Ek Ghar Banaunga 6th August 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 6th August 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 6th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kanno stopping Mangla from entering the room. Mangla gets in and asks everyone to look for the saree. Kanno is tensed. Mangla stares at her and check her cupboard. The saree is in the cupboard but Mangla does not see it. Mangla says Dadi was right, the saree is not here. Dadi says its enough now, I m tired, I will go to my room and rest. Mangla and everyone leave from Kanno’s room. Kanno looks for the saree, her husband comes and says what are you looking for. He says the saree is not in the cupboard. She asks him what are you saying, how do you know. He says I have seen you yesterday seeing the saree and I heard mum talking about it, so I thought of saving you by keeping the saree somewhere else. Kanno hugs him and thanks him for saving her. Kanno asks him

to bring the saree back. He says I cannot understand you. She says I will not leave Poonam.

Mangla says where did the saree go. Mama says we don’t know. Mangla thinks about it. Poonam says all this is happening because of my mistake, she tells Mangla that you gave me the saree with your trust and I could not keep it, forgive me, I don’t know where that saree went, but its my mistake, and I regret it. Kanno talks to her husband and asks him to keep the saree back in Poonam’s room. He disagrees saying everyone are in hall, I cannot do it. Kanno thinks of a plan and talks to him. He gets the saree and the saree falls from his hands. Dadi comes there and does not see him. He hides there and thinks he is stuck. Dadi leaves. He takes the saree. Mangla says I know the saree is in the house, but I wonder why we are not getting it. Rani hears this. Mama sees her standing and smiles, he goes after her. Prathna asks Mangla not to worry as they will get the saree soon.

Kanno comes there and taunts them for checking her room and not checking Poonam’s room. Poonam is shocked. Kanno’s husband brings the saree. Rani is talking to someone on phone. Mama comes to her and says you always talk on phone. Rani is tensed and make excuses. Kanno asks Mangla to check Poonam’s room also. Mangla says the saree got lost in her room, so whats the need to check there. Mangla says why will Poonam lie. Kanno says I know what you are doing because its your daughter’s room. Kanno calls her partial. Rani flirts with Mama. Mangla says Poonam that I know you will feel odd, but do you have any problem. 😛 oonam says I won’t feel bad, lets go and check there. maybe its there and I could not find it. If we search it together, we will find it. Kanno gets a message from her husband, he calls her to their room as he could not keep the saree in Poonam’s room. Kanno calls him and scolds him fot not doing the work.

Mangla, Poonam, Prathna go to their room. Kanno ties the saree to her leg and tries to keep the saree back to Poonam’s room. Kanno stops them. Mangla asks where were you. Kanno says her husband called her so she went. Kanno comes to them and tells them that she will look for the saree alone in Poonam’s room. Kanno asks them to stay out till she checks the room. Poonam says its ok, if she wants this, fine, let her check. Mangla agrees and sends Kanno in. Kanno smiles. She unties the saree from her leg and Mangla catches her red handed. Kanno is shocked. Everyone see Kanno and are shocked too. Mangla scolds Kanno. Kanno says you are misunderstanding me, I got this saree and I was coming to show you. Mangla says we have seen everything. Mangla says you have got trapped in your own plan. Mangla says its too bad, how can you do this. You have stolen the saree and lied to me, we cannot believe this that you can fall too down. Kanno is tensed.

Mangla tells Shashikant and Akash about Kanno’s plan. They are shocked.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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