Ek Ghar Banaunga 3rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 3rd July 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 3rd July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Gawtham’s family saying Gawtham to leave Poonam and they will search for a better girl for him. Everyone taunt Poonam and leave the marriage hall. Akash tries speaking to Poonam and Poonam slaps him. Poonam leaves from there. Prabhunath and Vandana watches the scene. Poonam cries and runs away. Halaat ke Sitam hai… song plays…
Akash thinks about Dadi’s words. He thinks will Poonam be my fate. Chandru asks Akash to lets go. Akash is devastated and thinks about Poonam. Prabhunath is sad and sits there in a shocked state.

Poonam comes to Monica Didi and cries. Monica Didi pacifies her. Poonam says I got insulted because of Akash, they pointed on my character and insulted my parents. Vandana looks at Kiran and hugs her crying. Kiran consoles her.

Kiran gets Deepak’s call. Deepak is excited and asks about Poonam’s marriage, he is shocked to know the truth from Kiran. Vandana comes to Prabhunath. Akash also comes to him and Prabhunath looks at him. Akash bows down and apologizes to him. He says whatever happened, he is responsible and he is sorry for everything, but how much we know each other, I promise of that relation that my wish was not bad, and I did not wish that Poonam and you all come into some problem. Akash cries. Akash says if you understand me, I want to request you that I’m ready to marry Poonam by your blessings. Chandru, Prabhunath and Vandana are shocked. Deepak is asking Kiran about what happened. Deepak gets angry on Gawtham.

The bank officials come to Prabhunath and tells them what is this drama, your time ends. They take the money. Akash is shocked knowing Prabhunath’s bank loan. They say we will come tomorrow to take away your house.
Akash tells Prabhunath and Vandana to reply to him, and think about what he said. Akash says trust me once, I will not let you regret your decision. Prabhunath stares at him. Akash says I promise I will keep Poonam happy. Prabhunath says after all this happened, you are saying me to trust you, how can I trust you.

Akash says my mistake is that I did not tell anyone about this, but my intention was not wrong. I knew my love is one-sided so I thought to let Poonam marry and I would go away from you all, and never return in Poonam’s life. He says I did not had any hope apart from this.
Prabhunath says past cannot come again, and whatever happened, we cannot forget it. Prabhunath requests him to leave them alone. Prabhunath says my daughter is my pride, and I don’t want her to bend infront of the situation, Akash says I really love Poonam. Prabhunath asks him to leave, Akash says I want to tell you that you are mistaken. I’m not doing pity, I’m not equal to her in any terms, but I love her a lot. Kiran listens. Akash says I promise you I will never let smile go off her face. Akash says I want to talk to Poonam if you permit. Whatever she decides, I will accept her decision.

Vandana says we will talk to Poonam about this. Poonam says she cannot forgive Akash. He has ruined my image. She says she is worried about her parents, how will they live. Prabhunath says what are you saying Vandana, Poonam’s state is not fine. Vandana says I’m her mother, we have to think about her future and her safety. We don’t have any other option. Vandana explains him. Vandana says yes Akash is right, but we know how much he helped us in every problem. She says it was wrong that he did not tell anyone that he loves Poonam, but he has not hurt Poonam. I have to do this to make Poonam’s future secure. Monica Didi hugs Poonam and calms her down. Poonam blames Akash and says she does not want to see his face.

Prabhunath and Vandana are going to talk to Poonam. Poonam hears everything and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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