Ek Ghar Banaunga 4th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 4th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 4th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Poonam keeping Jai’s phone back on the bed. Jai gets the phone and leaves to call Pooja. Pooja is being insulted by the locality people. She gives a letter to them for Jai. Poonam tells Mangla she will be back. Mangla says I have a doubt on Poonam, we have to find out whats fishy, I m sure Poonam is playing a game, she is clever, she is helping Kanno, go and follow her. Kanno comes and asks whats going on. Mangla asks her where are the vegetables, Poonam said you went to market. Kanno says yes, I went there but I forgot the money at home, so I came back. Mangla sends Mama. Kanno stops Mama and asks where are you going. Mangla says you don’t ask this. Mangla asks Mama to go after Poonam fast.

Mama misses Poonam. Jai comes to Pooja and is shocked to see

the house getting vacant. He asks where is Pooja. The house owner Pandey scolds him and tells him that Kanno came and told the truth that you are not Pooja’s husband. He says we have asked Pooja to leave the place. Jai says I m not afraid of anyone. Pandey says we are not happy as we lost the rent, Pooja and I called you so many times. Jai says how can you make her go, if anything happens to her, I won’t leave you alive. Pandey says take the advance tomorrow from us. He says go from here else if people come to know, then they won’t leave you. He gives Pooja’s letter to Jai.

Jai reads the letter wherein Pooja fools him that she is leaving the world and would die. Jai looks out for Pooja showing her photos to people. Jai says this happened because of Kanno, I will punish her today, no one can save her from me today. Akash and Shashikant come home from office. Akash asks where is Poonam. Mangla says she went out. Akash says where. Mangla says I don’t know, she did not say. She says I asked her but she did not answer. Akash gets angry. Jai comes home and shouts Kanno. Kanno comes to him. Jai scolds her and says you have hurt me and my Pooja, you might be happy, I won’t let you stay in this house.

Shashikant says Jai, stop this, you can’t treat my bahu like this. Jai says don’t say in between us. Shashikant says you are in my house, don’t forget. Jai takes Kanno. Akash stops Jai. Shashikant says leave her and beat me. Akash says if he beats you, I will break his hand. Jai says I will see who stops me. Everyone are shocked to see Poonam bringing Pooja with her. Jai talks to Pooja and says I got worried reading your letter, I m sorry. He says please don’t do this again. He asks why did you come here with Poonam.

Pooja cries. Poonam pacifies her. Pooja says I m alive today only because of Poonam. Akash asks Poonam what is Pooja saying. Kanno says why did you bring her here. Shashikant asks whats going on in my house. Shashikant says I don’t to see her face, she is characterless. Poonam says I want Pooja to stay in this house, with all of us. Everyone are shocked. Dadi says how can you say this. Mangla says enough Poonam, this won’t happen, we can’t keep this shameless woman here. Poonam says there is a reason to take this decision.

She says I saw Pooja committing suicide and I saved her. Jai gets worried and says Kanno did all this. Poonam says no, Pooja did this as she is pregnant. Everyone are shocked. Poonam says its Jai’s child. Jai gets happy hearing this and hugs Pooja. Pooja smiles. Kanno cries and faints. Shashikant scolds Jai. Mangla says be calm. Shashikant says I m very sad having a son like you. Kanno says I won’t let Pooja stay in this house, I will kick her out. Poonam and Kanno argue. Mangla smiles. Kanno says I will leave this house. Shashikant says you are our bahu, you won’t go anywhere, Pooja has to leave. Poonam supports Pooja and says think about the baby.

Poonam asks Shashikant to agree with her. He understands her sign and agrees with Poonam. He thinks about Poonam’s words. Poonam tries to talk to Kanno. Kanno is annoyed and says you did a drama with me and I believed you. Mangla is happy. Kanno scolds Poonam and calls her selfish. Jai shields Pooja. Shashikant says enough, Pooja will stay in this house. Mangla panics. Akash gets angry. Poonam says I m trying to solve the problem. Everyone are shocked.

Poonam talks to Akash and asks him to trust her. She says I m sure I will succeed. Akash says I m not with you in this decision.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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