Ek Ghar Banaunga 30th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 30th May 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 30th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Prabhunath getting shocked by Gawtham’s parents asking for Rs. 10 lakhs. Gawtham’s dad asks money for his soon Neel. Poonam and Kiran are shocked too. Kiran tells Poonam that she understands what she is going through. Poonam says when will the society change, why it is like this. Kiran asks her to cool down, and they will fin some solution. Prabhunath and Vandana come to Poonam, and they say Gawtham’s parents left. They were asking for dowry. They should have told earlier, how can they talk to us like this. Vandana says Gawtham told her that he will not take any dowry.

Prabhunath says he has to give some money, as it is a rule of the society. Poonam speaks against it. She says she will not burden her family by marrying in this way. Kiran says what

to do now. Kiran says we should talk to Gawtham first, Poonam says yes, I will talk to him as he told me. Prabhunath says no need to talk to Gawtham, if we talk to him, his family will feel we complained about them. They will have an argument because of us. Vandana asks what we will do. Prabhunath says we have to fight with these things, there will be a solution. He says when Lord gives problems, he gives its solution too. Poonam is angry.

Gawtham’s parents come home, and Gawtham stares at them. His mum are you fine, he asks from where are you coming. She says we went to shopping. He says you are lying, you did not go to shopping. You went to Poonam’s house, to ask for dowry. His parents are shocked. He says he did not expect this from them, you have killed my trust, and hurted my self respect. His mum thinks who told him about this news. His dad thinks Prabhunath may have called Gawtham and told him. Gawtham says I m educated and I m a teacher, and I m against dowry.

He says I promised Poonam that I will marry without dowry. His dad says you cannot change the rules of the society. We are not doing any unique thing, he says when a son is born, people get happy. When a daughter is born, people cry as they have to give dowry. Gawtham says the uneducated people think like this. He says he do not follow such rules. Gawtham talks in favour of Poonam. His dad scolds him. He says we educated you, and you are saying this to us.
Gawtham gets angry, and says why will Poonam’s family give you money, is relation a business. His dad flames high, taking Poonam’s name. He says Poonam might have told him, and she is starting a fight between us.

His dad says we don’t want to know anything from you. Gawtham says she did not tell me anything. His dad asks then who told you. We are not fools, to not understand their plan. Gawtham says they did not tell us. His dad says you are blaming us, because of those people.
His dad runs to die, and takes kerosene oil. Everyone stops him. Gawtham is shocked, and his mum says think about us, what did we do. Gawtham says do not do like this, if I have hurted you, then I m sorry. His dad says no need to apologize. Neel asks Gawtham to go from here, Gawtham says you will not do anything wrong. Gawtham leaves.

Scene shifts to Akash:

Akash is praying and Suman sees him. He asks how come she is here, and thanks Suman, for not telling anything to Poonam. He asks he heard that she has no brother, she says yes, you heard it right. He says its not impossible to get a son in law like a son, he says he prays for them. He says I can give you a brother, thats me. Suman smiles.

Akash then gives a thread to Suman, and she ties it to him. He says from today, you are my sister and I m your brother.

Scene shifts to Gawtham:

Neel comes to Gawtham and asks him not to worry, as their dad is fine now. Gawtham thanks him. Neel asks who told you if Poonam and her family did not tell you. Gawtham says he came to know himself, as he went to Poonam’s house, and heard it himself. Gawtham says you got the reply now. Gawtham says lets go, I have to talk to Maa and Babuji.

Scene shifts to Poonam’s house:

Prabhunath says Vandana that he saved some money for Poonam’s marriage, and he can give 3-4 lakhs to Gawtham’s family as help. If they still say for 10 lakhs, then we have to find a solution. Poonam says don’t take loan, she says this is wrong, and I will talk to Gawtham ji. Vandana says don’t talk to Gawtham. Kiran says Poonam loves you a lot, so she gets worried so soon. Akash comes there, along with Suman. Akash sees Kiran, and Vandana introduces him to Kiran. Gawtham and his parents come there, and everyone welcomes them. Gawtham is embarrassed, he says we want to talk about something. Everyone gets tensed.

Poonam tells Gawtham that she wants to speak her heart out, she said no for marriage earlier, and she said yes to her father later.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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