Ek Ghar Banaunga 6th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 6th May 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 6th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akash thinking about Poonam. Prathna is applying hair oil to Dadi, Akash sits there and Dadi sees Akash and smiles. She says what are you thinking. Akash says Prathna has grown up that her marriage talk is going on. Now she will leave us in few days, and he wish Prathna lives well in her new home. Dada says this happens to the girl’s family. Dadi says no one thinks about the girl.

Dadi says no one teaches the guy to become a good husband and a good son-in-law. She says to remember this. He has to become a good husband and a good son-in-law. Akash says he will always remember this.

Akash asks for Chandru. Prathna asks about Poonam. Akash says he has just made stories, but he does not know what will happen. He does not know whether she is in his fate

or not.

Poonam also thinks whats in her fate. She feels like crying thinking to go far from her parents.

Prathna asks why he feels that his and Poonam’s relation will not happen. Akash says she is very beautiful. There is lots of difference between them. Dadi and Prathna says Akash is also good, he is not less than a super hero. Akash asks Dadi will their marriage takes place. Dadi asks do you love Poonam from heart. Akash thinks about her and smiles. He says yes, Dadi says then you think that Poonam will come in your life, as your wish will be heard from your Lord if you pray and keep trying like a kid.

Akash says he will keep trying and the Lord has to come on earth to make them a couple. Dadi asks to know more about Poonam, who are in her family and everything. Akash says he cannot talk infront of her. He says she is well educated, and speaks good english. Prathna says girl’s like such guys like you. Dadi also praises Akash. She says he took care of the family business at the age of 16. How can you hesitate to talk to a girl. If you think you can do, then you will succeed. Dadi asks him to go and talk to Poonam.

Scene shifts to Deepak:

Vandana calls Deepak and asks how he is. Vandana says she will be in peace when they come to him. She says him to understand as she is going to say something important. She says they have decided to get Poonam married. Deepak is shocked, and says why so soon. Vandana says they have someone in mind, Gawtham Sir. Deepak says Gawtham Oh.

Vandana says Gawtham is one in a million, he will not ask about dowry. But, only one problem is there. Poonam is not ready for marriage. So she thought to talk to Deepak. Vandana ends the call saying she will give him update, she blesses him.

Kiran asks Deepak whether Poonam’s marriage talk is going on. It means her FD money will not come to us. Deepak says what are you saying. Deepak says our problem has made us much selfish. Deepak thinks about Poonam. Deepak says Poonam I know everything, why you are not getting ready for marriage as you want to give your Fd money to me. Deepak cries as Kiran watches him.
Kiran goes to him and calms him down, she asks why he is crying. Deepak says he has become selfish really. He is the brother of Poonam and its his responsibility to take care of her, and he was asking for her marriage FD. Kiran asks him that its not like that, our situation is bad. Deepak does not listen to her saying I’m very bad.

Scene shifts to Akash:

Akash says Dadi that he is going to Lucknow to enquire about Poonam. Dadi gives him a paper and its written that Poonam is mine, and I will marry her. Akash asks him to recite it daily. Dadi prays for Akash. Akash leaves.

Akash meets Chandru. Poonam recites the words written by Dadi and says to a shocked Chandru. Chandru asks is it true. Akash keeps on reciting. Chandru looks at him. They leave for Lucknow.

Scene shifts to Poonam:

Poonam’s friend Suman and Poonam have a discussion. She asks why she called him here. Poonam says her marriage talk is going on. Suman congratulates her. Poonam says she does not want to get married, as she wants to complete her studies, and she is also worried about Deepak and her parents. Her parents will be alone after her marriage. Suman asks they were going to America. Poonam says why can’t she take their responsibility. Suman says what can we say, its the world ritual.

Suman says Poonam we have spent so much time on the Ghat, Poonam says yes I remember that Deepak used to take them on a scooter. Poonam says she feels Deepak has went so far from her. Poonam is happy to see Deepak’s call and picks it. Deepak says how she is, Poonam asks about Kiran.

Deepak says sorry to her, as he is ashamed of himself. He says to forgive him. She says she understands him as he was worried. She says how can I be annoyed on you. Deepak says I miss you all here, our city, our house, and everyone. Deepak says he feels to come back home. Poonam says then you come here, we will do anything together.

Deepak says I’m bounded from every way, its not so easy. Deepak says her to marry if Prabhunath wants her to get married.

Prabhunath asks Gawtham does he like Poonam. Gawtham asks why he is asking. Prabhunath says he wants to talk about Poonam’s marriage with him. Gawtham is shocked.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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