Ek Ghar Banaunga 29th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 29th July 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 29th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dadi praising Poonam infronf of Poonam’s parents. Mama is flirting with the maid Rani. Mama says today I have to go in a marriage function, will you iron my clothes. Rani smiles. Akash looks at Mama and coughs. Mama changes the topic and meets Poonam’s parents. Akash introduces Mama to them. Mama greets them. Akash says I love my Mama a lot. Akash asks Mama to meet Poonam’s parents well else he will tell everyone about him and Rani. Mama says I understand and meets Poonam’s parents well and speaks sweetly. Prabhunath is bowled over by Mama’s gesture. Prabhunath asks Mama to take good care of Poonam. Prabhunath says I want to meet your dad. Akash says he is not at home, you can meet my elder brother. Mama leaves. Akash asks Poonam to show the house to

her parents, Prabhunath says we will come with you. Akash makes excuses and leaves.

Akash asks his brother to meet Poonam’s parents. Kanno says its good, we can shout on them as we want. Akash says don’t insult them, they are our guests. Kanno says what you sow is what you reap. Akash tries to make Kanno agree to him. Poonam brings her parents to Kanno’s room. Akash asks his brother to explain Kanno. Prabhunath and Vandana are introduced to Akash’s brother. Poonam and Akash are afraid of Kanno’s reaction.

Prabhunath asks Kanno are you still annoyed with us. Akash praises Kanno and she gets flattered. He does not give Kanno a chance to speak. Kanno says Akash is praising me, I just do my duty. She apologizes to Poonam’s parents. Vandana and Prabhunath get happy meeting them. They say now we will leave. jai says you spoke well to them, what happened. Kanno says see how much Akash praised me. jai says its good, else Poonam might have also became angry. Mangla is in her room and Akash brings everyone there. He knocks the door, she permits them to come inside the room. Prabhunath greets Mangla. Shashikant comes. Poonam hears him and goes to talk to him. Prabhunath says we have come to apologize to you. Mangla does not listen to them and does her work. Poonam tells Shashikant that her parents came and wanted to meet him. She asks Shashikant to meet them well. Shashikant gets angry on her and does not agree to meet them.

Poonam pleads him and says I m sorry on their behalf, please meet them once, I will do whataver you say, and sign wherever you want, I will go from this house in six months. They want to apologize to you. Akash comes back to Poonam’s parents and asks what happened. Akash asks his mum what happened. She says she kept Maun Vrath. Shashikant comes there and asks him from when did you make the Vrath. Shashikant asks them to sit. H>e says we will talk in private and sends Poonam and Akash. Prabhunath gets tensed. Shashikant says I explained you a lot to spend more money in Poonam’s marriage but you did not listen. He taunts Prabhunath and Vandana. He says you have made a wrong decision. You made your daughter marry our son Akash without our consent. Prabhunath says you are right, I agree, I came to apologize to you.

Akash asks Poonam not to worry, everything will be fine. He says if they talk, they will become familiar. Mangla tells them think of you to be in our situation, will you forgive your son if he does so. She says we don’t have any problem with Poonam, we are not blaming her, she is a smart and nice girl. Mangla says we have to leave for our relative’s marriage so we will leave. Mangla goes with them to leave them outside. Prabhunath thanks her for accepting Poonam. Mangla asks Poonam to wait and tells her I did whatever I could, I spoke well to your parents and even Shashikant controlled his anger, next time he won’t. Mangla says you see how to manage. Poonam thanks her for today and says I will take care that you didn’t get into any problem because of my parents.

Prabhunath says I felt glad meeting your family. Vandana says yes, the good thing is that they accepted Poonam. They bless Akash and Poonam. Vandana says now we will leave, you both take care. Poonam cries and hugs her mum. Akash says I will drop you home. Poonam says I want to come home and live with you for few days, when shall I come. Prabhunath and Vandana are shocked.

Vandana tells Poonam that you should spend time with your in-laws. Akash supports Vandana.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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