Ek Ghar Banaunga 3rd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 3rd March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 3rd March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kanno scolding Mangla and blaming her for everything. She says only Poonam is the one who is supporting me at this moment. Poonam did not think how much I have harmed her. She is so good, you should go to her and learn some goodness from her. She taunts Mangla enough and leaves. Mangla is shocked. Pooja bargains for oranges. Kanno comes to her and taunts her for bargaining for Rs 2. Pooja ignores her. Kanno stops her. Pooja acts good and says what did you come to take, your husband. Kanno says he is already mine, why would I take him from you.

Kanno warns Pooja and says see now what I do. Pooja asks Kanno to leave else it won’t be good for her. Pooja’s neighbors come to talk to Pooja. Kanno tells them about Pooja’s bad character. Kanno tells them

that she has taken her husband from her. Kanno cries and gets sympathy from everyone. She says Pooja has ruined my life. My husband does not value me only because of her. People say Pooja is married to Jai Garg. Kanno says he is my husband, she is having an affair with him. Everyone are shocked. Pooja says stop this drama and leave. Kanno says he is my husband and his family lives in this city. Kanno asks everyone did you see her in laws, did you meet her relatives. She says she is not married. Pooja says Kanno is mad.

Kanno says yes I m mad for my husband, give my husband and life back to me, don’t take my reason to live. Kanno says if this happens with you all, then what will you do. How will it affect your children. Everyone believe Kanno and says I doubt Pooja. People get angry on Pooja. Kanno smiles. The people ask Pooja to leave from their locality. Poonam calls Kanno and asks what happened. Kanno tells her that everything went on fine. She says I did everything well. Poonam says don’t take tension, now you see our mission will work. Kanno says yes, I m also sure now. She says the neighbors are asking Pooja to leave and now she will call Jai. Poonam says thats what I wanted.

Jai is in his room. Mangla asks Poonam where are you going. Poonam says to Jai’s room. Mangla says I will keep the clothes. Poonam says I will just keep it and come back. She comes to Jai’s room and wants to check his phone. She hides from him. Mangla calls Poonam and she hides again. Mangla leaves. Poonam sees Jai’s phone and says sorry Pooja, you won’t be able to reach Jai now. She says I will hide this phone and Jai won’t get it till I want.

The neighbors talk to make Pooja go. They want Pooja to leave the society. Pooja calls Jai again and again. Jai looks around for his phone. Pooja gets tensed. Jai says Pooja might be waiting for me. Jai asks Mangla where is my phone, did you see it. Mangla says no. He says I kept it on the bed. Mangla says maybe Poonam saw. He says why did Poonam come in my room. Mangla says she came to keep the clothes. Mangla says Kanno is not at home. Poonam says she went to buy vegetables. Pooja says I won’t break the door till Jai comes. They ask her to open the door else they will call the police. She opens the door.

Jai looks around for the phone. He takes Mama’s phone and rings it. Everyone ask Pooja to leave the locality and scolds her. They get angry on her. Pooja says fine, I will leave from her if you all have a problem. Jai’s phone rings in Poonam’s room. Poonam is worried. Jai gets his phone. Poonam says thats my phone. Mangla says lets see somewhere else. Poonam comes to know that Pooja is leaving. Poonam asks the office clerk to do as she says. The clerk apologizes to her for supporting Jai and Pooja for the sake of money. Poonam says now its time to give his phone back. Poonam says lets go and look in your room. Poonam smiles. Everyone look out for the phone. Poonam puts it in his pant pocket. Mangla sees Poonam with the phone. Poonam is tensed.

Pooja comes home. Poonam says I want Pooja to stay in this house. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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