Ek Ghar Banaunga 6th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 6th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 6th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pooja fooling Jai in her words. Jai says I will come at night after everyone sleeps at home. Poonam hears this and informs to Kanno. Poonam praises Kanno for her good acting. Poonam says I think Pooja is acting. Kanno says I don’t trust her, maybe she is really pregnant, and if its that, I won’t get jai back. Poonam says don’t worry, we will soon find out whether Pooja is pregnant or not, but now we have to stop Jai from going to Pooja’s room. Kanno says I had to see this day, not he is so shameless that he is meeting her infront of me. Poonam says think how can we stop him, what should we do so that they don’t meet. Kanno says lets go and tell everyone the truth.

Poonam says no, if dad knows this, he will scold jai and jai will get angry on you,

he will hate you, think of some other solution. Kanno says I will give him sleeping tablets. Poonam says if anything happens to him. Kanno says nothing will happen to him, its Ayurvedic. Poonam says no, I don’t think this is right. Kanno says I won’t let my husband bear any problem, but we don’t have any solution. Poonam says fine, make the milk ready, I will give food to Pooja and talk to her. She smiles. Pooja messages jai and they have a romantic chat on phone. Poonam comes to Pooja with food and asks her to eat on time. Pooja thanks Poonam. Poonam praises Pooja and says jai is very happy in your presence. Pooja says even I love him.

Poonam asks to which doctor did you go. Pooja says why, what happened to me. Poonam says you are pregnant. Pooja says I did not go, it was so sudden, there was no one to guide me. Poonam thinks she is hiding something, I will find out about it. Poonam says how can you do this. Pooja says I will go with jai. Poonam scares her of jai. Pooja says fine, I will think about it. She says I m tired, I want to rest now. Poonam says fine, have food and sleep, call me if you need anything. Pooja thinks Poonam is over caring. Kanno mixes the sleeping tablets in the milk. Someone comes to her and she is shocked.

Its Poonam. Kanno says I thought Mangla came. Poonam asks did you do the work. Kanno shows her the tablet. Poonam says hide it. Poonam sees someone coming and starts arguing with Kanno. Kanno also sees the shadow and argues. Mangla comes and enjoys their argument. Kanno tells Mangla she won’t come in Poonam’s talk now. Mangla asks Poonam what were you telling her, why are you after her. Poonam says its not my mistake, I was taking milk for jai. Poonam says jai won’t drink the milk if Kanno gives him. Mangla says I can’t see this, I will take the milk to him. I will take care of him. She takes the glass and leaves. Kanno says will jai drink it, will our plan work. Poonam says we won’t let our plan flop, go after Mangla, I will see Pooja.

Mangla brings milk for jai. She asks him to drink it. Mangla asks jai to make his character well else no one can save him from Shashikant. Mangla scolds him and leaves. jai keeps the milk. Kanno sees him and comes in the room. She says I will keep the milk in the fridge if you don’t want to drink it. jai takes it and drinks it.

Kanno messages Poonam that jai drank the milk and will soon sleep. jai messages Pooja that he is waiting for Kanno to sleep. jai thinks Kanno slept. He falls asleep. Kanno smiles. Kanno messages Poonam to come and meet her. Poonam and Kanno meet and Kanno says jai felt asleep. She says Pooja will wait for him whole night. Someone hears them and claps. Kanno and Poonam are shocked. Its Akash. He comes to them and says you both did great thing, for this I should praise you. He says I want to talk to Poonam in my room. He leaves. Kanno asks Poonam to talk to Akash as he looks much angry. Poonam says I will manage, don’t worry.

Akash comes to his room. Poonam comes after him and closes the door. He says you gave sleeping tablets to jai, whats going on, what do you want, if anything happens to him? Poonam says we gave him ayurvedic medicines. Akash says it looks like you have stopping thinking, you became scheming. Poonam says try to understand, I did this so that jai does not go to Pooja’s room. Akash says you brought Pooja here, this way is wrong, I don’t agree with this. If anything happens, you will be responsible.

Pooja’s mum comes to Akash’s house. Kanno tells her that Pooja is pregnant with jai’s child. her mum slaps Pooja.

Update Credit to: Amena-hasan

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