someons is watching them. They enter the house and light a candle. Chandru is afraid. Chandru shouts seeing a pigeon. The candle falls. Chandru says I saw a shadow running. Akash tries to find out. Poonam looks at the house. Chandru shouts blood. Akash sees blood coming from the ceiling. Poonam thinks whats going on there, I should have not argued with Akash. She sees a light coming and thinks its Akash.

Poonam calls Akash and talks to her. Akash is shocked to know that someone is putting light on Poonam. He says I did not do it. Poonam is shocked. Akash says I don’t know how is this happening, I don’t understand. Chandru says it means there is a ghost there. Poonam asks whats happening there. Akash says nothing. Chandru says lets go from here. Chandru sees shadow again and shouts. Poonam asks Akash to come back soon. Akash says let me see. Chandru shouts blood. Poonam gets worried and says come back. Akash says let me see once. Poonam says come back, don’t wait there. Akash agrees.

Akash comes back home. Poonam is relieved seeing him. She says I was scared, its good that nothing happened to you. She asks about the sounds and what Chandru said. He tells her everything what happened there. (Muted) Poonam is shocked. Akash says humans can’t live there, so your parents won’t live there. Poonam says I know something is wrong, but it can’t be a ghost. He says I saw myself. She says maybe its wrong. He says I have seen the truth myself, you mean I m lying, everyone are lying. She says no, I did not mean that, try to understand, I want to say the truth is something else. He says do what you want to, but my decision is I won’t let your parents live there. He goes to sleep. Poonam thinks about it.

Its morning, everyone sit for breakfast. Akash looks at Poonam. Shashikant asks Akash to call Prabhunath and ask about Lucknow’s house. Mangla says find a new house for him first, else where will they live. Shashikant says I have to talk to Sharma. Akash says no dad, don’t talk to Sharma, even I have seen myself. Kanno smiles. Mangla asks what did you see Akash. Akash says nothing, I was thinking its something fishy. Mangla asks what are you hiding. Akash tells her that he went to that house yesterday night with Chandru.

Everyone are shocked. Akash says I heard strange sounds and saw blood there. Mangla says with whose permission did you go there, don’t you believe us, its a dangerous place. Akash says no one has sent me, I went by my wish to know whats there. Mangla says is this not enough what we are telling you. Poonam says Akash went because of me. Mangla gets angry hearing this. Everyone looks on.

Poonam talks to the kids. Their ball gets inside the haunted house. Poonam says I will bring the ball..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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