Ek Ghar Banaunga 29th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 29th May 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 29th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Gawtham and Poonam in the house. Akash sees them together. Poonam makes some distance with Gawtham as she is not comfortable. Akash and Suman stand far and see them. Gawtham comes closer to Poonam, and she says this is not right. Gawtham says we are engaged, we will marry soon, then what. Poonam says we are going to marry, not married, this is not the right way to meet in absence of my parents. She says she is feeling awkward. Akash listens this. Gawtham says ok, I will leave. He leaves in anger. Akash looks at Poonam. Poonam goes to her room. Akash also leaves then in a sad mood. Suman calls him and he says tell me truly, you won’t tell her anything. Suman says do you really love Poonam. Power comes and Akash says yes.

He says I love her a lot, and Poonam

does not know about it. I don’t want her to know all this. I request you to keep this upto you, think your brother is requesting you this. Akash leaves. Suman becomes sad. Poonam is standing in her window and thinking about Gawtham’s act. Suman comes, she says her Bauji came, so I went to leave him. Suman asks Poonam why are you worried. Poonam tells her about Gawtham’s act. She did not like it. Poonam asks why are you quiet. Suman says I m listening. Poonam asks did I do anything wrong. Suman says how can I say, but Gawtham is your to be husband, you should have not annoyed him like this.

Scene shifts to Gawtham’s house:

Gawtham comes home and thinks about Poonam’s words, and gets angry. He gets Poonam’s call. She tells him I m sorry Gawtham ji. She says not to misunderstand her. She was not expecting him to come suddenly, and she did not know how to react. She says she trusts him, and she is sorry. She has no problem to meet him, thats why she went with him in the morning. She says we should not meet in my parent’s absence. Gawtham says you will be the best wife, and you are the best daughter. I realized my mistake, I should not have come to your house, I m sorry. He says we both will not be sorry. He asks her to sleep peacefully. Suman is still thinking about Akash, and his love for Poonam. Suman thinks whether to tell it to Poonam or not. Poonam asks her whats she thinking. Suman says you both were talking on phone, so..

Scene shifts to Akash’s house:

Akash is thinking about Poonam.
Poonam thanks Suman that she should have not reacted like that, now everything is fine.
Akash is sad.

Thee next morning, Prabhunath and Vandana bring Kiran home. Poonam is excited to see her. Kiran hugs her and asks how is she. Poonam says she is fine. They both discuss about the travel. People see Kiran alone and ask where is Deepak. Vandana says he will be coming in few days. People says he should have come for the sister’s marriage. Poonam says them that you all are here to help my dad. Kiran is happy to see her house, she says she is feeling very good. Vandana asks her to take rest and then we will have food. Gawtham’s family comes, and Prabhunath welcomes them.

Prabhunath and Vandana introduces Kiran to them, they say she lives in foreign, and they ask for Deepak. Vandana says he will be coming soon. He says I told him to bring the sweets for us, did he send it. Kiran says yes, the thing is.. Gawtham’s mum says he likes sweets a lot. He asks did you bring any gift.

Poonam and Vandana are in the kitchen along with Kiran. Vandana asks did Gawtham tell you anything, as his parents came to talk to us. She says no. Poonam tells her Gawtham came yesterday when you were not here, and I did not like it, then I called him and apologized to him. Kiran says he has the right to spend time with you. Vandana says Poonam is also right, she does not hide anything from us. They take refreshment for Gawtham’s family. His mum cries, and his dad pretends to cook uo a story. Prabhunath and everyone does not understand why she is crying. Poonam also looks at them.

Vandana asks her what is the matter. She tells she cannot control her tears, and tells her fate is bad. She says you are lucky that your son is in America, but my son Neel is unlucky, she is worried about him. Neel fails in every work, we have given him money for his business, but it got ruined. Neel asks for money, that too Rs. 10 lakhs. How can we give him so much money. Prabhunath asks her to ask Gawtham, she says we don’t want to burden him. Gawtham wants to open a coaching centre in another city too. She says we are spending money in Gawtham’s marriage. You all are part of the family, so we came to you. Vandana asks how can we help you. She tells Vandana to help them with money. They all get shocked.

Prabhunath is worried, but says this is part of the rituals. Poonam gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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