Ek Ghar Banaunga 29th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 29th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 29th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Poonam telling Akash that she wanted to build two rooms on the upstairs. Akash says, ok I will talk to the builder. I will go now. Poonam tells him that she will bring food for him. She says, it is a surprise. Akash gets romantic. Poonam asks him to go to office. Poonam comes out after having bath. Someone is watching her. She feels someone’s presence and turns. She opens the door and starts walking outside. Poonam is in the kitchen. She hears jijaji’s voice welcoming his brother in law. He says, I am feeling fresh here.

Jijaji introduces him to Poonam. Poonam asks, when did you come? He says, I saw you going to the kitchen. Dolly says, my brother came. They tells Mangla that Kamal has come. Mangla asks Kamal to call her Chachi. He says, she is your

Kanno Bhabhi. He touches Poonam’s feet and eyes her lustly. Poonam says, no need to touch my feet. Kamal says, it is my right. Poonam says, my aashirwad is always with you. Mangla asks Poonam and Kanno to cook food. Kamal eyes Poonam. Mangla asks Kamal to take rest and freshen up. Ramesh tells Kamal that he believes in doing full work. Sarita asks, when will do make Akash sign on the papers. Ramesh says, today I am going to his office. Once he signs on the papers, he will be poor. He shakes hands with Kamal. Poonam and Kanno is cooking in the kitchen. Poonam packs tiffin for Akash. Kamal peeps in the kitchen and eyes her. Kanno says, she will take care of everything. Kamal smirks.

Akash is talking to his employees. Poonam comes there. She asks Akash to wash his hands and come for lunch. They sit for having lunch. Akash praises Poonam’s cooking skills. He tells Poonam that Pucca house is good rather than Kaccha house. Builder comes. Akash asks him to tell the budget of making two rooms. He says, 2, 30000 will be the expenses. Akash says, I will call you in 2 days. Builder leaves. Akash asks, are you happy now? Poonam is thinking something. Akash asks, what happened? Poonam says, another builder told me that the expenses will be 2 lakhs. She shows the papers. Akash says, I won’t leave this contractor.

Poonam says, you gave him a chance to cheat you as you are unaware of the expenses. Poonam says, you don’t know about two rooms then how will you make the building. Akash says, I didn’t think about this. I understood. Poonam says sorry. She says, I don’t know how to make you realize that you have to do the work in which you are expertise. It is not good to take the risk when you don’t know anything. Everyone will support you but what if this work fails. She tells him that you will expertise in this Shamiyana work. Ramhes hears everything.


Akash calls Poonam and tells her that he is going to Lucknow and will be back after 12 am. Kamal hears it. He comes to Poonam’s room while she is asleep and keeps his hand on her mouth. Poonam tries to shout…

Update Credit to: Amena_hasan

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