Ek Ghar Banaunga 2nd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 2nd May 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 2nd May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Deepak saying Prabhunath that he has money. He asks which money. Deepak says the fixed deposit which you have kept for Poonam’s marriage. Deepak asks for that money. Prabhunath and Poonam are shocked. Deepak says he is Poonam’s elder brother, he does not feel good to ask for money, but he does not have any choice. He ends the call saying I will call you tomorrow.

Prabhunath says Vandana that Deepak needs more money for his business, and he said to break Poonam’s fixed deposit intended for her marriage. Vandana is shocked. Deepak is being much selfish. Poonam thinks about Deepak’s words.

Scene shifts to Akash:

Akash is on a Dhobighat. He is doing his work of colouring the clothes. He throws the excess colour to play holi with Chandru. Chandru

runs away saying he has much work to do. The colour falls on Poonam.
Akash is shocked to see Poonam infront of him. Music plays…

He says sorry to her and tries to clean her hair. She says let it be. He says I have not seen you. Poonam leaves from there and stands somewhere. Akash follows her, and Akash says some shayari and asks whats troubling her as she is not angry on him today. He asks every problem has a solution, and he may help her if she wants. Akash thinks Poonam looks worried. He gives her an umbrella and asks her to think what he said. He then leaves. Poonam look at him while he is leaving.

Akash drives his bike and goes. Scene shifts to some Prathna Decorators where Akash works.
Jai babu says he will not go to make Shamiyana in so much heat, but his younger brother Akash will go.
Akash asks for his dad, and they leave for home.
Akash and his brother Jai leave for their home.

Scene shifts to Poonam:

She thinks about Akash’s words.

Scene shifts to Deepak:

Deepak gets Poonam’s call. He asks her what happened. She says her dad get only pension and he has no money to help you out. Deepak says he has fixed deposit money. Deepak taunts her and says only if his parents help him in business, only then he will take their responsibility. Poonam is shocked.

Scene shifts to Akash’s dad Shashikant:

He is talking to someone and says they have Puja at home. Jai and Akash arrive at home. Few guests also come there. Akash says he has recovered the payments, his dad says good. Akash goes to meet his Dadi. Akash’s mother and sister come down to attend the Puja. She asks Jai to get ready for the Puja. She says Jai is childless thats why she is conducting the Puja. And also for her daughter Prathna to get married.
Akash is from a high-class family. The Puja commences and they all attend it.

She donates few clothes too. Akash is with his Dadi. She asks how was his Lucknow’s trip. He says it was special. She asks why, did you get any girl. He smiles and says he met a girl. But he did not get her yet. Prathna comes and hugs him. She asks what he brought for her from Lucknow. He says he brought something and he gives it to him.

Jai and his wife get ready for the Puja. Akash, Prathna and Dadi come to the Puja place.
Akash’s mother scolds her bahu and says what will she do getting ready so much as a woman’s ornament is her child. She brings them in the Puja. Everyone sit in the Puja.
Akash jokes with Dadi.

Scene shifts to Poonam:

She see Prabhunath worried and in deep thoughts. She says him to break the FD and give it to Deepak.
Prabhunath is shocked to know that Poonam knows everything.

Prabhunath says he thought of getting Poonam married. Poonam is shocked. Vandana says they have to look for a suitable boy. Prabhunath says he has someone in mind for Poonam.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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