Ek Ghar Banaunga 3rd May 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 3rd May 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 3rd May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Poonam hugging her dad when she asked him to give away the FD amount to Deepak. She cries. She says this problem is not only’s Deepak, but all of us.

She says she heard thier conversation on the parallel phone line. Prabhunath thinks quietly. She says we will unitedly solve Deepak’s problem. She asks him not to worry, as Deepak is tensed about money in America. We have to help him.

Prabhunath says the money he has kept for your marriage I can’t give it to Deepak. He says don’t panic, give me some time, I will find another way and everything will be fine. He asks her to trust her. She hugs him.

Scene shifts to Akash:

Akash is thinking about Poonam in his room. The song Hum tere bin jee nai sakte… plays.
Akash talks to himself

standing in front of the mirror. He says he has gone, in love. Dadi hears this and says if anyone falls in love, then you will not find anything good. She asks what happened in Lucknow. He says he met Poonam four times, and says when he met her. Dadi jokes how many times in the dreams. Akash says she is different from the world. Dadi gives sweets to him as he liked a girl for the first time.
Akash thinks there is no match between us, as she is beautiful and educated.

Prathna comes and tells Akash is one in a million. Dadi tells him that Akash has liked a girl in Lucknow.

Her Bhabhi is angry on her mother-in-law. Jai says his mother tells everything, but does not keep anything in the heart. He says not to take anything in the heart. He calms her down. Jai asks her to smile. She is annoyed as he spends much time with his friends. Jai leaves to meet his friends. Kanno is irritated and Jai and his mother. Kanno says once she gets hold of the household responsibilities, she will make everyone cry.

Scene shifts to Prabhunath:

He thinks how Deepak asked for more money, and the discussion he had with Poonam.

Scene shifts to Akash’s house:

Akash’s mother calls everyone in the hall. His father says about a proposal for Prathna. Dadi blesses her and says the marriage should be hi-fi. Akash promises that the whole town will be seeing. Mamaji sings a song in happiness. Everyone smile. Mamaji gets emotional and gets Prathna.

Scene shifts to Poonam:

Poonam is making the breakfast, her mother is happy to see it. She says Poonam is talking like a grown up girl. Poonam says she has grown up. Poonam comes to know that Prabhunath is still sleeping.
He comes there and asks them to come out as he has to talk something. He says he thought something, Poonam asks is everything fine.

He says he thought of getting Poonam married. Poonam is shocked to hear this. Vandana says suddenly marriage. Prabhunath says now Poonam has grown up, now we can think about it. Both are shocked.
Prabhunath tells them to understand him, as Deepak is also worried. He says we can go to America and help Deepak. Poonam says is this the way to help him, there can be any other way.

He says yes you can work, but to stand on your feet, not to help anyone. Poonam says this is wrong, I want to do it happily.

She tries a lot to explain Prabhunath. She asks him to think again, and asks him sweetly that can’t she do anything for her family. Prabhunath does not understand. She says why can’t a daughter take care of her family. Prabhunath says how shall I explain you. Its very tough.

Vandana says what will happen even if we think about Poonam’s marriage, where is the guy? He says he has someone he knows, he says about Gawtham. Poonam says Gawtham Sir. She says he is my Sir, and I have always seen him with respect, I can never think about marriage with him.

She says he is not listening to her, but today she is adamant that she is not marry so soon. She says she is saying all this after thinking, and she leaves.

Vandana says what are you doing this, Prabhunath says do you also feel what I’m doing is wrong.
What will happen if I give Poonam’s FD to Deepak, we don’t have any choice. The bank people are also after us, just think if this house goes, where will we go. She asks where he is going now. He says I m going to Gawtham to talk to him. He says Gawtham is a good man, and he will keep Poonam happy.

He says he will not wait for anything now. He will not repeat his mistake as he did for Deepak. He says he will come only after talking to Gawtham. Poonam thinks about Prabhunath’s words. Poonam is sitting at the Ghat crying.

Prabhunath asks Gawtham whether he likes Poonam and tells him that he wants to get them married. Gawtham is shocked. Akash and his Dadi plan on how to get Poonam, Akash has full faith in his Lord and says he is bring them together.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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