Ek Ghar Banaunga 28th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 28th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 28th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mangla and Shashikant asking Dadi to go and stay at Ravikant’s house for some days, not forever. Dadi says no way, I stayed with you all for years not its time I go and stay with them. Dadi asks Mangla to give Vimla’s jewellery. Kanno says give my jewellery too, as I m going to Lucknow. Mama says its because of Poonam that all the jewellery is going from your locker. Mangla says then you suggest me something. Mama thinks. Kanno knocks Mangla’s door.

Mangla tells Kanno to leave as she is doing some important work. Kanno is adamant and says shall I bring snacks for you. Mangla says is she a bahu, or a snake woman. Kanno comes there and sees the jewellery and smiles. She says I came on right time. She says give me my jewellery back else Poonam

will say its hers like you said Vimla’s jewellery is yours. She taunts Mangla. Mangla covers the jewellery and asks Kanno to leave. She says I know what I have to give you when you go to Lucknow. She says I m still alive, so Poonam or anyone can’t take your jewellery, so don’t worry and don’t forget to close the door when you leave.

Kanno smiles and leaves. She laughs and says Mangla’s jewellery is going to go from her hands today. Se dreams of herself as a queen and Mangla as her slave. She scolds Mangla and beats her by a hunter. Its Kanno’s dream. Mangla cries and gives away all the jewellery to her while Kanno has her laugh. Mama tells Mangla that you are doing a mistake, it will be bad for us if Dadi goes to Delhi. This jewellery will go from us and maybe Dadi will give the property to them. Mangla says you are right, they can think like this if Dadi stays there. Mama says what will you do if they do this, we have to leave this house. He says don’t let Dadi go there, maybe you can call Ravikant and his family here.

She says I can’t. He says Vimla is a good woman, she will not rule over you. He says let her come, he is very rich. He says even Kanno will become fine seeing you and Vimla. Mangla says yes. Mama says I have some idea and tells her. He says to teach Kanno a lesson, we have to call Ravikant here. He says think fast, else Dadi will go from here with Akash. Mangla looks on.

Dadi is ready to leave for Delhi. Shashikant says don’t fasten up, there is still much time. Dadi asks Akash to bring her luggage from her room. She asks Poonam to make tea for her. Poonam says yes and leaves.Shashikant asks why are you leaving us, am I that bad. She says no, let me do what I want. He says fine, go if you want but don’t forget me. Dadi cries. Kanno sees her. He says come to meet me. She says I will come. Akash comes with the bag. Mangla asks Akash to keep the luggage back.

Mangla says Dadi won’t go anywhere. Everyone are shocked. Mangla apologizes to Dadi by sitting in her feet. She says its because of me, you were going from here. She says this house is nothing without you. She says its good if you are with us. Dadi gets happy. Poonam comes and is happy too.
She says I don’t have any problem if Ravikant and his family come and stay with us, I also want them to be with us. Shashikant says I m with Mangla, I did not want that they don’t go from here, I will explain them and convince them to come and stay with us. Everyone smile. Mangla asks Kanno do you have problem if Ravikant and his family come here, Kanno says no.

Mangla is shocked. Kanno smiles. Mangla and Dadi smile. Everyone are happy. Mama says Kanno is going to Lucknow soon. Shashikant says yes, I told them. Dadi says yes. Mama says Kanno you should not take your jewellery with you as its not safe. He says jai will be working all day, so your jewellery won’t be safe. Mangla says yes, people steal jewellery. Mangla asks Kanno to take imitation jewellery with her. She says even if you lose this, it won’t be a loss. Kanno is angry. Mangla smiles.

Kanno says I will see how Ravikant will come here in my presence and I won’t go to Lucknow.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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