Ek Ghar Banaunga 4th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 4th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 4th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bhima informing Akash that they are ready to accept Prathna but they have some demands. Akash agrees and gives his word. Akash asks them to come to his house. Akash informs this to his family. Bhima and his family are happy. jai asks Kanno why is she happy. Kanno says Poonam is gone from this house and now we will rule in this house. Akash is doing the arrangements. Mangla and Shashikant come in the hall and see Akash working. jai and Kanno also come. Shashikant asks Akash did you talk to them about their demands. Akash says they will come here and tell us. Shashikant says you have the right thing yesterday, even I would have done the same thing. Akash says leave it, we should focus on Prathna’s vidaai.

Kanno thinks Poonam is gone and now Prathna

will also go from this house. Gawtham comes with his family. Akash and his family welcomes them. Prathna sees them standing upstairs. Bhima lays his eyes on the food and is very happy. Lallan jokes. Akash asks shall we start talking now. Poonam is outside the house and asks Bhima to ask for Rs. 50 lakhs that too cash. Akash and everyone are shocked. Gawtham is puzzled. Poonam says 5 kg gold. Kanno thinks are they mad asking for 5 kg gold. Bhima says imported car which costs more than 50 lakhs. Poonam says we want the new houses which you have bought for your sons.

Poonam says ask for the Lucknow plot. Everyone are shocked. Poonam cuts the call and smiles. Akash starts insulting them and calls them cheap. Gawtham and his family are shocked. Shashikant says we will talk, be calm. Bhima gets angry and says don’t forget you came to our house to beg us. They speak against Prathna. Gawtham says you all will know when your sister will cry infront of your eyes. Prathna hears this. Bhima says you have to obey our demands, we know what you all have. Prathna cries and hugs Dadi. Lallan says why can’t you give dowry. Shashikant and Mangla asks them to sit. Bhima gets angry and says we got insulted here. He says we want respect also.

Police comes and Gawtham and his family are shocked. Poonam brings the police. Gawtham and everyone are shocked to see her. Poonam enters the house. Gawtham is shocked to see Poonam and gets tensed seeing the police. Kanno thinks why Poonam came back. Mama thinks Poonam brought police for getting us arrested. Gawtham warns Poonam for cheating him. Akash takes Poonam’s side and Gawtham is shocked. Shashikant asks Poonam not to interfere in his family matters and she called the police. Mangla scolds her and says you are no one to us. Mangla says Prathna is our daughter, why are you interfering.

Akash asks everyone to calm down and tells the police what was going on. Poonam says they were asking for dowry and how Gawtham kidnapped Sudhir and married Prathna by cheat. She speaks against Gawtham and says all they need is dowry. Gawtham is tensed. Gawtham says great, its a good speech but you can’t do anything as you don’t have any proof. Bhima says Poonam is lying and she has gone mad. He says my son Gawtham is a teacher and he is against dowry. Bhima starts acting and cries.

They ask Shashikant and Mangla to tell them all this is a lie. Gawtham’s mum starts acting too and says Poonam is lying. Mangla says everything will be fine. Shashikant asks Akash what is all this. Akash says I will tell you everything. Akash tells the police that Prathns is his sister whom Gawtham married by cheat, so arrest him and take him away. Lallan says how can anyone arrest us, do you have any proof. Lallan says Poonam is mad and Akash too is mad. Gawtham says go from here, nothing is happening here. The police says Poonam and Akash are saying the same thing, whats the actual matter. Kanno says Prathna is married to Gawtham. Poonam says by cheating and we have the proof. Poonam shows the invitation cards on which the groom’s name is Sudhir.

Gawtham is shocked. He shows some photographs of Sudhir and then shows photos of Gawtham. The inspector checks the photos. She says we have a Cd in which everything is recorded. She says Akash will give the proof that they have asked for dowry. Sunil says they have asked for dowry and we have the proof. Gawtham and his family are shocked. Mangla says you did this without telling us. Kanno says did you act like fighting with Poonam. Akash says yes. Kanno gets angry.

Kanno says Poonam can’t see us happy. Prathna hears everything and is sad.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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