Ek Ghar Banaunga 31st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 31st July 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 31st July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akash getting a call from someone. Poonam thinks he is talking to her. He says I m coming there in 5 minutes. He says Poonam that he needs to go and explain them what to do, I will be back. Poonam stops him saying you should not leave the food midway, you should have it first before going. Akash feels happy and finishes the food. He eats the food in super fast way, Poonam smiles seeing him. He leaves. Poonam gets a call from Suman. Suman says where were you. Poonam says I did not had food, I made food for Akash. Suman says its good that you became friends. Poonam says the power came back, I have to check the doors now, she cuts the call. Poonam closes all windows. Poonam calls Rani but she does not come. Someone knocks at the door, its Akash. He came directly from

the rains, all wet. He feels cold and goes to his room. Poonam looks at him.
Akash is feeling cold. He sneezes a lot. Poonam comes to him bringing warm milk for him. She sees him in freezing state. She calls him, saying I brought warm milk for you, have it. Akash does not respond as he is chilled. She touches his forehead and realizes he has high fever. She takes care of him. She thinks of medicines and goes to the kitchen to bring it. She brings the medicines and gives him. She sits by his side all night checking his fever. She thinks of calling Prathna, but thinks no, everyone will worry if I tell him about Akash. She sleeps by Akash’s side.

The next morning, everyone come back home. Mangla calls Rani. Prathna goes to her room. Mangla thinks about Akash. Prathna comes to her room and does not find Poonam, she thinks where did Poonam go. Mangla scolds Rani and asks for Akash. Rani says he might be sleeping in her room. Prathna asks for Poonam. Rani says I don’t know. Kanno goes to Akash’s room and is shocked to see Poonam there. She tells everyone see what Akash did. Everyone go along with Kannu to Akash’s room and are shocked to see Akash and Poonam together in the same room, sleeping closeby. Kanno wakes up Poonam and starts shouting on her like hell. Poonam and Akash get up an are shocked to see the family. Akash says dad… Shashikant leaves. Everyone misunderstand them and leave not listening to them. Mangla says freshen up and come to me, I want to talk to you both.

Kanno speaks against Poonam. Shashikant gets angry. Kanno says we are doing a mistake keeping Poonam in our house. Kanno says if Poonam gets pregnant, we will come in a difficulty. Kanno says I know you won’t be able to do anything. But I can do anything. She says you give me permission then see how will I keep Poonam out of the house. Shashikant permits her and says do anything, keep Poonam out of the house. Kanno smiles. Poonam is being questioned by Mangla. Mangla says why did you go to Akash’s room. Kanno comes and taunts Poonam. Akash comes there and listens to the taunts. Kanno says you told us Akash went to Kanpur, then what is it. Was this your plan, tell us what you did there. Akash says do you know what you are saying. Akash takes Poonam’s side. Mangla asks Akash to talk to her.

Akash says I was unwell, with high fever. Poonam helped me, by taking good care of me. She brought medicines for me, worried for me whole night, if she slept, what is her mistake. Mangla starts crying. Akash asks what happened. Mangla says I tried to make our home heaven but see whats going on. Poonam saved Akash and served him whole night, and Kanno spoiled her image. She scolds Kanno. Mangla thanks Poonam and says you have made me happy. She blesses her calling her bahu. She hugs her. Akash is happy seeing this, Dadi is shocked and Poonam is puzzled.

Kanno tells Shashikant what Mangla did. He asks her to call Mangla. Shashikant and Mangla have a talk.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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