Ek Ghar Banaunga 3rd October 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 3rd October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 3rd October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Gawtham laughing on Poonam and her state that Akash insulted her. Akash stops Poonam from saying anything, else it won’t be good. Akash asks her to leave from this house. Poonam asks else what. Akash says yes, I can kick you out of the house. Poonam says I won’t leave. Everyone looks on. Prathna cries seeing all this. Akash holds Poonam’s hand and takes her outside the house. Gawtham and his family smiles along with Kanno. Gawtham eats sweets seeing this. Poonam cries seeing Akash and some mantras play in the background. Akash closes the door on her face. The song Halaat ke ye sitam hai…. o piya…. plays…. Akash is sad too doing this.

Poonam leaves. Akash says sorry on Poonam’s behalf and says I have removed Poonam out of this house. Gawtham

smiles. He says now you can accept my sister without any problem. Shashikant asks what have you decided. Gawtham says we did not take any decision yet, we will think and let you know. Shashikant says ok. Gawtham leaves with his family. Akash cries and leaves. She goes to his room and closes the door. Poonam is on the road thinking about what happened.

Poonam sees Gawtham and his family leaving. Shashikant and Mangla are drinking wine. She says so soon today. He says I m very much tired today, where would Poonam go at this time. She says she is a smart girl, she will be safe and would have gone to her parents house. He says I was shocked seeing Akash’s behavior, as he kicked Poonam out of this house, it was unbelievable. He says I was afraid seeing Akash’s anger, I did not see it before. Mangla says he did it for his sister Prathna, he can’t see Prathna happy. He says Poonam is legally our bahu and it was not good to send her at this time of night. Mangla says one day she had to leave, its good Akash has sent her now itself else she would have ruined Prathna’s life.

Gawtham and his family is also drinking wine. Lallan says I got fin when Akash kicked our Poonam out of his house. Neel says I missed it to take a recording. Bhima asks Gawtham what happened. Gawtham says nothing. Bhima says its a time to celebrate. He says you are getting Prathna. Gawtham says I don’t like Prathna, she is not fair and I won’t go to them again. Bhima asks him to think again as they are good people. He explains him to accept Prathna. He says we will see later what to do with her later. He says we have to accept whats coming our house. They have a laugh.

Gawtham’s mum comes and says yes, he is right, we will be getting dowry as well as a maid. Lallan says lets decide what we will ask them in dowry. Poonam enters and shouts I will tell you what you can ask them. Everyone are shocked to see her. Poonam says I know how much property they have and I will tell you. Gawtham says whats your plan. She says yes, I want to win against Garg family. She speaks against Akash. She says she tried to get Prathna married and she got kicked out of the house. She says why did Akash did this. She is hurt and says I want to teach a lesson to Akash and his family. She says they will now know.. Gawtham says you would have married me. Poonam says yes, I did a mistake, but now I have to make Akash and his family suffer and beg. She says I need your help. He asks what.

She says I will tell you what to ask in the dowry and I don’t want anything, I want to ruin them. Gawtham thinks Poonam had to come to me, its good. Akash gets up and is restless. Dadi sees him worried and Akash gets Chandru’s call. Akash gets angry on Chandru. Dadi hears him getting irritated. Akash sees Dadi and she comes to him. She asks what is the matter, you look upset, don’t worry, everything will be good with Prathna. Akash leaves. Dadi gets worried.

Bhima and Gawtham are thinking to include Poonam with them. Gawtham is happy and tells Poonam that we are ready to accept you with us. He welcomes her in their gang. He asks Poonan how can you help us. Poonam says lets go to their house, then I will tell you what to ask in dowry. She says I will tell you what Rani did not tell you. Bhima says will you not tell us. Poonam says I don’t have time. I will tell you one by one what they have in property. She says you go there, I will tell you on mobile. Poonam says I will talk to Gawtham by handfree. Gawtham agrees. Poonam says when you start talking to them, tell whatever I tell you. Gawtham smiles.

Bhima tells Akash we have some demands. Akash says don’t worry, we will fulfill your demands. Bhima says fine. Gawtham smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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