Ek Ghar Banaunga 5th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 5th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 5th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kanno telling Poonam and Akash that that house is haunted. Akash and Poonam does not believe her. Jai says Kanno is right, it won’t be good for Poonam’s parents to take that house. Kanno says its true, some strange noises come from that house. Poonam says maybe its about something else, you may think its ghost. Kanno says I heard those sound, laughing sounds and strange songs sounds. Akash laughs and says I m feeling odd that there is a ghost that can scare you. Jai laughs on Akash’s joke. Kanno says it was my duty to tell you, its your wish.

She says remember Poonam’s parents will leave that house, if anything foes wrong with them, then you will be responsible and will regret. Jai and Kanno leave. Poonam thinks about it. Mangla talks to Kanno

and says you are foolish. She says let them take the house, they will be scared by the ghosts and will run away from Sitapur. Kanno says then maybe they will come to stay in your house as they won’t have any other option. Mangla says I did not think about this, if they come back here, then it won’t be easy to kick them out, so we have to stop them. Kanno says let me do my work. Mangla says this is your last chance, remember. Kanno says yes, I know.

Shashikant asks Akash to show Prabhunath the house. Akash says fine. Mangla talks to Poonam and says that house is really haunted, maybe you won’t believe it, but its true. Poonam is shocked. Mangla speaks against the house. Poonam says I won’t believe this. Mangla warns her saying don’t tell me that I did not tell you about this before. Deepak and Kiran comes to meet Prabhunath and Vandana. Vandana and Prabhunath are shocked to see them. Prabhunath is still annoyed with Deepak. Deepak and Kiran greet Vandana and Vandana blesses them. Prabhunath turns. Vandana asks them to come inside but Prabhunath says no, tell them that we are not related to them, don’t call them inside.

Vandana says let them come inside, they are our children and mistakes are done by children sometimes, they regretted, allow them to come. Prabhunath agrees. Vandana is happy and welcomes Deepak inside the house. Deepak says Papa, I have come to talk to you. Prabhunath says go ahead. Deepak says we won’t let you go to Sitapur, its not right, try to understand what we want to say. Sharma comes and meets Deepak. Kiran asks Sharma to explain Prabhunath not to sell the house.

Sharma says Kiran and Deepak are right. Prabhunath says we want to settle in Sitapur. Sharma says it won’t be good for them to go there. Kiran says its a son’s responsibility, not daughter’s. Prabhunath says no, I have a different thought, I don’t differentiate between son and daughter. He says my son settled in America and my daughter took my responsibility with her husband. He says if we go there, it will be easy for Poonam to visit us. So it would be good if we sell this house. Sharma and his family agrees with Prabhunath and says you are lucky to have children like this. Prabhunath taunts Deepak. Deepak gets shocked and leaves with Kiran.

Mangla says we are going to take Dadi to the hospital so we need car. She sees Prabhunath and Vandana coming. Shashikant welcomes Prabhunath. Everyone sit in the hall to have a talk. Shashikant tells them about the property deal. Mangla says I want to say something, don’t feel bad, the house is haunted. Everyone are shocked. Kanno says Mangla is right, even I told this to Poonam and Akash but they made fun. Shashikant says I heard such rumours but its baseless. Kanno says what about the sounds I heard. Shashikant says its your imagination. Vandana says shall we see any other place. Shashikant says its nothing like that, I spend my lifetime here, its baseless rumour.

Poonam says buy that house mum, its good. The house owner Sharma comes and greets Prabhunath. Shashikant says lets go and see the house. Mangla says I heard that house is haunted. Sharma says its nothing like that. Sharma says I will show you the house. Poonam asks Kanno to come with her. Kanno says I have work at home. Everyone go to see the house. The house really looks haunted with webs around and dark inside.

Kanno comes to the haunted house and screams for help.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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